How To Keep A Puppy Quiet At Night? Love Your Dog

Does your puppy cry at night? It’s not a good experience to hear its crying sound. You may become very stressed after many nights listening to its groan. You need to solve this issue right away. How to keep a puppy quiet at night? Apply several ways to ease your dog.

Why Does a Puppy Cry at Night?

They cry perhaps due to pain, hunger, full bladder, full bowels, or fear. A dog with pain will cry to get your attention and express that it’s in pain. You need to focus on the sound, figure out the wound, and give the puppy a treatment. If your dog is hungry, it also cries, then you feed it to stop it from crying. 

The puppy that recently comes to your house often cries at night because of its fear and homesickness. It takes a few days for your pet friend to get used to the new house and family. You can place the crate near your bed. It also can cry while its bladder or bowel is full. You need help to go to pee or let it poop on puppy pads. 

How To Keep a Puppy Quiet At Night? 

There are many tips to stop your puppy from crying at night.

Make it busy

Make your dog tired before it goes to sleep. If you let it take a nap too long, it won’t want to sleep at night. It will stay up late and whine maybe. In the day, keep your pet active, play around to make it a little exhausted. It will get tired and fall asleep easily at night, then it sleeps quietly in the crate and doesn’t bother you. This’s one of the popular ways to keep a puppy quiet at night. 

During the last half hour or so before bedtime, don’t play intense games of tug or heavy activities. Your puppy needs to be tired enough to sleep well. Too much activity can get it high and cannot calm down to start sleeping. You can train your puppy so it gets used to your routine. As you brush your teeth, it knows it’s about to go to bed.

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Regulate food and water

To keep your puppy quiet, you have to handle its good sleep. Your puppy cannot sleep continuously if it wants to pee or poop during the night. Don’t allow it to eat or drink one hour before sleep. If your puppy goes to sleep with a full stomach and bladder, your sleep is interrupted because you need to take it to the toilet. Cut down on the food and water at the right timing. A puppy with an empty bladder will sleep much longer than one that needs to go to pee.  

Crate and place to sleep

If possible, let your little pet sleep in your bedroom. This makes it feel that it’s a part of your pack. Don’t allow it to sleep on your bed. You’re the leader who has the best place. The puppy can sleep on a soft dog bed or in a crate. You can put its crate next to your bed, so it doesn’t feel alone. You hear it when it wakes up, then let it pee or cuddle it until it’s back to sleep. 

Let your puppy sleep on a mat next to your bed or place its crate near your bed. You will know when it gets upset and you cuddle to reassure it. The dog feels less scared and goes to sleep.

Build a happy den for the puppy friend. It doesn’t need an expensive blanket or crate. It needs trust, convenience, and safety. If you can give the puppy these things, it can sleep alone. Provided it can get out of their bed to pee, your puppy doesn’t cry when left alone at night, as it has a familiar and safe den in which to sleep.

You should teach the puppy to get used to being put in the crate, having the door shut behind it, and then being let out again. It gradually adapts to crate and being alone. It feels comfortable and sleeps well in the crate.


You also can play a record of soft music to ease your puppy at first night home. It makes it calm. Sweet music can reduce your puppy’s stress levels and make it relaxed or even fall asleep.


Chewing is a method to keep your puppy calm. Little dogs like to chew.  Give your little dog something to chew. Chewing helps it to calm down. Try to give it a cookie or edible things. so it can chew it at sleep time. A bone or a toy is fine. You should select a toy that doesn’t have squeakers. Your puppy will chew the toy and enjoy the night time quietly. Though it wakes up soon, it can play alone.  

Watch this video to help your dog:

Wrap Up

Many dog owners want to know how to keep a puppy quiet at night. If this problem isn’t solved, it will cause sleep disturbance, soiling, bothering the neighbors, and separation anxiety. It’s possible to apply several ways to stop your puppy from crying at night time.

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