Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere? 8 Reasons To Take Note

Why does your dog follow your every move? Is it because he can’t stand a moment without you? Or is it simply an instinctive desire to stick his nose into everything you do?

No matter where you are in the house, this four-legged member of your family keeps shadowing every step you take. This is one of the rewarding things about being a dog owner, however, have you ever wondered why they follow you everywhere?. Let us check these some possible reasons.

why does my dog follow me everywhere

1. He follows his instincts

Your dog has three survival instincts: they are food, water, and territory. And he knows from instinct that he should keep close to the people in his life who provide shelter, safety, and of course, goodies. You are also the source of other good things in his life: walks, rides, treats and toys.

While he loves those who feed him, there are times when they must keep an eye on their resources to defend them from a competition. For example, if you have another pet at home, perhaps another dog or a pet cat, he would react differently when your attention is given to them.

Likewise, if you are walking around the house, your dog’s instincts will set in and he will “patrol” his territory. He always makes sure there are no “predators” around the house. But your dog feels weak when he does this alone, and so, as you move about your home, your dog doesn’t want to be left alone. It would make him feel vulnerable, and he doesn’t want you to feel vulnerable, as well.

2. He is curious

Dogs are naturally nosy. Every time you move away, you get his attention and he would wonder what you are doing. He wants to know what amazing thing will happen wherever you are going. He doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to see and do whatever you are about to do. Whether you are getting some food to share with him or if you are getting ready for a day’s play with him, he just wants to know and become a part of it.

3. He has separation anxiety

What is a separation anxiety in dogs?

When your dog is overly attached to or clingy on one or more family members at home, it is possible that he has a separation anxiety. He will become extremely distressed and show restless behaviors of destruction or inactivity when separated from you as his owner. This happens before you even leave. How does he know? The things that you consistently do before you leave will become his cue that you will be leaving soon, thus making him feel uneasy.

4. He is highly social

We all know that dogs are highly social creatures. They are made to live in groups or in packs and has a powerful emotional need for companionship. It is natural for your dog to fit easily into your own family and to live with you cooperatively. He knows that you are super-cool, too. Your family is your dog’s pack and he feels most at ease when he is with his pack. He feels calm and not afraid when you are present and calm too. Likewise, he feels vulnerable in your absence as if he has no support at all. If he is with you wherever you go, he continues to feel peaceful and safe. It is entirely normal for your dog to wonder about your whereabouts, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession for him.

5. He wants to give you a favor through his job

When you are moving around your house, your dog might feel that you are safeguarding the area. He will then feel obligated to be a part of it as if giving you a favor. Remember that your dog naturally places a high value on resources in order to survive and whatever he finds in his territory, he will do anything to protect this known boundary. Again, it is because of his instincts that he does these things. Oftentimes, you absolutely call him to come see you, so he’s over-fulfilling your requests, anticipating your absolute needs selflessly.

6. He Belongs to a Dependent Breed

Your dog might be one of those who was selectively trained to rely on their masters to perform their jobs best. By relying on your body language to perform his jobs, your working dog would spend a great part of the day following your directions and orders. he would look up to you for guidance for a lot of time and in instances. They can be clingy, but more often, they await the next task you are giving him.

7. He is bored

Boy is followed by dogs
Boy is followed by dogs.

Lack of mental stimulation would bring boredom to your pet dog. And following you wherever you go would be a good strategy for him to kill time and keep his mind active. Your dog would find his own form of entertainment by becoming your shadow around the house. This is one way for him to study your movement and through careful observation, your dog will be able to learn how to recognize the signs you are using when you are about to get up, walk and do any routinary activities at home.

8. He is a velcro dog

How would you know if your dog is a velcro dog or not?

A velcro dog is a dog that is always by your side which is also often called by his owner as a “shadow dog”. If your dog wants to be close to you at all times and he follows you everywhere like following you from room to room, or even when you go into your bathroom, your dog might be a velcro dog.

Check these other signs so you will know whether your pet is a velcro dog or not.

a. He is in front of you when you pee.
b. He is always behind you and you would always check before turning around.
c. He always sleeps with you or near you. He wants to be next to you.
d. He is always too close and always around. (Read again b).
e. You will have that feeling of always being watched. He keeps an eye on you at all times.
f. When you sit down, so does he. He sometimes mirrors you, if he can. He always wants to be where the action is.

While some people consider that velcro dogs show the primary signs of separation anxiety, it is still a common behavior that many of us find flattering. If he is excited when he follows you around, it may be a sign that he is simply bored and is looking for something to do. It is fine when your dog keeps following you around.

However, if your dog gets distressed when you get up, or when you give him cues of leaving your house, it is a sign of separation anxiety. If it is still a mild case of separation anxiety, it would be helpful to give him something to do before you leave.

You can give him some healthy treats like this Oral Care Treats or some varieties of toys as you leave for work. It will not only help your dog with his separation anxiety, but it will also help you in training your dog and letting him understand your routine.

Furthermore, when you keep your dog mentally and physically challenged, it will help build your dog’s confidence. There are plenty of simple indoor activities you can add to your daily routine in order to keep your dog busy and entertained.

Indeed, being an object of your dog’s generous and ecstatic attention is flattering. Even if there are biological reasons why he follows you everywhere, there is also a scientific support that your dog loves you and feels happiest when he is with you.

Why don’t you simply give in enjoy his devotion towards you? Give him lots of love, affection and treats.

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