When Do Beagles Calm Down? Tips to Care For a Hyperactive Dog

We all know how adorable Beagles are, making them great pets for the entire family! However, I’m sure a lot of you have also experienced the hyper attitude of a Beagle, especially when they’re puppies who have so much energy! It makes you sigh and ask, “When do Beagles calm down?” Or do they stay that way forever?

Fortunately, the energy lessens and evens out as a Beagle grows older, but exactly when does that happen? I did the research and observed my Beagle’s activity as well, so read on! I’ll talk all about the hyperactive Beagle and how to calm them down.

When Do Beagles Calm Down?

If you’re not familiar with the temperament and behavior of a Beagle, I’ll be showing you the basics. While every Beagle (and dog breed) have individual attitudes that may depend on the environment and specific genealogical factors, they have a lot of common character and personality traits shared among the Beagle family.

Beagles are smart and always curious, friendly and amazing with children, extremely loyal, and an amazing member of the family. BUT, they never run out of energy! As a dog from the hunting breed, the Beagle LOVES to be active. You probably notice them running, playing, jumping, and trotting a lot throughout the day.

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It’s one of the funny issues a Beagle has, as they look mature but definitely don’t act it. Some owners also complain of adult Beagles having difficulty in containing or expressing their hyperactivity! Well, there’s good news, as they do calm down as they grow older AND there are tips on how to help mellow the hyper Beagle regardless of how old he is.

Check out this helpful timeline on what to expect from a Beagle and his energy levels:

2-4 Months Old

Beagle 2 months
Beagle (2 months)

At this age, Beagles are young and curious puppies, with everything new to them! They are also moderately hyper and have poor focus, looking and jumping into one thing then another right after. He’s fine without the long outdoor games, though it will increase as he reaches four months old.

4-12 Months Old

This is the stage in a Beagle’s life when they are extremely hyper. They are now puppies who have so much curiosity and begin to learn more about the environment. If not properly vented out, the Beagle’s energy will turn to frustration to the point they break things at home!

12-24 Months Old

Beagle 16 months old
Beagle sitting, 16 months old

The Beagle puppy is slowly paving his way towards adulthood at this point, and they are still very hyper, but slowly dwindling down. They have bodies of an adult, but similar energies of a puppy! But it’s time to focus more on the mental and emotional needs here to help him calm down, too.

Over 2-8 Years Old

You’ll already see a change in your Beagle’s hyper personality as he reaches two years old. His mind and body act like a mature adult, with the proper routine of resting and exercise. While he’s still somewhat hyper, it’s more controlled and he knows when to be playful or when to chill.

Over 8 Years Old

An older, senior Beagle has already experienced everything he needed and wanted to in his life. He’s satisfied with what he has now and will enjoy more of the familiarity of the home rather than let his curiosity get the best of him. He’d rather relax with you or spend his the alone.

Tips on Calming Beagles Down

Now that you’re familiar with when Beagles begin to calm down, the next question is: How can you spend their energy wisely while they’re still puppies? Here are some tips you can follow to calm a hyper Beagle:

  • Do NOT crate a Beagle puppy if they are hyper, as this just makes them more frustrated, heightening his energy!
  • If your Beagle puppy is too hyper, keep him in a gated area with room to run around.
  • Make sure that he has breaks from play, as they tend to never stop if not prompted to. Lead him to a proper rest area (like this bed or in quiet parts of a room) to get a break and prevent over exhaustion.
  • Besides playtime, have daily walks and mind exercises with your Beagle to work his mind and body!

If you want to learn more about calming down your Beagle (or any other breed!), here’s a helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

Having energetic dogs is one of the most fun things any dog owner would want, though it can get too tiring. Thankfully, their energies begin to lower and calm down as soon as they reach adulthood. Just make sure that they still get enough physical activity to spend their energy wisely!

I hope that this article answers your question, “win do Beagles calm down?” So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these tips to calm them down now!

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