Do German Shepherds Drink a Lot Of Water? The Answers Revealed!

do german shepherds drink a lot of water
German shepherd drinking water from metall plate

Regardless of what dog breed you own, one of their basic necessities is food and water. Not many owners focus on their dog’s water intake which is why it’s time to learn all about how much water they need and how much is TOO much. For German Shepherds, their water requirements are just as similar as any other breed, though they may need more depending on the extensiveness of training and exercise.

It does make you wonder, “do German Shepherds drink a lot of water?” If you want to learn more about your German Shepherd’s wear requirements and how to provide them clean water, read on!

Do German Shepherds Drink a Lot Of Water?

I know a lot of us agree when we say that water is an absolute necessity, we can’t live without it and neither can our dogs! However, simply putting out water for our dogs isn’t already being a responsible pet owner, because there is so much to water that we don’t know!

Dogs need water just as much as we do, and we don’t only get it from drinking water itself, but on the food eaten, which contains H2O and moisture. Not only that but like us humans, dogs need the clean, quality water to stay healthy AND hydrated. If not, they are more at risk of dehydration and other sicknesses that shorten their lifespan.

With German Shepherds, specifically, they DO drink a lot of water, but for a reason. On average, the German Shepherd will require an ounce of water per pound of their body weight every day, which is about 0.3 liters per pound. As a large dog, they will require up to 90 ounces (almost three liters) of water daily for better health, depending on their weight and activity.

The larger and more active they are, the more water they’ll need because of their panting and saliva loss. That’s why they drink more water than what one would expect! Yes, they need more water than we do on a daily basis from their size and way of training.

German shepherd dog drinking water during summer heat
German shepherd dog drinking water during summer heat.

However, if you notice that they drink more than four liters a day even with minimal activity, then it might either be dehydration or other illnesses (like Polydipsia), which you need to seek professional help for right away. The same goes for if they do NOT drink enough water, which is why it’s crucial for them to have a constant supply of CLEAN, FRESH water daily. I’ll be getting to that in the next section!

Tips on Providing Your German Shepherd Clean Water

You now know how much water a German Shepherd needs, but how can you properly ensure that they’re drinking the right water? To provide and encourage them to drink enough, here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure that your dog has a constant supply of fresh water daily. You need to replace their water every night at the same time to prevent them from lapping up old, bacteria-filled water. When refilling water, make sure that it’s usually at the same level and that you monitor how much you put and how much is left at the end of the day.
  • Avoid giving your dog foods high in sodium, which cause them to drink even more water. Don’t share salty human food to your pet, as this doesn’t only affect their thirst, but overall health as well. Keep feeding them quality dog food that contains a good amount of H2O without much sodium for them to take in enough water for the day.
  • If your dog isn’t lapping up enough water, consider getting more attractive bowls or dog fountains. This can encourage your dog to drink more water. Just map sure that the bowl or fountain you invest in is easy to use and made of BPA-free materials for safe drinking.
  • Place the water bowl in an accessible place, usually near their food. Also, ensure that they have enough water even when training outside, bringing bottles of clean water with you to prevent them from drinking in dirty sources while you aren’t looking!
  • Have your dog pee more and take them outside to flush out the water they drank before. It’s best to take them out to pee every three hours!

Learn more about the necessary food and nutrition a German Shepherd needs in this helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

Being knowledgeable about the basic requirements of your German Shepherd is a must. Through knowing about how much food and date they need, they’ll be able to live healthier and have the energy they should have to think and live better.

I hope that this article answered your question, “do German Shepherds drink a lot of water?” Now that you’re familiar with what they need, learn more about the dog breed and what you can do to have them live longer now.

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