Are Shock Collars Legal In the US? The Answers You Need to Know

I’m sure many of us have felt the frustration of having to deal with aggressive or disobedient dogs. It resorts to us using different obedience tools, such as chains or shock collars! The latter has been very controversial though, with many asking, “Are shock collars legal in the US?”

Since shock collars basically give an electric shock to dogs, which can be painful, it’s no surprise that people wonder if this is legal! Before you even consider getting a shock collar for your dog, it’s important to learn about its legalities in the area AND what it can do for your dog. So read on as I talk about the rules on shock collars and if it’s a great choice for you and your dog now.

are shock collars legal in the us
Labrador Retriever with collar on outdoor park autumn.

Who Banned Shock Collars?

Before we get into whether the US banned shock collars or not, let’s learn about who already did ban them. These are areas where shock collars are now illegal in the world:

1. England

Shock collars were completely banned in Wales, and a new proposal may help make it illegal across all of England.

2. Scotland

Using electric shock collars was completely banned everywhere in Scotland thanks to Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham.

3. Boulder, Colorado

This actually isn’t an official law yet, but still a proposal by Mary Angilly. If banned, it will be the first-ever US city to have banned shock collars (that now answers your question about its legality in the US).

4. Other Areas

Besides those areas, other places that banned shock collars are Quebec, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Denmark, and a few areas in Australia.

This just goes to show how many countries and people are against shock collars and would rather use different alternatives!

Are Shock Collars Legal In the US?

So to answer your question, NO, shock collars aren’t illegal in the US and you’re able to use it. This is because authoritative bodies didn’t find much substantial proof that supports the ban of shock collars.

You can actually find them readily available in various pet stores or online shops. Furthermore, there are two different types of electric shock collars, which are the anti-bark or training collars.

Classic Boxer dog wearing a shock collar
Classic Boxer dog wearing a shock collar.

The anti-bark collar would either be a shock or spray type collar. The training collar, however, has different shock intensities, controlled by remote control. So you can either give a tiny buzz without pain, or something that makes them uncomfortable enough to stop the bad behavior.

These shock collars can deliver intense shocks from 1,500 to 6,000 volts. So it’s either a tickle or a shocking jolt, which is considered safe as long as it’s rarely used.

With all this being said, there are various responsibilities you need to look into if you do choose to get a shock collar.

For starters, you have to ensure that you use it wisely and ONLY to correct bad behavior your dog may have. Never use it for fun and games, which confuses the dog and can cause fear or aggression towards you.

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Should We Ban Shock Collars?

While shock collars are still legal across the United States, I’m still against its usage. With the many countries and places banning it, it’s become such a controversy to use it or not. Here are just a few reasons to ban shock collars and to avoid using it!

Dog Won’t Understand

While people find use in electric shock collars, not all dogs will understand why they got shocked. He won’t be able to learn what’s good or bad based on the shock alone, which causes him to continue his ways.

Might Burn Necks

This is the main reason why many are highly against the use of electric shock collars. Be aware the shock collars give electric jolts to your neck, which can cause bad burns or even pierce through their skin, though rare.

Little to No Results

Because your dog won’t understand why he just got jolted, he most likely will repeat the offensive act again. Or, he might even get scared to do anything at all in fear of the jolt! Worse, he would associate your presence with the shock, avoiding you completely.

Learn more on the truth about using dog shock collars with this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

While shock collars aren’t illegal to use in the US (yet), I highly recommend that you look for different alternatives. Not only are shock collars painful on dogs, but they don’t do much in disciplining a dog, especially an aggressive one. Make sure that you discipline them correctly without inflicting pain for them to truly learn commands and to correct bad behaviors.

Hopefully, my article answered your question on, “Are shock collars legal in the US?” Now that you know the answer, begin looking for other alternatives in training your dogs today.

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  1. Yes, they need to be banned. I live in Sacramento County in California. Today, my roommates trainer came over whith her student and used my roommates dog to practice shocking training. I just found out tonight. My roommate allowed it. I will contact Mary Angilly to find how to get shock collars banned in Sacramento County. I am so upset.
    I am going to report what she did. But, even better I need to get it banned for any real resuls. And voting here is passed.

    Good Boulder, CO. And I thought California was ahead..Dont’ thinks so.


    Cindy Maxion


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