Is It Okay to Place Two Dogs In One Crate? The Answers Revealed

It’s fun owning multiple dogs because it means you have more cute pets to love and care for! However, that means more work and a lot of careful planning, since dogs are territorial and you’ll need to make sure they receive equal love and necessities. One thing people ask often is if it’s fine to place two dogs in one crate, specifically when crate training both.

That’s an answer that requires more thought, depending on a variety of factors! So if you’re wondering if it’s fine for two dogs to share a crate, read on. I’ll be talking all about crate training for two dogs and if they can share the experience together.

two dogs in one crate
Adorable russian toy terrier puppies in a crate.

Is It Find to Place Two Dogs In One Crate?

Crate training a dog has its advantages as long as you have the correct-sized crate. Your dog is less likely to make messes and picks up on good behavior through it! But what if you have multiple dogs and only have space for one big crate for them?

It’s entirely possible to place two dogs in one crate. BUT, there are various things to consider, as well as tips to follow, when crate training two dogs.

1. Are They Aggressive?

This is the main factor that makes or breaks your two dogs living together in a crate. When introducing both dogs together, evaluate how they feel towards one another. Do they like each other, or is there tension that can lead to fights?

If ever they feel comfortable with one another, you can choose to keep them in one crate and train them properly. But if they show hostility, then it’s best to keep them in separate crates or have them get to know one another better. It’s only best to crate train your dogs together when they’re comfortable and friendly towards the other.

This prevents any attacks, fights, or hostility that affects their behavior in the one run.

2. How Big Is the Crate?

If ever you feel that both your dogs are comfortable with one another, consider the crate they’ll live in. Obviously, it can’t be a crate built for single dogs!

While crates should be only a bit bigger than your dog’s dimensions, it should fit both of them comfortably enough to lie down in. Furthermore, it’s best to find a crate with at least two doors to make it easier to separate the dogs in case of any situation.

Consider getting a crate big enough to fit two dogs with comfort and with space for their own toys and water.

Cute siberian husky puppies in the cage
Cute siberian husky puppies in the cage.

3. How Old Are They?

Besides what they feel towards one another, consider their age. When they’re younger and ready to separate from the litter, it’s actually best to let them on their own for a while. Focus more on their early socialization skills and increase their trust with you before focusing on crate training.

While you’re out, I recommend that you separate them from each other to avoid fights and messes. When you’re at home, you can either keep them in one room or crate to let them get to know one another. As they grow and improve their socialization skills, the more time they can spend together in one enclosed area.

4. Are You Crate Training Correctly?

Another important factor to consider when placing two dogs in one crate is your efficiency in training them. They can have a sizable crate and work harmoniously with one another, but this can all fall if you don’t train them properly.

Because of this, you should also focus on the success of the way you teach them about the crate. Feed them near the area (but with distance) and encourage them with positive reinforcement than harsh discipline.

That way, these dogs will be less scared and aggressive, allowing them to feel comfortable together in the crate. But if you’ve tried doing everything right and nothing works, it’s best to crate train them separately.

With that begin said, placing two dogs in one crate can be beneficial, too! Through it, your dogs will get to know one another and improve their relationship with each other. But again, this is as long as they show no aggressive behavior towards one another.

Learn more about crate training your dogs with this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

While two dogs in one crate isn’t impossible, it’s best to stick with individual crates to prevent fights and too many messes. However, there are good crates you can use for both dogs to live harmoniously in one crate. Just make sure they aren’t aggressive towards one another and you’re good to go!

I hope this article on placing two dogs in one crate helped you out. So if you think that your dogs are good with crate training together, get the adequate crate for them now.

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