How Much Exercise Does a Beagle Need? Beagle Activity and Care

What I love about Beagles is that they are so energetic and adorable creatures that require a lot of exercise as smaller dogs. After all, just like all dogs (and people, too!), they need exercise to ensure better health and to maintain their ideal body weight. However, how much exercise does a Beagle need, exactly?

There are a few factors to look into when it comes to exercising your Beagle, and you have to make sure you do it right! so if you want to learn more about exercising your Beagle, how much they need, and how to start, read on! I’ll show you what you need to know about exercising Beagles.

Importance of Exercising Your Beagles

As many of us know, Beagles are one of the friendliest dog breeds, known for their curiosity and sociability. But they are also known for their excellent hunting skills, bred to hunt in packs and have the instinct for tracking and searching.

Because of this natural instinct in them, they are quite the energetic breed for their size. Since their ancestors have been hunting in long distances, your little Beagle will pick up similar characteristics too, since it’s part of their nature.

With that being said, your Beagle will have a lot of energy and will need to burn all that off to prevent frustration and messy homes. It’s your responsibility to provide your pet with a captivities and exercises to ensure a well-trained and exercised dog without anxiety and the like.

Plus, this helps maintain their weight, preventing obesity which leads to various illnesses and poor health. Now, how much exercise does a Beagle need, exactly?

How Much Exercise Does a Beagle Need?

The amount of exercise your Beagle needs depends on the type of activities they want and need to do.


Beagles require daily walks that are about 20-40 minutes long at comfortable paces. It’s best to do short daily walks than one long walk once a week. You can go for longer distances since most Beagles have a lot of stamina!

Assess the distance and length of a walk they need, preventing overexercise. Daily walks are necessary and beneficial to release energy, strengthen their socialization skills as they met other dogs, develop your bond together, and also provides mental stimulation.

Free Play and Toys

Beagle dog jumping and running with a toy in a outdoor towards the camera
Beagle dog jumping and running with a toy in a outdoor towards the camera.

While you’re out for work, it’s best to leave your Beagle safe toys to play with so he won’t get bored and chew up the house because of frustration. Yes, that can happen!

Beagles are light to moderate chewers so I recommend that you leave them plush toys and self-playing dog toys to keep them entertained before you get home. This provides some activity for them to do without needing another dog or person to be with them.

Playing With Dogs and Owners

Border collie and beagle
Border collie and beagle.

Beagles are very energetic and love playing with fellow dogs and people. Besides giving them toys to play with, it’s best that you have them interact with other dogs and spend time with your pet to stimulate their mental and physical health.

I highly recommend that they play with other dogs at least once a week to develop social interaction skills. Also, play with your Beagle daily, whether it’s playing fetch or mind games which improve their thinking.

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Mental Stimulation

While walking and toys can help with your Beagle’s mental stimulation, it’s best that you provide other mind games that really focus on working their minds for better training. This can also burn as much energy as physical exercise!

Work on puzzles, play treasure hunt or hide and seek, work on their scent with nose games. I recommend that you do this for a few minutes every day, which has them entertained AND well-trained to keep their mind working.

Training and Learning

Another form of physical exercise includes training, which should be done daily for 10-15 minutes. Just like walking and playing, short and daily sessions is better than one long session weekly.

When you begin training, start from scratch and work your way up, beginning with simple commands and potty training until they’re able to understand more complex words and learn more tricks for a well-behaved Beagle inside the house and outside the park!

Learn more about caring for your Beagle with this cool and informative video:

Wrapping It Up

Exercising your Beagle is one of the most important aspects when improving and maintaining their great health. Through proper exercise and doing what your Beagle loves to do to move around, they’ll live a long and happy life. Just a few minutes of walking or even playing catch a day helps a lot in both mind and body.

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “How much exercise does a Beagle need?” So start scheduling and exercising your Beagle the right way today!

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