Dog Scratching Carpet: Causes and Prevention For Clean Homes

Have you ever wondered why your dog is scratching the carpet? Such action performed by your dog is actually a destructive behavior which requires being corrected. Before you should correct this kind of behavior, you need to be aware of the causes why your dog manifests the same.

Dogs may sometimes be unconscious scratching the carpets, most especially when they are about to sleep. This destructive behavior is one of the ways on how they mark their favorite spot. If you observed, dogs often lie down on the same spot.

Of course, there may be some positive effects of such behavior. However, scratching the carpet may lead to obsession and may result to a problem.

Some Causes Why Dogs Are Scratching The Carpet

As mentioned above, dogs may scratch the carpet unconsciously. It may already be their instinctive behavior. On the other hand, this may serve as an indication that the dog may either be stressed or is suffering from a medical condition, most especially if they are not used of scratching carpets.

It was found out that excessive scratching of carpets is due to stress and it is prompted by different factors such as:

Separation Anxiety

This may be experienced if your dog has been separated from its former boss or if you are not around the whole day.


It is a painful or stressful condition which may contribute to its destructive behavior. If this is the case, then there is a need for you to secure a vet to have a medical checkup and determine the real cause of the problem.

Change In The Home

It may sound peculiar, but if there are changes in your home such as when you place new carpets or when you re-arrange your furniture, it may lead to stress.

New Pet Or Family Member

Dogs want attention that is why if there are new pets or even new family members that are brought home, they get stressed easily.

Furthermore, dogs possess higher energy, which when not spent makes the dog bored. Being bored may lead to dogs scratching the carpet and as well as other areas of the house and even its own skin.

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How To Prevent Or Eliminate Excessive Stretching

First, you should determine the problem which causes the dog to behave as such. If the above mentioned reasons are not established, then maybe it’s time for you to conduct training and to teach them that such action is unacceptable.

You should also demand the dog not to scratch the carpet and say “no” sharply. The dog may appreciate it even more if you give it a time.

But, if such behavior is due to a medical problem, then your dog seemed to need a treatment. Of course, there are various operations that are currently available. Here are some of the several methods on how these problems can be treated:

  • You may undergo a therapy
  • You should give them time playing.
  • Alternative treatments such as aromatherapy

If your dog is bored or easily gets bored, you should let it join to more exciting activities. You should let your dog understand that such action is not favorable and that he should chew or scratch posts and other toys instead and if needed.

For him to become healthy, you may want him to exercise. In this way, his energy may be consumed in such a manner that he could no longer mind scratching the carpet. You may schedule a checkup to your vet and ask for advice about the things needed during pet exercises.

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