5 Common Doberman Ear Posting Problems

Posting a Doberman’s ears is one of the more controversial issues in the breeding world. While I’m not a huge fan of posting ears, many people do it for aesthetic purposes and I’d like to help make the process as easy as possible. Unfortunately, there ARE Doberman ear posting problems people experience, especially when it’s your first time doing it.

But what exactly are these posting problems and how can you solve them for a healthy Doberman? I made a list of the common Doberman ear posting problems and how to solve them, so read on!

Common Doberman Ear Posting Problems

You’ll be surprised by the many people who experience various problems when posting their Doberman’s ears. It’s something you and your dog wouldn’t want to experience! So to avoid all that, here are the following problems to learn about:

1. He Scratches the Posts Off

A lot of puppies scratch at the wrapping, still feeling new to the feeling of their post. Because of their scratching and shaking, it can remove the posts, or even injure the puppy!

To prevent this from happening, training is a must. Make sure that if they just had their ears cropped, give them something to lessen the pain and to reduce any infections or discomfort.

If you see them scratching at it just because they want to, then give them a sharp NO, then praise when he stops scratching.

2. There Are Redness and Swelling

Your Doberman may experience redness, swelling, or damage around their ears. This may be due to the way their ears were cropped, mishandling, or tightening the post.

Avoid wrapping their ears too tightly to prevent blood circulation loss and/or tissue damage. Also, make sure that you check for infections as soon as possible, taking him to the vet for antibiotics and cleaning the infection.

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3. It’s Difficult to Wrap the Posts

Dobermans are pretty stubborn, protesting and trying to fight off when held still. When trying to place posts on their ears, especially right after cropping, they will try fighting away. This can lead to mistakes during the ear posting process!

To avoid this, it’s best to have at least one other person helping you. One holds the puppy with their arms and legs, steadying the head firmly, while the other wraps the post snugly and properly.

Ensure that you match the puppy’s resistance with force, avoid holding on too tightly if they relax, and don’t let them wriggle away, which has them learn.

4. The Ears Stand Then Fall After Posting

It must feel frustrating seeing your Doberman’s ears stand up for a while, only to see it fall! If you’ve been posting for weeks or months only for it to fall, then you might have done something wrong.

Well, you aren’t alone and you’ll be surprised to know it isn’t your mistake. When posting ears while they are puppies, they tend to teethe during this time. Dobermans would teethe fast and hard, which can cause stress, resulting in drooping ears when the pain gets too bad.

It’s only when the pain reduces that the ears come back up, usually happening over and over until teething is done.

5. You’re Doing the Wrong Methods

Though the same breed, all Dobermans are different and react to various methods of ear posting differently. One mistake many owners commit is either doing the wrong ear posting method or doing it improperly.

Here are the different methods to try and what looks best for your dog:

  • Ear posting with tampons is a convenient method, which is strong enough to support the eats. However, it’s not the quickest to apply, used as the initial phase of posting.
  • Lighter ear posting using tape is another good option, though only to use occasionally. It isn’t easy to place, but lighter for dogs to carry and well ventilated.
  • Tape tubules aren’t only the easiest, but also the cheapest method, though it’s not the best with hot weather. Furthermore, it doesn’t have as much support for pushing ear pockets up, used mainly as a quick method when in a hurry.

If you want to learn more about Doberman ear posting, check out this video! It talks all about the process:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to ear posting, you have to be very careful with what you do. As long as you do it right, you can prevent any problems from happening and allow them to stand on their own without affecting your dog’s health. But as much as possible, do avoid posting their ears as it may pose some risks in the future!

I hope this article on the common Doberman ear posting problems helped you out! So if you’re about to post your dog’s ears or experience any of these problems, follow these solutions now.

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