Is Your Dog Licking Air? The 6 Reasons You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered why your dogs keeps on licking the air? Some of us may find it strange for them to flick their tongues in and out continuously. At some point, we are aware that they do such act in order to keep themselves clean.

But, there are actually more reasons behind, which we may never have expected. Some of these acts may just be mere behaviors, but we never know if these indicate something more serious. The dog’s Doing of those acts for a longer period suggests that there is a possibility of a compulsive disorder.

Possible Reasons Why Dogs Lick The Air

Your Dog Is Nauseous

Your dog might not be feeling well. If your dog is nauseous, there is a possibility that it will lick its lips. In some cases, nauseous dogs drool and in order to get rid of the unwanted saliva, they would lick their lips. There are also instances where they would eat grass to vomit naturally.

When your dog drools, it may suggest that it has eaten something which cannot be ingested by its stomach, or much worse, toxic. Here are few home remedies if your dog is nauseous and vomiting.

Your Dog Is Bloated

It may be natural for your dog to bloat most especially when it exercises after eating. However, there are some instances which may cause your dog to bloat and the most obvious indication of bloating is when your dog has an enlarged abdomen.

​The enlargement may be due to the food that it has eaten, or the fluid or gas which has come inside its body. Aside from the stomach enlargement, dogs who are suffering from a bloat may also drool and retch. As mentioned above, drooling makes them lick the air.

​Your Dog Is Suffering From An Oral Discomfort

Your dog may not be comfortable due to pain. If there is something wrong in its mouth, maybe due to periodontal disease, swollen salivary glands, or tooth decay, it may be restless.

You should check under its tongue or its jawline to see if there is something swelling. You may also find out if there are objects embedded in its mouth. If it appears that its mouth is swollen, your dog may be suffering from a condition called sialocele caused by an infection.

Your Dog Swallowed Foxtails

foxtailsFoxtail is very risky for your dog. It is a spiky grass seed which could travel to your dog’s nose, ears, toes, and even lungs. If your dog has swallowed a foxtail, it can cause too much trouble as it can make it panic.

Your dog may be swallowing frequently. It may lick its lips a lot, from floors to walls to make it comfortable. It may also eat anything that it finds even if it is not edible. This may lead your dog in danger as its effect may aggravate its condition.

This means that you should check with your vet immediately. Your vet will be able to know the best remedy to remove the foxtail. The procedure may require your dog to undergo sedation, depending on the location of the seed.

Your Dog Is Having A Seizure

Just like humans, dogs may also suffer from a seizure, or may develop a partial seizure. A seizure cannot cause a pain to your dog. In fact, it is conscious, and even responsive. However, dogs that are developing partial seizures may lick the air.

​Your Dog Is Suffering From Pica

​Your dog may be craving for a non-food item. This is a medical condition called pica. This will also lead your dog to lick floors, walls, carpets, and other foreign objects. This condition is very dangerous to your dog for they may eat something which is prohibited for them.In order to let your dog enjoy food, try giving him the DreamBone Chicken Dog Chew by Amazon. It is made with real chicken and vegetables which will really make your dog love it.

​And don’t forget this warning about dogs with pica. Watch this YouTube video below:

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What Should You Do When You Prepare To Visit Your Vet?

​Your vet should know everything from the root of the problem. You should provide a history of its licking behavior. You should let your vet know when this kind of behavior appeared, how long it has been doing, and certain situations which licking likely occurs.

medicine pet care and people

It is also recommended to allow your vet to see if you have recorded videos showing such behavior. If it is possible, you may record its behavior when it doesn’t see you. There are possibilities that behaviors are being shown only when humans are around.

Furthermore, your vet will also ask about your pet’s home. You may include all interaction and mental stimulation that your dog has on a regular basis, as well as training and punishments it has been experiencing.


​Remember, when your dog is licking the air, it may not just be a mere behavior. It may indicate something more serious that is why you should not take it for granted. If you find your dog licking the air, don’t forget to visit your vet. It is always good to seek help from an expert.

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