My Dog Ate Paper Towel: Why It Happens and What to Do

Is your dog fond of eating anything that it finds? Don’t worry because many dogs actually do that. However, you should know that this kind of behavior may be detrimental to its entire well-being. Things such as paper towels are very dangerous when eaten so you should make sure that the roll is out of reach from your dog. Otherwise, your dog will be sickly, which will also lead you to pay more. If you don’t want that to happen, you should understand the risk.

dog ate paper towel

Why Does Your Dog Eat Paper Towel?

Do you know that for dogs, some paper towel smells like a treat even if it is dirty? It is not doubtful most especially if you used it to wipe your face with a juicy dribble from a delicious burger. After all, that smells delicious and your dog also wants to have a shot at that paper towel.

You may give your dog a treat by giving him the Milk-Bone Dog Treat from Amazon.

It comes with different flavors that your dog will surely love. Plus, it is packed with vitamins and minerals that are surely good for their health. Instead of letting them consume paper towels, give them the right food to eat.

Or maybe, you are the one who is responsible for its behavior. Just come to imagine that every time your dog reaches the counter to get the paper towel, you run to stop it. For dogs, it’s a way for them to get your attention and they love it.

There is also a condition called Pica which leads them to eat non-food items such as dirt and paper. Dogs who are suffering from such condition might have the deficiency in their diet. They are craving for these non-food items which have bad effects on their bodies.

Dangers Of Eating Paper Towel

1. Sour Stomach

Your dog may suffer from an upset stomach because its system works in order to allow the foreign matter to pass. There are also cases when dogs throw up these non-food items. If your dog is having a diarrhea or if you see it vomiting, it is advised to give him a pumpkin. Canned pumpkins can calm his upset tummy and help in passing the paper towel. You can mix it with white rice.

2. Blockage

This is a very serious complication that requires immediate attention from your vet. Blockage of stomach and intestines due to paper towels can be very painful for your pet. Inability of the paper towel to pass can also lead to its death.

You may determine whether it is suffering from blockage if your dog loses weight, bloats, is extremely sensitive, and is unable to eat. Your vet will be able to identify the blockage and may require you for a medication or a surgery.

​3. Intestinal Obstruction

​Your dogs may be capable of passing paper towels on its own as it may throw them up. However, if your dog has consumed a lot of paper towels or other foreign objects, its body may not be able to pass them.

​There are cases when these paper towels will go down to its intestines or even rectum and get stuck. As mentioned above, it may result to a blockage, which requires surgery for the foreign object to be removed from the body.

​4. Malnutrition

​If your dog is already full with its papery treat, its stomach may already have no room for food. When your dog eats less than what is normal, then it may lose a lot of weight. Although it is not a big deal now, its long term effects may be serious.

​If your dog does not eat enough or leaves the rest behind, it will miss the nutrients required by its body. It will weaken your dog and it may cause it to become sickly. Much worse, it will lead to its death.

​Here is a video about a dog that swallowed a large towel.

​I know that you don’t want that to happen and you don’t want to let your pet dogs suffer. So, you must know the treatment options available in case if your dog is suffering from the above-stated complications.

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​Treatment Options

​Your vet may order an X-ray to know the most appropriate form of treatment if he suspects that a non-food item has been ingested by your dog. However, if it is not that severe, your vet may be capable of inducing your dog to vomit in order to pass the foreign object from its body.

​There may be instances when these objects may only be removed through endoscopy. Your vet will use a long tube from its mouth to its stomach to get the foreign object. This procedure is said to be less risky and non-invasive.

​However, if the foreign object has already passed through the stomach, your vet may require your dog to undergo an invasive surgery. There are chances that some of the intestines will be removed if your dog is suffering from an intestinal obstruction.

​If you don’t want your dog to suffer from such complications and spend more money, then you should prevent your pet from eating non-food items.


​You should not encourage your dogs to eat non-food items, most especially papers towels. Just come to think of the bad effects it can give to your dog’s entire well-being and as well as the cost that you have to incur.

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