Are Poodles Good with Cats? Surprising Facts Not Everyone Knows

Many dog owners want to know – are poodles good with cats?

Perhaps you are a poodle owner looking to bring home some cats. Or the other way around.

But the big question is, will your four-legged pal get along well with another four-legged of a different kind? Or will it be a disastrous decision?

Poodles are mellow and gentle-mannered, so it should not be an issue if they are around cats… Right?

We bring you the surprising answer to this question including some tips that can ensure a harmonious relationship between your canine and feline companions. Let’s get to it.

are poodles good with cats

Are Poodles Good With Cats? Temperament Issues to Keep in Check

Generally, poodles are okay with cats, as well as other pets.

This dog breed is quite mellow and mild-tempered and coupled with their fun-loving personality, they will have no problem being around felines.

But at the same time, it’s not always too simple to have them get along too easily with one another. Like in everything, this canine-feline relationship takes time. And it requires some work for you, too.

The good news is that once you have this whole thing nailed down, it’s absolutely worth the effort. Especially if you are looking to have both a poodle and a kitty in your home. Then, you don’t have to worry about untoward incidents between your pets.

However, one thing to note: Temperament.

Poodles, while they are gentle and mild, they have their own unique personalities and tendencies. Historically, they were bred to hunt and retrieve small game. In the case of smaller poodles, they are merely companion dogs.

And they can be quite clingy to their owners.

Is this something to be worried about in terms of getting your pooch to like a dear kitty? We explain in the next section.

Understanding Poodles and Their Personalities

For the most part, Poodles are not problematic creatures to introduce to your cat. However, they do possess an apparent prey drive. We can trace this back to their primary task, which is to attack and capture creatures smaller than them.

Now, you may be concerned if you have a Poodle in the house, as well as birds, rabbits, rodents, and even cats. Thus, it may not be quite a good idea to leave a teeny tiny kitty alone with your much-larger Poodle unsupervised.

Additionally, let’s talk about aggression. Since Poodles are natural herders, their energy level is just on high most of the time. These high-strung canines may be a bit too much for your cat’s Zen-like calm.

As a result, a merely jolly behavior of your Poodle may be mistaken as a sign of aggression by your cat. When taken the wrong way, this can spark some friction between the two.

And lastly, we have mentioned earlier that Poodles can get quite attached to their favorite humans. These are your highly sensitive canines that like to be around their owners most of the time.

Thus, if your kitty is just as clingy toward you, your Poodle may get jealous. Temperament issues in your Poodle may arise as a result of this tendency.

But overall, Poodles are friendly, loving, and affectionate fellows. When paired with an equally sweet and social kitty, these two should hit it off just right. It just takes time for a solid relationship to develop, which you can help blossom through proper training and socialization.

a toy poodle licking on a cat
A toy poodle licking on a cat.

Unique Personalities of Cats You Need to Know

Now that we’ve discussed what Poodles are like, personality-wise, let’s move on to cats. Are there certain temperament issues you need to know about your feline friend?

First, there’s aggression. Cats are usually aggressive to dogs no matter what their breed may be.

However, there are cat breeds with a strong reputation for being friendly and sweet to other animals such as the Maine Coon. This kitty is quite forward and accepting of all species.

Moreover, younger cats adjust to being with a new dog more easily than in the case of an older feline. After all, the older they are, the more time they have experienced not being around other animal species.

In the end, however, proper training can help improve the relationship between your pooch and kitty. It only requires giving them both some time to get acquainted with each other.

Proper introduction goes a long way when it comes to establishing a good connection with your pets. Otherwise, they may only end up being foes straight away if misunderstanding gets in the way.

Considering the fact that Poodles and felines are emotionally sensitive creatures, they need to be properly acquainted with each other. If they set on the wrong foot right out of the gate, we’re talking about constant feuding for years on end.

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Are Poodles Good With Cats? Or Only a Select Type?

Poodles come in different shapes and sizes. And yes, certain types do better when it comes to dealing with cats.

For instance, we have the Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodle. When it comes to the best choice for a cat, it would definitely be the Miniature Poodle. They are small but not too diminutive for a larger cat to attack.

Standard Poodles are prey-driven, which means they can be a bit too aggressive toward smaller creatures like cats. On the other hand, Toy Poodles are so small that they may be a bigger cat’s main target and may even result in an injury.

But Miniature Poodles, although small, are primarily designed as housepets. With proper training, these mellow canines should do just fine with your feline.

We hope we were able to help you get clear on this question – Are Poodles good with cats. Now, you know what the best combination is when looking to bring home a cat and a Poodle while making sure they remain friends!

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