How To Store Dog Poop Until Trash Day? Effective Methods

The dogs are pet friends and become our family members. People take care of them like children. So many things to handle when you adopt a dog. You will have to feed them daily, play with them, prepare the bed, bring them to the vet or pet salon, etc. Dog waste is also one issue you need to notice. What do you do after you pick it up? How to store dog poop until trash day? This article will give you some knowledge.

How To Store Dog Poop Until Trash Day?

While you raise a dog, you will usually clean its waste. Each dog has a different frequency to poop. You need to find a proper solution to remove poop, for example, pick up and throw away its waste, flush down the toilet, create a septic system, use a sewer drain.

We will show you some methods to get rid of dog waste.

1. Use a Dog Bag On Street Poop

These bags are very useful and convenient to take everywhere. You can buy them in any convenience store. It’s tiny and portable, so you can put them in the pocket when you bring your dog outside. Imagine you and your dog are playing in the park but it has to poop, the dog will work at the right time. You can pick up and store its poop in the bag. Then throw the bag down a trash bin in the park or bring it home to solve. 

You will use the bag to pick up poop in the right way. Firstly, wear the bag like a glove to pick up the poop. Then, you pull the bag inside out and tie a knot to stop the smell.

If you have a composting route, you can turn the dog waste into fertilizer. Unless there is a composting system, you can store dog poop in a storage bin that prevents smell while you wait for trash day.

You also can create a DIY waste bin that has a tight-fitting lid. Store dog wastes in that bin and put the bin in a place far away from your house to avoid the nasty smell.

2. Store the Dog Poop in a Waste Digester Bin

Waste digester bins will compost your dog’s poop. This bin uses a digester to break down the dog waste. The digester contains enzymes and bacteria and you need to add the digester to the bin. 

This item can solve dog waste quickly. Therefore, you don’t have to suffer disgusting smells. The dog poop will turn into a fertilizer-like substance. You also may use the waste digester bin to clean cat waste. 

This is an eco-friendly poop disposal method. You can use the fertilizer-like substance for plants or flowers in your garden. You shouldn’t use it for vegetable plants to keep sanitation. 

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3. Burying

This method is easy and simple to carry out. However, it isn’t a perfect solution

Dog poop can reduce the soil quality because all the bacteria from your dog’s waste gather in one place. To bury dog waste, you must dig at least a 1-foot deep hole

A deep hole prevents the bacteria from harming the top of the soil. If the soil is ruined after the dog poop decomposes,  it will have a bad influence on your health and the wild animals in the area. 

You shouldn’t bury dog poop near plants or grow plants on poop-soil because bacteria in dog poop can harm plants or vegetables. 

If the conditions are good, dog waste will decompose within 2 months. However, it can take longer in the dry and cold climate. 

One disadvantage of this method is that bacteria in dog poop can go into local rivers and streams although you don’t add plastic bags to the environment. 

4. Use Toilet

You can pick up dog poop and flush them down the toilet, then wash pick-up tools or you can use special bags. The bags can be flushed down the toilet. So, you drop the bag that contains dog waste down the toilet and press the button to flush. Don’t tie the bags. If you tie it,  air will get trapped, and the bag is stuck in the toilet. 

Before using this method, you have to ensure that your toilet system and local water treatment plant can resolve this kind of bag. Don’t flush too much dog waste in one time, the toilet cannot resolve that huge amount.

5. Create a DIY Dog Waste Septic System

Installing a dog waste septic system insert is a green method. This septic system will attach to  septic clean-out or sewer. You will place your dog poop in the cylinder and flush it down the sewer system with a hose. 

This method is quite similar to the method using the toilet; however, you don’t need to use any bag. Just put the dog waste down the sewer system. The freezing weather can damage this DIY system; therefore, you should consider using an alternative method if the weather is bad.

6. Build a Dog Waste Containment System

This containment system is a small septic tank to store and decompose dog waste. It works as a composter and makes use of natural bacteria to solve dog poop. This method isn’t harmful to soil and pets. 

You need to add digester powder to the tank to support the decomposing process. The powder contains natural enzymes. This system doesn’t cost a lot and you can build it right in your yard. Just open the tank and throw dog waste at it.

Moreover, there are other methods such as organic wormery, biogas harvesting, or compost bin.

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Wrap Up 

How to store dog poop until trash day? If your house doesn’t have a septic system, you can store dog poop in a bin with a tight-fitting lid to avoid the smell. You also can use methods to dispose of dog waste.

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