Do Golden Retrievers Shed More Than Labs? Let’s Get the Facts Straight!

Are you planning on getting a low-maintenance dog that doesn’t shed as much?

If the choice is between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador, you’re probably wondering which one is the right fit for your needs.

Do Golden Retrievers shed more than Labs? Or is it the other way around?

We expose who the constant shed-er between these two lovable breeds, so you can come prepared with your high-powered vacuum cleaner and grooming tools (or not!).

Do Golden Retrievers Shed More Than Labs
A Golden and a Labrador Retriever who are sitting in the meadow.

The Skinny on the Shedding

Before we get to that answer you’ve been waiting for, let’s get the facts straight about shedding.

Why do dogs shed, anyway?

When you have a dog who lives most of his life cooped up indoors, this lifestyle can significantly impact how his body reacts to the changing temperature in your home. These abrupt changes are mainly caused by your air conditioning unit and central heating.

So what happens is that your dog tends to shed all year round. Whether he is a Labrador or a Golden Retriever. There is just no way to go around the shedding issue if you always keep your pet inside.

On the other hand, dogs who get to spend ample hours a day outdoors have a different shedding mechanism. Their bodies are more aware of the gradual changes in season, so they get to become introduced slowly to these shifts in the season.

During the winter, dogs naturally have this tendency to fluff up their undercoat to keep them extra warm in the frigid weather. So when spring and summer come, prepare for a shed fest – you’ll find hairs flying around and perhaps even close to filling up your vacuum bag!

And yes, all dogs with long and thick hair shed like crazy when the season transitions from cold to warm.

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Do Golden Retrievers Shed More Than Labs?

labrador vs golden retriever

Now that you know more about the whole shedding situation, let’s go back to your dilemma…

So you have finally decided to bring home just ONE dog.

And you’re currently torn between adopting that sweet, charming Labrador and that playful, endearing Golden Retriever.

But you have ONE important condition before you decide which one to get:

You want a dog breed that won’t require you to pick up piles and piles of hair several times a day.

Between the two, it may outright seem that Goldens shed more than Labs. After all, they have long hairs, so it’s easy to spot a trail or two or more of these golden-brown hairs on your furniture, carpeting, and so on. Right?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, Golden Retrievers are notorious for copious shedding because they have fine and long golden hair. Side by side with a Lab, their pile of hair may be higher and will take up a bigger space than a Lab’s tiny little stack of hair.

But the thing is that Labradors shed, too! You just don’t notice it as much.

This is why, no, Golden Retrievers don’t exactly shed more than Labs but they do have longer hair falling out, so it’s easier to find.

So if you don’t want to deal with a lot of vacuuming, these two dog breeds are not exactly your best bet. They rank high in the sweet pet department but if shedding is an issue with you, you’ll either have to live with it or leave it if you’re dead-set on getting either one of these dogs.

Plus, Goldens require more and frequent grooming than Labs because they have long hair that can get tangled.

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What To Do If You Want These Two Breeds But Not the Shedding

You like a low-maintenance dog BUT you cannot help but dream of owning either a Lab or a Golden… Or both.

What can you do?

There is a way to deal with the constant shedding without getting all stressed out about it. The key is in the right tools and techniques that will make the shedding bearable for you.

First, you should make it an everyday task to groom and de-shed your pet. We would say about 3 to 5 handful of long, thin hair from a Golden and a few more from Labradors. The longer the hair, the bigger the clump when they fall out even if the amount of hair is about the same.

Second, get your rubber gloves ready and get the excess hair out. It is much better to have these hairs in the gloves than on your floor, so it’s less of a hassle to do a major cleanup.

Brush the coat gently with these rubber gloves for about 15 to 20 minutes daily. It is a win-win situation for your dog because you’re reducing the amount of hair you need to vacuum off the floor and you are giving your dog the TLC he’s craving.

So don’t let the shedding issue stop you from getting either one of these dog breeds. With the right tools, you can minimize the shedding and make life easier for you and your pet. In the end, everybody walks away happy and content!

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