Spray Dog With Vinegar to Stop Barking: Does It Work?

Whether they’re aggressive dogs or natural barking breed, we all know how difficult it is taking care of noisy dogs. It doesn’t just wake US up, but the neighbors as well, which can cause a few problems. That’s why it’s important to lawn about the different effective methods to discipline your dog and stop the barks.

One method to follow is to spray the dog with vinegar to stop barking, though I was a skeptic. Wasn’t vinegar too much to spray on dogs, and would the method actually help with barking? I did the research and tested it out on my own dog, so read on to learn about my findings!

spray dog with vinegar to stop barking

Can I Spray Dog With Vinegar to Stop Barking?

I’ve heard a lot of methods one can use to have their dog stop barking. From tools like muzzles and collars down to stuffed toys and strict training, there are so many! It’s only now that I stumbled upon using vinegar in spray bottles to keep them from doing the noisy behavior.

Yes, I know about spraying water to deter bad behavior, but with vinegar, I was more scared about their eyes! However, as I read people’s testimonies on using vinegar, it made a bit of sense.

The reason why people use vinegar mixed with more water is that the smell is detectable. Dogs HATE the smell of vinegar, which can discourage them from repeating the bad habit, which in this case, is barking. When mixed with water, it’s safe to spray on without worrying about affecting their eyesight or overall health.

Also, spraying water or vinegar can help break the dog’s focus on barking, having him stop. The unexpected mist and spray, combined with the smell, can discourage him from barking unexpectedly again.

But take note that the spray shouldn’t be used as a punishment. It’s used to startle them, interrupting the barking and hopefully stopping it in the long-term. I tried to use it on my Dachshund who used to bark a lot and received positive results!

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How to Spray Dog With Vinegar to Stop Barking

Now that you’re more familiar with how vinegar works to help with the barking, how can you use it properly? Here are different methods on how to spray the dog with vinegar to stop barking:

1. What’s the Vinegar Mix?

You should NOT use pure vinegar when spraying your dog, which would hurt his eyes or mouth. Again, it’s best to make a mixture of both water and vinegar, adding more after than the latter.

Combine 7/8 part water with 1/8 part vinegar together. You can use either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Don’t use any spicy or flavored vinegar, which can be painful!

2. Using Your Usual Spray Bottle

There are actually two different ways you can spray the vinegar mixture to your barking dog. I recommend that you use a spray bottle for its availability.

Place a correct amount of the mixture into the spray bottle and when they begin barking, say “QUIET” and spray it on their face or mouth. Spray once, repeating it only if he barks again.

3. Using a Water Gun

Some people actually use a water gun or Super Soaker, which you can direct to your dog’s mouth. It’s safe and digestible, but enough to hate the taste and discourage them to stop the act.

Every time your dog begins to bark, use the water gun and squirt a bit to his mouth. Say “Be Quiet”, firmly and in a controlled tone. Repeat the squirt if he barks again.

4. Make Sure to Praise and Reward Him Afterwards

Once you’ve sprayed your dog and he stopped barking, make sure that you also praise and reward him afterward. That way, he’ll know that NOT barking is right and will be more encouraged to stay quiet.

You can reward him with small treats after a few seconds of silence, and also praise him with good words. Do NOT punish or inflict harm on your dog!

5. Other Points To Note

Besides the ways on how to spray vinegar to your dog, here are other tips to follow:

  • Don’t spray directly to your dog’s eyes
  • Trigger the spray immediately when your dog barks
  • Don’t use the spray if you didn’t have the chance to spray while he was barking. He won’t understand why you sprayed him

Check out this informative video on using apple cider vinegar spray to help with your dog’s behavior:

Wrapping It Up

With the many different methods to stop barking, you need something that’s both effective and can be used in the long-term. Vinegar is quite an effective method, but do take note that you need to do it properly to have it work well!

Hopefully, this article answered your question on if you can spray dog with vinegar to stop barking. Now that you know what you can do, try this safe and effective method and see if it works for you.

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  1. I am a minister and counselor in prison. We have a dog training program that the well-behaved inmates can take part in. The program is quite popular. The program not only trains dogs but inmates as well plus the DOC charges for the service so it is a win win win operation.

    They use white vinegar in water mixed 1 to 1.


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