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Training & Behavior

We have compiled a starter's guide for the best dog training tips, and warnings. We also discuss the best ways on how to train your dog.

are shock collars legal in the us

Are Shock Collars Legal In the US? The Answers You Need to Know

Are shock collars legal in the US? A lot of people claim to have seen good effects in shock collars, but read this before you consider getting one!
pregnant dog nesting behavior

What You Need to Learn About Pregnant Dog Nesting Behavior

What's a pregnant dog nesting behavior like, exactly? I did the research and note my own dog's experiences, so read on as I show you all about it!
Pregnant Dog Licking Everything

Pregnant Dog Licking Everything? 3 Reasons Why

Why is my pregnant dog licking everything? I researched for the reasons why and what action to take, so read on as I show you all about it.
spray dog with vinegar to stop barking

Spray Dog With Vinegar to Stop Barking: Does It Work?

When you spray dog with vinegar to stop barking, does it really help? If you're wondering if this method is an effective way to lessen noise, read on!
two dogs in one crate

Is It Okay to Place Two Dogs In One Crate? The Answers Revealed

Do you have multiple dogs and plan to put two dogs in one crate to save on space and costs? There are actually some things to consider if doing so!
Training A Timid Rescue Dog

Training A Timid Rescue Dog: The Best Ways For a Happy Pet!

Did you adopt or rescue a stray recently? They must be a bit scared and quiet, making training tough. So learn about training a timid rescue dog here.
training a border collie puppy not to bite

Training a Border Collie Puppy Not to Bite: 5 Easy Steps

There are many reasons why puppies bite, and regardless of why, you need to stop it! Check out these tips on training a Border Collie not to bite now.
boxer puppy crate training

Boxer Puppy Crate Training: 5 Important Steps to Follow

Wondering where to start in Boxer puppy crate training? Check out my tips and steps to follow now for a disciplined puppy!
why do dachshunds bark so much

Why Do Dachshunds Bark So Much? The 5 Interesting Reasons Why

Why do Dachshunds bark so much? They can be quite loud but there are actually various reasons you have to learn about to lessen the noise.
what does it mean when a dog snorts

What Does it Mean When a Dog Snorts? The Reasons to Watch Out For

What does it mean when a dog snorts? While it sounds cute, it might be worrisome! Learn the different reasons why and if it's a cause of concern here!

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