What Do Huskies Like to Play With? 6 Cool Suggestions!

One of the most admirable things I love about the Siberian Husky is their maturity and strength. The next thing is their playfulness, as Huskies aren’t only strong and bold, but like eager and energetic children ready for games! That’s why when I decided to get a Husky, the first things I prepared were how their toys and games.

But what do Huskies like to play with, exactly? I’m sure a lot of you are also wondering what things to prepare for your energetic Husky! So read on as I show you the top things Huskies like playing with!

What Do Huskies Like to Play With
Man playing tug-of-war game with husky dog.

What do Huskies Like to Play With?

Playtime is a crucial element when caring for your dog, including energetic Huskies who love to go out! Without them expending their energy properly (beyond exercise and training), it can result in frustration and boredom. As a result, they can rip things apart or play with other things that aren’t their toys (like your sofa!).

To keep them occupied, you must know what they like to play with and how. So check out these awesome toys, games, and tips to play with your Husky for his happiness and entertainment!

1. Chew Toys

Every dog loves chew toys, and Huskies love it just as much, especially when they’re teething! It gives them something to chew on that ISN’T the bed or couch. No need to worry about their uncomfortable teething stage where they bite on anything or anyone for relief.

Make sure that the chew toys you get are made with safe and soft materials to prevent dental damage. There are good chew toys that offer excellent texture and softness for their teething needs.

2. Treat-Dispensing Toys

Dogs will NEVER say no to treats, so while you’re gone and want him to continue learning, some toys dispose treats after solving simple puzzles. Consider interactive treat toys that encourage your Husky to use their IQ skills to get a little reward.

It keeps them occupied (aka away from the sofa) and works their mind, making it a win-win situation. Some of these toys can also be used as slow feeders if you have a Husky that eats quickly.

3. Dog Balls

Siberian Husky bite ball toy in swimming pool
Siberian Husky bite ball toy in swimming pool.

Another thing Huskies love is to play fetch, whether indoors or outdoors. That’s why they love seeing their dog balls ready to be thrown for some fun! You can choose outdoor or indoor dog balls to play fetch wherever you want.

Just make sure that when selecting a ball, it should be made with soft materials for their teeth, also safe from toxic substances. Avoid tennis balls and go for balls made specifically for dogs instead.

4. Plush Toys

Just like us humans, Huskies find comfort in things like security blankets and their beds. So obviously, having a plush toy for them to play or sleep with is a great choice! Some plush toys offer enough warmth and softness, good for young and older Huskies who feel anxious or what.

Plush toys can soothe them during stormy nights or the first few days of rehoming. Or, they can be a comfort for their teeth!

5. Fun Activities

Beyond toys, there are also a ton of games you can play with your dog as well, such as walking and cycling side by side. As breeds who thrive in colder climates, they also LOVE to play with snow and in the outdoors.

For those who live in colder climates with lots of snow, take them out for sledding or simply watch him run around a safe area and relish in the white stuff! Taking him out to dog parks for socialization is also a great form of playtime.

6. Awesome Mind Games

Your dog should play purposeful games that work their mind and body. This makes it better for them to follow through with their training and behavior!

Try games like Freeze, Find the Toy, Hide and Seek, or Fetch and Drop It. Playing sports like soccer also helps with their mental stimulation while expending their energy. It’s better than the usual Tug of War or Fetch.

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What else can you play with your Husky or what toys should you give them? Check out this cool video to learn what else you can do for Husky playtime!

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to ensuring that your dogs are well taken cared of, playtime is also important! Ensure that your Huskies are always having fun with whatever they like to play with, from toys to interactive games. That way, they stay happy and with less frustration, also loving you even more!

I hope this article answered your question, “what do Huskies like to play with?” Now that you know the answer, begin looking into these toys and prepare fun games for your Husky now!

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