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Hello everyone! My name is Lina, and I am a veterinarian. I have a soft heart when it comes to animals. I love to play and walk with my dog during my free time. With my blog, I can share my knowledge and experience on how to take care of pets. I’m sure that you’ll find it helpful. Let’s do it together!

Housing a Cat in a Cage – How To Choose The Best One?

Housing a Cat in a Cage – How To Choose The Best One

Felines are known to be charming creatures with mischievous behavior that often get them in trouble. These pets tend to damage the belongings of their owners, particularly when being left alone in the house, as a sign of rebellion for being temporarily abandoned.

Instead of being concerned about the safety of your feline companion from the moment you leave the house, you could purchase an indoor cat cage and transform it into its home. These enclosures are an excellent alternative when introducing a new kitty to the family or while having visitors.

Nowadays, there is an extensive range of models in the market, like these cat cages, being available in a variety of sizes, designs, materials, colors, and accessories.

The following tips will help you choose the best one.

Remedies for Dog Pain – Helping Your Canine Live Healthy and Happy

remedies for dog pain

Until you have one of these furry buddies, there are things about canines you cannot understand. These things are better experienced than explained. For instance, one of such is caring for a dog with dental complications.

CBD Oil For Happy Pets

cbd oil for happy pets

If I told you that there was some kind of oil that could make your dog, cat, horse, or another pet happy, you would probably think that I am trying to convince you magic exists. If I added that the oil is connected to the plant of cannabis, then you would know that there’s nothing magical about it. You would think that “happy” stands for “high” and you would dismiss my idea as reckless and irresponsible.

I hate to burst your bubble, but you got all of that wrong. Magic is not what I am going for, but neither is getting your pet high. When I say that there exists oil that could make your pet happy, I mean it. What’s even more important, the oil I am talking about is perfectly safe for your animal and not psychoactive at all. Don’t take my word for it and click here for more info if you are still a bit suspicious.

How To Keep Your Dog Entertained While Staying At Home

How To Keep Your Dog Entertained While Staying At Home

Being a dog owner can provide a lot of benefits. For one, having this responsibility can become your ticket to getting more exercise and meeting new people. Being a dog owner can also keep stress at bay and improve your mental health. Letting your kids play with dogs can also make them more responsible and ward off allergies as they grow.

Dogs can have a positive effect on your life, but staying with them at home for long periods of time can become a challenge. This is especially true if you have a lot of things on your plate during the day, say, if you work from home or have to look after your kids. How can you balance your time and energy between all of these responsibilities? Can you handle all of these with efficiency?

5 Useful Tips on How to Help Your Dog Rise Above Fear

how to help your dog rise above fear

Just like in humans, dogs are also prone to anxiety. And as a result, they can become moody, less interactive, and even on edge. Staying this way for too long might make the dog antisocial. Everyone need their way to relax. For humans it may be a relaxing evening with a book or a nice game of Golf in Algarve. But for dogs, it is left for you to help them out.

Flea Control For Dogs: Top Tips To Reduce Fleas In The Home

flea control for dogs

Fleas, although often unseen by humans, can pose severe problems to dogs. Fleas can cause your dogs to scratch excessively, which can result in severe redness and hair loss on the surface of their skin. Fleas can also cause skin allergies to your dogs, making them susceptible to other parasites, such as ringworms and tapeworms.

To ensure that none of these happen and your dogs live a healthy life, implement a flea control plan in your home. This is important because it assures the sanitation of your home, the health of the people living in it, and the wellness of your pet. Having a flea control plan in the home should be a priority because this problem can worsen fast, given that fleas aren’t always visible to the naked eye. The longer you leave the problem, the greater stress you’ll have.

Benefits Of Using Catnip Spray CBD For Your Cat


A catnip spray is a handy-dandy way to add essences of that component, which cats find irresistible. You can spray it on their food, toys, or their bed. You might even consider spraying catnip on your pet’s scratching post. One whiff of this substance and you might see your feline friend’s eyes dilate in excitement.

But, you can also use catnip spray cannabidiol (CBD) on your cat. In this article, you can find more information about this naturally-occurring compound, along with its benefits for felines.

Essential Things You Should Know About Dog Knee Brace for ACL Tear

Essential Things You Should Know About Dog Knee Brace for ACL Tear

According to statistics, about a hundred NBA players since 1970 suffered from a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a knee injury caused by a sudden break, a change in direction, or jumping. As a result, these athletes had to undergo a gruesome rehabilitation process that will halt their careers for at least six months.

Interestingly, this type of injury does not only burden humans, but it is also one of the most common knee injuries among dogs. Instead of ACL, however, the same anatomical structure is known as cranial cruciate ligament or CCL in hounds. This injury does not happen as abruptly as with NBA players. Instead, the dog’s injury starts small and worsens over time.

Pet Training Techniques – The Fundamentals

Pet Training Techniques - The Fundamentals

We have trained our 2 searching pets with many pet dog training strategies. These are the basics with which we teach our canines:

Versatility, Consistency, Fairness or Positive mindset are all essential to effective canine training.

To train any kind of pet dog, you require a strong structure. Use these fundamentals with any pet dog training method you use. Keep in mind to trust yourself and your canine while you train. The most fundamental part of effective training is your collaboration.

7 Outdoor Games for You and Your Dog

7 Outdoor Games for You and Your Dog

A tale as old as time. Man’s best friend, the dog. Playing and enjoying the great outdoors together. For generations this has been a pastime that many have partaken in. This may be simply walking with them or lazing around in the sunshine with them. Though there are other ways to enjoy our furry friends company.

There are several games that we can play with our canine pals which they will love. Plus we get to be active and fit ourselves. Although it can be a little tough to come up with some good games and activities. Well, we have you covered. Here is a list of great games to play outdoors with your furry friend.

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