The 5 Safe Steps on How to Deal With Neighbor’s Aggressive Dog

No one wants to encounter an aggressive dog, but what if it’s something you have to experience every day with your neighbors? Aggressive dogs in the neighborhood may cause a lot of issues for everyone around the area and those who have to pass by the home, whether a mailman or normal passerby.

I know how difficult it can be dealing with the fear of encountering an aggressive dog every day, which is why I did my research. So read on as I show you how to deal with neighbor’s aggressive dog to help you stay prepared and prevent any serious situations.

how to deal with neighbor's aggressive dog
Noisy dog barking all the time in fence of neighbor.

How to Deal With Neighbor’s Aggressive Dog

Obviously, you don’t want to be fearful in your own home because of the local aggressive dog. Here are things you can do in situations like this to keep the peace and harmony in the neighborhood:

1. Consider Why The Dog’s Aggressive

Many dogs act aggressively for numerous reasons. After all, they don’t bark and growl at anything without a reason why! You and the dog owner might not even know that there’s something that causes the dog’s aggression, so it’s best to find out before anything else.

Are there children who tease or aggravate the dog as they pass by? Or are there any other pets or animals that antagonize it? Consider the different possibilities and other external factors first before blaming it on a bad owner.

If ever you do notice that there are people or animals which irritate the dog into aggression, then it’s best to focus on finding solutions to remove the cause rather than the dog himself.

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2. Meet With Your Neighbor Who Owns the Dog

After you’ve ruled out any external factors or have noticed reasons for aggression, it’s time to approach your neighbor about it. However, don’t make it seem like a confrontation but a simple discussion.

Be diplomatic when talking with your neighbor about their dog. Do NOT leave mean notes or glare at them, taking things passive-aggressively. It won’t do both of you any good!

Instead, be direct and honest, explain the situation and how it affects the neighborhood. You can even work together to solve the problem, which is one of the best solutions.

If your neighbor refuses to talk or would argue, then it may be time to head on to hold a neighborhood meeting.

3. Document the Aggressive Dog’s Behavior

If you had a successful talk with your neighbor, give them time until their dog’s behavior is corrected. It won’t happen overnight, but maybe in a few weeks. If ever you still don’t see any improvement or your neighbor is less receptive with the talk, then it’s best to document the dog’s behavior as evidence.

This is only in case you’ll need to contact the authorities. So next time you see that the dog is showing signs of aggression towards you or anything else, then take a video for proof in case a dispute is filed.

4. Have a Neighborhood Meeting

You might want to talk about the problem with the entire neighborhood, especially when there are more people who feel uncomfortable with the aggressive dog as well. It may be an existing issue even way before you took action!

Talk with the other neighbors about it and see if they feel the same way. Write down any specific incidents you have all observed, then you can talk with the dog owner about it. If push comes to shove, however, then take the next step into letting the authorities mediate and deal with the situation.

5. If All Else Fails, Contact the Local Authorities

When all else fails and your neighbor is unresponsive, or even aggressive as well, then contact your local authorities and the animal control services in the area. When your complaint has merit, they will most likely issue citations to which your neighbor has to pay a fine.

If that doesn’t solve the dispute, you and the neighbors may have to take it to court. While a tedious situation, it can help prevent any accidents or injuries with the dog in the future. Just make sure that you have a good lawyer and all the evidence prepared.

To learn more about how to deal with an aggressive dog, check out this informative video to help you further:

Wrapping It Up

Dealing with a neighbor’s aggressive dog can be tough but fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure that the dog is kept and secure. That way, the entire neighborhood can sigh in relief and feel safe while walking around. Not only does this benefit you and the neighbor, but everyone else around the area, too!

I hope that this article on how to deal with neighbor’s aggressive dog helps you. So start following these tips to stay prepared and ensure that everyone is away from harm now.

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