A Helpful Guide on the Australian Shepherd Eating Habits

Australian Shepherds are adorable creatures that make fantastic pets, especially with their protective instincts and beautiful looks. You may have also noticed their extreme energy, which is fun to experience given their natural instincts as working shepherd dogs. However with high energy means high nutrient needs, making an Australian Shepherd eating habits different from the typical household dog.

But how does an Australian Shepherd eat and what exactly should they eat in the first place? Fortunately, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds, you just need to know how much they eat based on various factors. With that being said, read on as I show you the usual eating habits of this dog breed.

australian shepherd eating habits
Australian Shepherd puppy eating a bone.

The Australian Shepherd Eating Habits

An Australian Shepherd requires high-quality and nutritious food for better energy and health. With that being said, you have to consider the following factors to help learn how to feed them.

High Energy and Lots of Appetite

Australian Shepherds are one of the most hardworking dog breeds out there. Because of that, even those born as household dogs have natural herding instincts with high energies. They’ll want to go out more and require daily walks or runs, as well as training to condition their minds and bodies.

Because of all that activity, they have a huge appetite that has them eat more than the typical dog. Their medium-size stature and activity levels will have you increase their intake based on their caloric needs. Active dogs like the Australian Shepherds will require at least 1,300 calories a day.

That’s why you have to make sure that they are well-fed with nutritious food and avoid underfeeding them, giving them food after their walk. They love to eat and will sometimes bring their food to other rooms or on the floor. This is because they prefer eating out of flatter surfaces.

What Kind Of Food to Feed

These are the types of dog food you can give your Australian Shepherd and how much of it to give:

Dry Food

australian shepherd puppy sniffing dry food
Australian shepherd puppy sniffing dry food.

Dry dog food is the best choice for most dog owners, as its more accessible and easy to store. Plus, it’s more convenient and cheaper to feed, also preventing any teeth problems on your Australian Shepherd.

Dry dog food feeding recommendations are based on the weight of your dog. With adult Aussies, they weigh between 45 to 55 pounds on average. With that being said, it’s best to feed them between three to four cups of dry food daily.

Frozen Diet

A lot of Australian Shepherd owners would give their dogs raw and natural diets. Because of that, most of their food comes from raw meat and veggies, which are sold in cubes or patties.

This is enticing for Aussies and offers health benefits with added nutrients from both meat and vegetables. If you do choose to feed them with the frozen diet, they’ll need at least a pound of this every day. It’s best to feed them throughout the day than leave one whole serving for free feeding.

Canned Food

canned pet food

Canned dog food offers a complete diet for Australian Shepherds and seems more enticing for them. However, this food’s only recommended for puppies or those who have trouble chewing or with teeth and/or gum problems. If fed wet food daily, you’ll need to take extra care for their beth and gums, brushing their teeth and giving them biscuits.

But if you want to give your adult Aussie canned food, they’ll need at least half a can daily for every ten pounds of body weight. They may need even more if they’re pregnant or have higher activity levels!

Their Age and Lifestyle

Of course, your Aussie’s age also depends on how they eat and what they want to eat.

  • Puppies will require milk from their mother until they’re old enough to eat adult dog food. They will usually prefer wet food over dry options.
  • As for adults, they have more caloric needs compared to puppies and senior dogs. But this is based on their activity and lifestyle. Pregnant dogs will require more food to sustain her and her puppies’ health, while sick dogs require specialized diets.
  • Senior dogs require less food as they have lower activity lessens as they age.

Wondering more about what kind of food to feed your Australian Shepherd? Check out this helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

Australian Shepherds aren’t difficult to care for, as they are similar to most dogs. As long as you feed them right, exercise them often, and give the love they need, they’ll live a long, healthy life. Once you’ve established how much to feed them and when, it’s time to move on to the next steps on caring for them.

I hope this article on the Australian Shepherd eating habits gave you an idea of caring for them. So find out more about this dog breed if you plan to own one yourself now.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning that an Australian Shepherd requires high-quality and nutritious foods that provide more energy because they are one of the hardest working dog breeds. My brother is looking into adopting an Australian Shepherd next month so that the dog he has at home has another friend while my brother is at work. I will be sure he understands the breed’s unique diet requirements before he finds an Australian Shepherd puppy breeder near him so that he is prepared to care for the new addition to his family.

    • Thanks for the information my dog is 6 months old and I was wondering should I put a muzzle on him when I took him out to use the bathroom because he’s not using the bathroom he’s so busy eating off the ground


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