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Dog Bike Trailers are Made Specifically for Transporting Dogs Safely

Dog Bike Trailers are Made Specifically for Transporting Dogs Safely

With dog bike trailers, it is possible to carry a dog without worrying that it might wander off into the bushes. One can ride comfortably, knowing that the dog is safe and protected even when one speeds. The bike trailers for dog have made it possible to include pet dogs in outdoor activities.

How To Clean and Maintain Your Runner Rug

How To Clean and Maintain Your Runner Rug

A runner rug provides a layer of protection that keeps your home extra clean and polished. When you have a runner in your home, you can keep dirt and debris from the outdoors away from your living space. Runner rugs also help to provide traction and offer a soft, comfortable surface for you to walk on. To keep your runner in top condition, it’s crucial to give it a good cleaning when necessary. Here are some tips for properly cleaning and maintaining your runner rug.

Can You Use CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats with Heart Diseases?

Can You Use CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats with Heart Diseases

Cats and dogs can develop some severe heart problems due to heredity or old age. But, CBD oil may help to improve the health of your four-legged friend.

Studies also show the effectiveness of CBD oil for dogs and cats with heart diseases. That’s because mammals have the same endocannabinoid system as humans.

CBD oil consumption regularly can delay the onset of heart diseases or avoid them altogether. Here’s all you may want to know in this regard.

Dangers of Himalayan Salt Lamps for Cats and Dogs – What Are The Precautions?

Dangers of Himalayan Salt Lamps for Cats and Dogs

According to social media, internet, and analytical reports, Himalayan Salt Lamps are the best natural and healthy source of lightning. But is it beneficial in all ways to use real Himalayan salt lamps around your house? From offices to the residential areas, the salt lamps are seen as creative and strikingly exotic pieces of art. Made up with giant salt chunks, Himalayan crystal salt lamps are reported to provide various health benefits such as alleviating sleep disorders, increasing oxygenated blood flow, providing natural essence, elevating peace of mind and easing the critical symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Albuquerque Trainers: Why You Need to Hire a Professional Dog Trainer

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Dog Trainer

Albuquerque is not only known for being the home of fictional Walter White, aka “Heisenberg,” the fallen chemistry teacher from Breaking Bad. It’s also a city that has a well-established art scene, gorgeous vistas, and rich history. Apart from these, animal lovers also love Albuquerque because they make adoption or search for any animal smooth and comfortable. The state supports local programs that make this possible.

When Do Husky Puppies Lose Their Teeth? The Teething Process Explained

when do husky puppies lose their teeth

Owning a Husky puppy isn’t just about cuddling them all day, there are more to take care of! One of the questions a lot of dog owners ask is, “when do Husky puppies lose their teeth?” This is an important question to ask since the teething stage can get quite tough on all dog owners.

For Huskies, there is an average time as to when teething begins and when baby teeth are replaced. But exactly when is that? If you want to learn more about Husky puppies’ teething stages, read on!

Do Huskies Shed More Than German Shepherds? The Answers You Need Here!

do huskies shed more than german shepherds
Siberian husky dog with German shepherd dog are in a park.

Before I chose to get a dog, I wanted to learn more about their grooming needs. After all, this is one of the crucial factors to consider, especially if you want a dog that doesn’t shed as much. That’s why I wondered, do Huskies shed more than German Shepherds?

I was choosing between both breeds and prioritized my choice on which shed less, and I’m sure many of you want the same thing. If you’re looking into which dog breed sheds more (or less), then read on! I’ll be comparing the Siberian Husky and German Shepherd to help you out.

Should You Shave a Husky: The Long Debate On Husky Grooming

should you shave a husky

Before owning a Husky, I had a lot of questions in mind, ranging from training to what food they eat. One topic many debates on is grooming, particularly shaving Huskies completely. Since Huskies are made for cold weather with thicker coats, owners living in warmer climates suggest shaving them to stay cool.

But should you shave a Husky? There are mixed answers and arguments behind this, which I want to address. So read on to learn about whether or not shaving a Husky is recommended.

How to Choose a Local Veterinary Clinic

How to Choose a Local Veterinary Clinic

When you need to take your pets to a veterinary clinic–whether it’s for routine check-ups or because they seem to be sick, where you go is of great importance. Choosing a good local vet could mean life or death for your pets.

Depending on where you’re located, most vets won’t have a great deal of training working with various animals. Make sure the veterinary clinic you choose specializes in your particular pet: if you have a cat, choose the veterinary clinic with the cat doctor, even if they might be a bit further from home.

Why Do Huskies Throw Tantrums? 5 Surprising Reasons Why!

why do huskies throw tantrums

Siberian Huskies are adorable dogs no matter what they do, whether it’s messing up the house or following commands. But of course, we need to know our limitations and stop bad behavior, even if they look so cute doing it! One of these behaviors include tantrums, which happen for several reasons.

But exactly why do Huskies throw tantrums and how can you stop them from doing it? If you’re at your wit’s end figuring out what’s wrong, read on! I’ll show you the reasons why your dog may be throwing tantrums and quick tips on what to do about it.

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