How to Do Labrador Puppy Training: First Month At Home!

Labradors are known to be one of the cutest and trainable breeds, which is why you find them working as service dogs! However, their diligent and disciplined demeanor doesn’t come immediately after birth. Of course, you’ll need to train them well to ensure that they learn and follow the commands you do.

As much as possible, it’s best to start training them as early as you can once they’re ready to grow and develop! But how can you do do that with a small Labrador puppy? Read on as I show you how to do Labrador puppy training: first month at home!

Labrador Puppy Training: First Month at Home!

Just like all dogs, Labradors need to be trained as early as possible. That way, they’ll be able to live healthily and without any problems, knowing where their potty is and protecting your family when needed! To help you out, I’ll be separating these into sections on how to train your Labrador puppy in certain acts.

Learn About the Breed

Dog breeds are different from one another, each having their own histories and origins that give them different personalities. Labradors are like that, having the intelligence and happiness that make them a favorite breed of many! But there’s more to their energetic demeanor you have to learn about in order to train them well.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn more about the Labrador breed so you can teach them the right behaviors properly.

Since they are extremely energetic and love to play, make sure that they have an activity to vent all the energy besides training. Go for walks and play fetch at the local park to prevent them from being destructive from boredom.

Furthermore, treat and raise them the way that befits their manners, whether in or out of training. Reward them with treats as they are food-motivated, as well as praise because they want to please their master.

Rewarding and Correcting Behavior

There should always be a reward system when training so your puppy will be able to learn about what’s right and what to stop doing. With that being said, reward-based training with prices like food and affection are highly recommended. Do NOT ignore commands done successfully or any good deed he’s done, or he won’t repeat it!

If ever he hasn’t done the command successfully, does something bad, or ignores you, do NOT hit him! Avoid any form of animal abuse that inflicts pain on the Labrador, or he loses trust and gains fear. Instead, have a firm and stern voice, using only one word (NO) when telling him to stop. Don’t bother with lecturing or long phrases, as they won’t understand it!

Where and How Long to Train

When training your Labrador puppy, it’s best to start off slowly and consistently so they know when it’s time to begin learning!

White Labrador puppy runs on grass in sunshine
White Labrador puppy runs on grass in sunshine

I recommend that you allocate about ten minutes of training twice a day for your puppy, during times when they aren’t tired but also without too much energy. So if you just came home from work, perk them up with a five-minute run or walk outside before you begin training! Consider training before their mealtime so they’re happier looking forward to food later on.

As for WHERE to train, do so in open areas without many distractions so they can focus on you. Also, keep the training as fun as possible for puppies to have them look forward to it!

Teaching Commands Directly

Begin with basic commands such as SIT, STAY, and TOILET TIME. For puppies, training would be simple. When you notice him sitting, say sit as he goes into the sitting position, rewarding him so he knows what to do when the command is said. The same goes for other positions like roll over or toilet time (when he’s squatting and about to do his business).

When training him, always be firm and direct with your commands, being precise and using short, clear words. Stay consistent with these words to prevent confusion, as dogs aren’t as comprehensive as us humans. Consider using hand gestures and be timely with your commands and actions after doing so.

Do you want to learn more about training your Labrador puppy? Here’s a helpful video with informative visuals and extra tips to get you started:

Wrapping It Up

Getting a Labrador isn’t just all fun and games, you also have to ensure that they’re well taken cared for, with proper training as a great start to their life! Through proper raising and training, your Labrador will definitely thank you with a ton of love and loyalty for their entire lifetime. Now, who wouldn’t want that with their lovely dogs?

Hopefully, this article on Labrador puppy training: first month at home helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into these tips now.

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