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We discuss the best dog breeds by personality, history, health, nutrition, grooming, and more. Check out this ultimate guide and supporting articles.

Common Health Problems In Beagles

6 Common Health Problems in Beagles and How to Address Them

What are the common health problems in Beagles? Find out more about these issues and ways to address them - and keep your Beagle in tip-top condition!
How Much Should a Beagle Eat a Day

How Much Should a Beagle Eat a Day? Feeding Guide You Need to Know

Are you thinking of owning a Beagle? Great choice! This dog breed is an absolute sweetheart because of its gentle and pleasant disposition. It’s a great dog for the family, and they do well with...
When Do Border Collies Calm Down

When Do Border Collies Calm Down? All About Energetic Pets

When do Border Collies calm down? I know how energetic they are, which can exhaust people! So read on to learn when and how to calm them down.
Border Collie Eye Problems

The Different Border Collie Eye Problems to Watch Out For

There are various Border Collie eye problems you need to look out for to prevent or treat it immediately. Read on to educate yourself for your pet!
mental exercises for border collies

6 Awesome Mental Exercises For Border Collies

Your dog needs to have the mental and emotional skills too! If you want to try playing mental exercises for border collies, read on for the best ones!
Can Border Collies Swim

Can Border Collies Swim? The Answers You Need to Know!

Can border collies swim? Some dogs do, some dogs don’t, depending on different factors including their breed! So if you want to know, read on!
how to discipline a dachshund

How to Discipline a Dachshund: The Easy Steps to Follow

Training and teaching your Dachshund obedience doesn’t need to be so difficult. Learn how to discipline a Dachshund with this helpful guide.
why are dachshunds so hard to potty train

Why Are Dachshunds So Hard to Potty Train?

Why are Dachshunds so hard to potty train? There are different reasons why many people find it difficult, so read on to learn all about it!
how to crop doberman ears at home

How to Crop Doberman Ears At Home: The Safe Steps

If you're planning to crop your Doberman's ears yourself, you need to be very careful. Learn the steps on how to crop Doberman ears here.
Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes

Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes? Answers Here!

Can German Shepherds have blue eyes? You've probably seen them with darker shades, but if you want to learn more about their eye colors, read on!

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