How Long Do Labs Live? Know How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

You love your Labrador so much. That’s why you worry a lot whether it would live longer or not to keep you company. How long do Labs live?

This is not a surprise. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll know what I mean. Of course, when you care about your dog that much, you should be curious about how long your dog will live. I tell you, it’s rare to find a loyal friend.

Honestly, the Labrador Retriever lifespan depends on its health just like other dogs. Although we have an idea based on records, you, the owner has a huge part in making your Lab live longer.

Do you want to know how?

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador loves the waters naturally. Maybe because formerly, they work helping fishermen at sea back at the Atlantic. They were trained to be useful working dogs and a friendly companion. Our Labradors nowadays have the same qualities as their ancestors.

This friendly and hardworking breed is one of the most famous and helpful dogs worldwide. They are popular to excel in assisting the handicapped, rescue dogs and champions in competitions.

labrador retrievers
Guide dog helping blind woman in park.

How Long Do Labs Live?

Labrador Lifespan is an average of 12 years or more. Some live longer, and sadly, some don’t make it even for a decade. Once, someone asked me how long do black labs live. See, coat color may cause a significant impact on how they look, but they are on the same breed.

It does not matter how long do yellow labs live too. Whether they’re yellow, black or chocolate, they share the same health risks. So, let’s make sure that they live longer than what we expect.

If you’re determined to let your pet live longer than on the records, consider it as a challenge. Bella, the oldest Labrador so far, lived for 29 years. Your goal is to let your Lab live longer than Bella.

You can start realizing this goal by familiarizing yourself first on the important factors necessary to keep your dog healthy and happy. Are you ready?

yellow black labrador retriever
Yellow and black labrador retriever sitting.

Factors You Need to Consider to Help Your Labrador Live a Healthy Life

Loving and taking good care of your Labrador is just like treating a family member. You should do it with compassion, dedication and lots of determination. It doesn’t matter where dogs live, the most important factor in a dog’s life is its OWNER.

Your Responsibility as the Owner

This factor should be the first. The owner plays a vital role in a dog’s life. The happier the dog is with its owner, the longer it lives. If you want to have a dog for a friend, you should be firm in accepting the responsibility that comes along with it.

Your responsibility as an owner is to make sure your Lab gets all the basic needs to live. That is food, shelter, exercise, medication, love and lots of love. Without you, your dog will never survive.

Your Responsibility as the Owner
Closeup of tender smiling young woman hugging her dog on the beach.


Giving your fur baby the proper nutrition and ideal diet is the primary priority for good health. Feeding it a well-balanced of basic nutrients and supplements is an assurance that it gets the right kind of food. Pick the best Labrador dog food and vitamins for a high-quality of life.

There are varieties of dog food available. Depending on your dog’s need, you can pick one that is good for the coat, for allergies, sensitive tummy, and growth. The perfect nutrition will keep your Labrador active, but you must ensure to control its intakes to prevent obesity.

cute labrador near fridge kitchen
Cute Labrador near fridge in kitchen.


I have included this factor since this is one of the determiners of a Labrador’s or any dog’s lifespan. Any purebred Labrador inherits the good genes of their parents. It does not refer to physical characteristics and behavior, but to its life expectancy as well.

Labrador’s physical features is an advantage when it comes to health. Their body shape is well-proportioned that it’s suitable for athletic activities. Their facial features allow them to breathe properly and their coats are not too thick or thin.

However, there are also illnesses that are passed on from ancestors. Being aware of this diseases is a heads up for you in taking care of your Lab.

veterinarian doctor labrador puppy vet ambulance
Veterinarian doctor and a labrador puppy at vet ambulance.

Below are the diseases common to Labradors that you must watch out for:

  • Dysplasia: A genetic disease that attacks the joints.
  • Eye problems: Cataracts and Retinal Dysplasia
  • Myopathy: The muscles are attached to the skeleton.
  • Epilepsy: Nervous System Disorder

Aside from the illness I have mentioned, some disorders may appear to be a significant concern to Labradors too. I encourage you to keep a regular visit to the vet to monitor your pet’s health.


Exercise is a need whatever the dog breed is. It only differs on the time needed depending on the dog size and health. For a healthy Labrador, an hour per day is enough to keep their muscles, heart, and lungs strong.

I walk with my dog every night. At least it can use up all the stored energy inside and would keep him calm the whole day. A bored Labrador can become restless, may bark at your neighbors and try to escape from home.

Be sensitive to your Labrador. An old dog doesn’t need as much exercise as the young ones. You can do exercise with your dog like walking, running or playing with toys.

labrador snow
Labrador in snow.


My dog lives with my family. He has his own nook at home. That is the best shelter we can offer him to live longer. Besides, he is already a part of the circle.

Like you, I also asked on how long do Labs live. But that is because I am scared to lose a friend. If their lifespan is said to be a maximum of 15 years, who knows, my Labrador may live longer than that. I mean to keep him and beat the 29 years Bella has.

I hope you are with me in my dream. I have kept in mind all the factors that have been mentioned to keep my dog healthy and live longer. If you have more to add on, I’ll be glad to know. Please, just drop some comments. I’ll wait for you.

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