Why Does My Dog Eat Rocks? The Interesting Reasons Why!

Have you ever questioned yourself, “Why does my dog eat rocks?” It may not be unusual for you to see them eat a lot of peculiar things, most especially stones, but have you ever wondered why they tend to do that?

In the first place, some of you may consider such as a common behavior of dogs, most especially puppies. But, whether or not it is normal, vets do not advise you to let your dogs eat stones as they can be very dangerous to their health when ingested.

why does my dog eat rocks

Why Does Your Dog Eat Rocks?

Here are the things that you should know to understand why your dogs eat rock:

10 Reasons why dogs eat rocks and ways on how to stop these

  1. Your dog may be suffering from calcium, iron, or phosphorus deficiency. You have to consult your vet and undergo some test to determine if there is really a deficiency. Your vet can give you the appropriate supplement to treat it.
  2. There might be worms in their stomach. Remember that even if it is not the reason why your dog eats rocks, you should still be deworming them regularly.
  3. Little do you know it, your dog may be suffering from pain or it may be ill. You must visit your vet to check what is wrong with your dog.
  4. There are times when your dog may feel bored, or maybe it just needs exercise. As the best friend, you should also give them some playtime. You can even give it a walk. You can also buy some chew toys to reduce its boredom.
  5. ​Your dog could be lonely. Remember, dogs have feelings too. You can easily determine if it feels lonely. Perhaps you have not done your part or you have not spent time with your dog. Just like what have been mentioned above, try to give your dog a playtime.
  6. ​It may be suffering from a mental condition called pica. This kind of mental health problem is not only experienced by human beings, but it can also be felt by animals manifested by their compulsive eating of non-food items. This condition might be serious, so you better check your vet to diagnose the issue. Some of the possible things that may help your dog are acupressure, acupuncture, herbs and homeopathy.
  7. ​It may be suffering from intestinal tract infection. The best way to cure this problem is, of course, to ask a prescription from your vet.
  8. It may be suffering from diabetes mellitus. Your dog may be required to undergo a test to determine whether or not it is suffering from such disease.
  9. It may be suffering from a bloat. This is a very serious disease for dogs because they may die if not treated early. You will know if it is bloating if its stomach is tight and hard. You need to go to your vet immediately to ask for the things that you should do.
  10. Maybe you have heard about eating stones as a good thing for your dogs. It is found out that charcoals can clean their teeth. However, you should understand that the charcoal should be pure and non-treated.

How To Train Your Dog To Stop Eating Rock

Now that you already learned some of the reasons why dogs eat rocks, here are a few tips on how you can train them to stop:

  1. You should always put in mind that your dog is not allowed to eat things that it shouldn’t. Sometimes, dogs do not understand what you intend them to do. That is why it should be your initiative to limit its access to undesirable things, most especially rocks.
  2. Although it may be impossible to avoid rocks all the time, you should be supervising them when you are around. You may also want to take your dog to a place where there are fewer rocks.
  3. If you find your dog about to eat rocks, you should distract its attention and redirect it to something that is fun and safe, like giving it a safe toy for chewing or playing fetch.
    Remember, one of the reasons why dogs may be eating stones is loneliness. Maybe, it is time for you to give them a “dogs time”. You should not let your dog alone because it can also feel sad and bored.
  4. If your dog is not fond of chew toys, you may give it time to love them. You can keep a lot of toys and introduce them to your dog every couple of days. Your dog may be interested soon.
  5. If the condition is not mainly behavioral, instead medical, make sure to visit your vet. Your doctor can diagnose the exact reason why your dog eats rocks. It may prescribe the most appropriate treatment plan for such condition.

Here is a link that may help you know “How to Teach Your Dog Not to Eat Rocks”


It may be troublesome for you to know that your dogs are eating rocks. But, since you know the reasons behind and the ways on how to stop it, you may now be relieved. Just remember that such action may either be a behavioral or medical issue.

If it is a behavioral issue, then you may apply the tips mentioned above. Otherwise, you need to let your dogs consult a vet. It should not be taken for granted because it may injure, or much worst, lead your dog to death.

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