A Helpful Guide on How to Get Your Dog to Mate

Mating is a natural process for most dogs, but there are also inexperienced dogs who might need a little help from us. Some of the important factors to a successful breeding are timing, health, and environmental considerations. With that, we make sure that the mating between the two dogs goes correctly. Yes, it can a long process and even though there are remarkable advances today in the tools and techniques for veterinary reproduction, natural mating is still one of the top ways to accomplish breeding.

Indeed, producing the miracle of life can often be a difficult task when you’re dealing with dogs. The process, given the dog’s sizes, involves knowing whether the male can successfully penetrate the female. In addition to that, perhaps the hardest part of getting a male dog to mate with a female is simply attracting him to do so.

But by using a few tips that dog breeders have used successfully in the past, you can teach your dog to mate.

how to get your dog to mate
Fawn pug dog in mating season.

Prepare Your Dog For Mating

Even if mating naturally comes, a dog may not mate even when you want him to. An inexperienced male pooch would not know the way of socializing with female dogs and even read the mating signs. This will then result in an aggressive act when mating. It is possible that both the male and the female dog would not immediately get along, or they may not be prepared to mate yet. When you want your pet to be a great stud pooch, you need to train him or her how to mate in the early age.

If you are planning to mate your pooches, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about breeding a male pet.

  • In fact, it is not always as simple as it seems to be. Sometimes, it might take a while before the process of breeding becomes a natural behavior to your dog.
  • Never scold the young puppy for humping if you decide to raise a stud pet from puppyhood. Don’t ever make him afraid of humping since this would make him temperamental when it’s time for breeding.
  • Touch his body parts. Get the puppy used to your touches all over the body, including the genitals. Do this during the times of grooming.
  • In fact, you might need to help your pet find the correct when he is learning to mate for the first time. Thus, getting him used to your touch would not make him stop trying when you touch him again.
  • As for an inexperienced male pet, it is often better to have his first mating with an experienced and older bitch as she might not let him give up as well as teach him the ropes.
  • When mating a dog, always remember to bring the bitch to your male dog, if you don’t own both of them.
  • Always remember that a male dog needs a lot of practice and exercises before he could find out what he is doing. He doesn’t naturally understand what to do.
  • Have your male dog checked out by your veterinarian? Before any mating is done, he should be completely healthy. You should also have your dog screened for serious hereditary diseases to avoid breeding sick puppies.

How To Teach And Guide Your Dog To Mate

Mating dogs can be an interesting and rewarding hobby or profession. But again, it is not easy, and you should consider whether you have the time and energy to put into the procedure before you take up this task.

Step 1:

Socialize a puppy with female dogs. As early as when your male dog is from 3 to 4 months old, teach the pet how to interact with bitches and what the signals mean.

Step 2:

If your dog attempts to mount a bitch before he gets mature enough, separate him from the bitch. But you should not rebuke him in doing so.

Step 3:

Find his perfect match. Find a matching female dog that has, if possible, experiences in mating when your male pooch turns 8 to 9 months old. Prevent female dogs with reproductive problems or aggression issues. She should be healthy and tested for serious hereditary disorders, too.

Step 4:

Set a couple of meetings for the bitch and your male dog to get to know and interact with each other. If any of the 2 dogs show any signs of hostility, you need to separate them, then try again in another day.

Step 5:

Wait for the female dog to go into heat. She will begin to leave a bloody discharge and her vulva will enlarge when she starts to go into heat. The female dog will be ready to allow a male to mount her at about 10 to 12 days after the appearance of the bloody discharge.

Step 6:

Muzzle the female dog to keep her from biting or snapping at the male dog. If the female gets nervous, reassure her by talking gently and petting her. The male dog will then be more inclined to mount her knowing that he will not be hurt in the process.

Step 7:

Keep both dogs from eating the day they will mate. When a dog has a full stomach, he may not feel up to the task of breeding.

Step 8:

Place the bitch and your male dog in a situation that would be controlled when the female pooch seems to be prepared for mating, for instance when she stands and signals.

Step 9:

Place both dogs on leashes or in a small place and let them interact with each other. When the male dog’s tail begins to shake, he is most likely aroused. But you need to track their progress. There will be lots of sniffing and interaction as the dogs get to know each other. The bitch will offer herself to the male dog by standing still and lifting her tail. Should the bitch does not stand still for the male dog, you can try to help them along.

Step 10:

In helping them, put the bitch’s head in the crook of your arm. Use your hands to hold her in a standing position. You may also need a friend to hold her tail out of the way. You may also hold and pat the female dog on the rump to encourage your male to mount.

Step 11:

Praise your male dog whenever he mounts, and alter the position to help the penetration. For instance, you can raise or lower the female pooch by using towels or telephone books, or hold the rear of the your dog against the bitch.

Step 12:

Exercise patience with the male dog and let him try it his way first. Should he fails to penetrate the bitch, you may need to help. If the male is inexperienced in the process, you may have to help him find the correct entry point in the female. If the mating did not go well the first day, you can always try again later.

Step 13:

When a tie is achieved, the male dog will lift his leg and turn, so the pair is standing butt to butt. The male dog will be “tied” to her from five minutes to two hours. Repeat the process of mating about two days later for a better chance of successful breeding.

In Conclusion

A virgin female dog will sometimes be skittish and difficult to mate. A virgin male dog, on the other hand, will often be unsure, unskilled, and definitely inexperienced.

It is an advantage for an inexperienced dog to be mated the first few times with an experienced bitch. It will benefit his confidence and later performance. Thus, it is advisable to mate virgin dogs to experienced dogs of the opposite sex.

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