Should You Shave a Husky: The Long Debate On Husky Grooming

Before owning a Husky, I had a lot of questions in mind, ranging from training to what food they eat. One topic many debates on is grooming, particularly shaving Huskies completely. Since Huskies are made for cold weather with thicker coats, owners living in warmer climates suggest shaving them to stay cool.

But should you shave a Husky? There are mixed answers and arguments behind this, which I want to address. So read on to learn about whether or not shaving a Husky is recommended.

should you shave a husky

Should You Shave a Husky?

The short answer is NO, you should never completely shave a Husky, or any other dog for the matter!

A lot of people tend to shave off all their dogs’ fur, especially when they live in a hotter country. They think that when they shave all the fur away, it can help lessen the discomfort dogs may experience from the heat. However, that’s where dogs and humans are different, and the effects of shaving them can be dangerous!


Huskies are double-coated dogs, having a special undercoat which is short, crimped, and with a hollow core. This undercoat makes it easy to trap air and insulate your Husky.

They also have the topcoat, also known as guard hairs. These don’t shed out and protect from the UV rays. They also insulate your dog from both the cold and heat.

But isn’t it beneficial to remove even some of the hairs to keep them cool?

Yes, grooming and cutting some of the longer hairs are beneficial to maintain their coats well. But cutting and shaving it off too much won’t do any good. Huskies don’t sweat like us humans, cooling through panting, sweating from the paws, and cooling blood in their ears.

Meaning, shaving your Husky (or any dog) does absolutely nothing in keeping them cool. It can prevent them from proper insulation and protection, especially because they have no pigmentation in their skin. As a result, you’re exposing them to both the sun and col without any protection, risking several skin problems, burns, and allergies.

Besides this, it can ruin their coats, disrupting their natural shedding process. This can ruin both your Husky’s skin protection and their look. And other than the weather, they are also at risk of insect and parasite exposure!

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Are There Any Exceptions to Shaving a Husky?

With that said, there are exceptions to this unspoken rule of shaving. Huskies can be shaved or clipped during medical emergencies, provided that a professional veterinarian advised this. They would usually only shave off one part of the body and provide advice to care for it after the vet visit.

Another exception to shaving is if your Husky has become extremely matted from neglect and there aren’t any alternatives to combing it out. But if your groomer tries to convince you to shave their fur all off without valid reason, remember to say no. Remember, Huskies CAN live in hot weather with their fur!

How Should You Cool Your Husky, Then?

Now that you know all about shaving your Husky, what are the proper ways to keep them cool? Here are some tips you can follow:

  • If your Husky loves to cool down by swimming, then consider getting a kiddie pool for them. Or, you can switch the sprinklers on during a hot day and have them play around
  • Some huskies like digging and laying in the ditches to stay cool, so you may want to build a sandbox in the yard
  • Never leave your Husky outside and under the extreme heat for long periods. If you do so, ensure that you check on them from time to time, and have them cool off as needed
  • There are other products you can invest in for your dog, such as a cooling mat to place in their crate
  • Always provide your Husky fresh and clean water daily. You can also add ice to it if it’s an especially hot day
  • Don’t clip your Husky, as they sweat through the paws. However, groom them properly by brushing their coats regularly to avoid matting. This also prevents you from having to deal with mats and tangles

If you want to learn more ways on how to groom your Husky properly, check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

No matter how hot the weather can get, you should never shave your dog completely. Even Huskies should never be shaved, as it can lead to dire consequences (similar to shaving your German Shepherd). Fortunately, there are ways to keep your Husky cool if you do live in a tropical climate!

I hope this article answered your question, “should you shave a Husky?” Now that you know the answer, begin learning more about how to groom your Husky properly now.

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