Are Boxers Good With Cats? Living With Cats and Dogs

While Boxers are such friendly hand lovable dogs who stay loyal with their owner, what about with other animals? Many people have often wondered, “Are Boxers good with cats?” as households can come with felines, too! And because of the tough appearance of the Boxer, it can be worrying and there’s a need to prepare when letting them in the multi-pet household.

While there ARE tips on how cats and dogs can share a home, some dog breeds shouldn’t be together with smaller animals. As for Boxers, there’s an answer to that so read on as I explain whether or not they’re great companions.

What Are Boxers Like?

Before we get into what Boxers are like with cats, let’s first learn about what the Boxer temperament and attitude is like overall. They are of German descent, known for how affectionate they can be, but still being both protective and patient. Boxers can be family pets, also serving as dog hunters and watchdogs.

However, because of their strong demeanor and looks, they can be mistaken as ferocious dogs. That’s not the case and is dependent on various factors, which I’ll be explaining in the next section.

Are Boxers Good With Cats?

When comparing both the Boxer and cats, you can already see and feel the major differences. For starters, Boxers are much larger than a cat, which proves to be intimidating to the latter. But does that mean they can’t ever get along?

Boxers have a natural disposition towards cats and smaller animals. On one hand, Boxers have strong prey drives and if this drive is turned on the cat, it can be quite dangerous.

However, they are also quite docile with a familiar household or group and family. Because of this, they can accommodate, and even love cats. This is only if they are properly socialized! With that being said, it’s crucial to supervise and slowly introduce them with one another.

So, fortunately, Boxers ARE good with cats, but again, this depends on various factors, such as:

The History of the Boxer

Some people would adopt Boxers from shelters or receive them when they are already older than puppies. Because of this, they may have different histories and have certain attitudes towards small animals like cats. Some may have been trained to hunt down cats, while others lived with them in their previous homes.

Because of this, you need to learn about the Boxer’s history before keeping him (or keeping a new cat), seeing how he acts towards them. Take the Boxer to an area with cats and assess his reaction before taking the Boxer (or a new cat) home.

The Cat’s Attitude and Perception

You can’t only gauge the Boxer’s attitude with the cat, but to also see if the cat likes the Boxer, too. If there is a negative reaction from the cat, then most likely they won’t like each other, causing fights or aggressive behavior towards each other.

With that being said, you also have to consider how your cat feels about bigger animals like the Boxer before bringing it home. A Boxer may not be good with cats because they don’t like him!

boxer dog with- little kittens
German boxer dog lying in meadow with two little kittens.

Both the Boxer and Cat’s Ages

Boxers are highly trainable as puppies, but as they get older, they end up being stubborn, particularly if left untrained. As a result, they may be more hostile towards cats, as they may not have been trained or taught to live with other cats.

The similar situation goes with cats, who may be older and not like the playfulness of the Boxer. There are higher chances of the Boxer liking a cat and vice versa while they are younger and learn to adapt to their living situation.

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How Both Are Introduced With One Another

The way your Boxer is with cats also depends on you, too! If you train him well as a puppy, then he WILL be good with cats (and vice versa). But if left alone and without the proper introduction and supervision, then both Boxer and cat will show aggression, hostility, or even fight. Be careful!

If you want to see what some Boxers and cats are like, check out this adorable video of a pair playing together:

Wrapping It Up

Many pet owners often get scared about having both cats and dogs in the same room. However, not all dogs hate cats and would actually love to play around and interact with these cute felines. As for Boxers, they are a friendly breed who love to play around, they can associate with any human and animal well as long as you train them well.

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I hope that this article answered your question, “Are Boxers good with cats?” Now that you’re familiar with the answer, start learning how to train your dogs to like cats now!

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  1. Yes boxers can get along with cats it depends on the owners training and effect put towards the dogs life span I now from experience


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