Does Gender Matter When Adopting a Third Dog? Everything You Need to Know

Adopting a new dog is one of the most fulfilling things to do, especially if you’re an absolute dog lover! However, if you’re getting a third dog in the household, there’s more to think about. From how they socialize down to how to raise them, you’ll need to consider a lot of things.

One of the important factors to consider is their gender, which can affect how they act. Plus, with having different dogs in the household, it can end up with you having even more dogs! But some people say otherwise, which has you wonder, does gender matter when adopting a third dog?

I answer this question and show you more things to learn about adopting a third dog here, so read on!

does gender matter when adopting a third dog
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Does Gender Matter When Adopting a Third Dog?

When people ask me if the gender does matter when adopting dogs, especially for multi-dog households, it actually depends. You’ll be surprised with the many personality differences between dog genders! There are various factors to consider regarding the gender of the dog you’re about to adopt, such as:

Dog’s Attitude Towards Other Dogs Based on Gender

Gender really matters when adopting a third dog because of the dominance levels of the other dogs at home. There are chances that the dogs become hostile towards one another fighting for who’s alpha! If you have very territorial male dogs who have difficult times sharing, then you’ll want to consider adopting a female dog.

This is because females rarely fight with male dogs, while males tend to fight and refuse to share. You’ll want to look into getting a more submissive dog or puppy who’ll want to follow the lead of the house. It’ll make your life much easier when taking care of and introducing all of them.

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Any Chances of Your Other Dogs Mating

Of course, you have to ensure that your dogs won’t mate unless your aim is to breed your dogs. If that’s not a part of your plan, then you’ll want to get the similar-gendered dog for your household.

If you have an all-female dog home, then you’ll want another female, the same going for all-male. You’ll just have to watch out with all-male households, as they may fight for alpha status.

For those who want to have a mixed-gender home without any plans of them mating, consider getting your dogs spayed or neutered. This prevents any unwanted pregnancies.

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Personality Differences of Dog Genders Towards Their Owners

Besides their breed, a dog’s gender can also tell how they’ll act towards their owners and other humans.

Most dogs are gentle and loving towards their owners and children. However, male dogs are much more playful, seeing you as playmates and can get frisky with children. As for females, they act upon the mother instinct, so expect them to be more protective and nurturing towards children.

But do take note that these are simply general terms and not specific to all dogs. While the genders exhibit specific traits, it doesn’t mean all of them to act the same way. Again, this depends on their breed and environment they are cared for.

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Their Training and Temperament

Male and females also have different attitudes and ways of training, which is another factor to consider as you adopt.

Male dogs need a lot of attention, craving for human interaction and affection. As for females, they’re actually more independent, wanting time alone. However, they’re still very loving and would just rather much like quiet time after a certain period of cuddling!

As for their training, female dogs have better focus, which makes them more trainable. With male dogs, they’re distracted easily and more playful with a puppy-like demeanor.

However, they’re also fairly easy to train as long as you take time and patience for them. It also depends on the breed, like how German Shepherds are easier to train!

Any Other Things to Consider?

There are more different things to look into besides your dog’s gender, such as:

  • The time you can give for all of your dogs, as they require one-on-one attention, too
  • Your expenses, as adding another dog to your home will require you to pay for their food, equipment, medical bills, and more
  • If your other dogs are good candidates to take in and accept the new dog at home

If you’re planning to adopt a third dog, look into this informative video to introduce him to the household properly:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to adopting a new dog, you’ll need to consider their gender, temperament, as well as if you’re capable of caring for all your pets! As long as you prepare everything beforehand and know your stuff, you’ll have a happy household with your dogs.

Hopefully, my article answered your question, “Does gender matter when adopting a third dog?” If so, start looking into the gender and other factors to consider in adoption now!

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