My Husky Is Not Eating! Why It Happens and What to Do

One of the most important aspects in caring for your Husky is by feeding them well with proper nutrients. However, one thing I noticed when caring for my dog: My Husky is NOT eating! Sometimes he would eat a lot, other times, he just doesn’t eat. It really worried me and had me wonder if it was time to take him to the vet!

But there are actually reasons why Huskies don’t eat, so after much research and a trip to the doctor, I learned more about it. Read on as I share to you why your Husky is not eating and when it’s time to take action.

my husky is not eating
White Siberian Husky puppy is tired of food.

My Husky Is Not Eating: The Reasons Why

If your Husky isn’t eating, it might not point to sickness or anything. However, there are different reasons why it happens, especially with the different attitudes Huskies have compared to other breeds:

1. Bored With Their Food

Just like us humans, Huskies also have their own taste in food and don’t like eating a certain type of food if it tastes bad. They have individual taste buds and may like a particular brand, while they refuse to eat another.

Other times, they get bored with their food and want a variety rather than eating the same old stuff every day. Because of this, you may want to consider testing out different types of nutritious dog food to see what your dog likes, and to feed them a variety of his favorites, changing it up every few days. You can add different (allowed) meats and vegetables to their plate, changing the flavor but NOT the base.

2. You’re Overfeeding Them!

When we eat too much, we won’t be able to fit in more, and Huskies feel the same way! They are actually different compared to Labradors or Beagles, who eat as much as the food you put. A Husky has their hunger cues and tends to watch their intake carefully.

So if they feel full, they just stop eating and won’t scarf down what’s in front of them. And if you’re worried about them only eating a little amount compared to others, don’t worry. They require only a bit of food and have a high metabolism, with a small amount lasting them for long (they were born for it!).

What you should do is to avoid overfeeding them and set a schedule so the food won’t go to waste.

3. They’re Inactive Without Much Exercise

A Husky would eat carefully, basing their intake on their activity levels. So if a Husky is full, they stop eating. If ever they get a lot of exercise, they eat more than the average. If they DON’T get much exercise or live their life at home without activity, they eat a lot less.

If your Husky isn’t out much, then most likely he won’t eat or would eat very little. Make sure he gets enough exercise, which helps with his overall health, too!

tired husky dog resting
Tired Husky dog resting on the ground on the porch of the house.

4. Might Indicate a Sickness

With all these reasons being said, we can’t rule out the fact that your Husky MAY be sick. Some Huskies lose their appetite when feeling unwell, or would stop eating at all because of it.

If you notice abrupt appetite changes and any other symptoms that may lead to sickness, then that’s the time you need to check with the vet. Watch out for symptoms such as nausea, toilet issues, abdominal pain, or other changes in attitude.

5. They Got Sick From the Food

When you eat a certain food you got sick from, would you eat it again? Most likely not! If ever your Husky got sick after eating a certain food, then chances are, they won’t eat it again after recognizing its look and smell.

This actually usually happens when old or stale food is in front of them. If you left the food on their bowl for a while, they won’t want to eat it anymore. So avoid feeding them any banned foods for dogs and make sure you feed them fresh dog food to prevent any sickness and discomfort on their side.

If you already know why your Husky is not eating, learn more about how to feed them properly with this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

My Husky is not eating but it doesn’t mean he’s sick, it may be another reason because they have different eating habits compared to other dogs. As long as you know what you’re feeding them and that they have variety in what they eat, they won’t have any problem. The next step is to learn what you should be feeding them to encourage their appetite!

I hope that this article on why your Husky isn’t eating helped you find the cause. So start learning more about feeding your dog properly now to make sure he has the right nutrients.

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  1. Thank you for this tip actually my husky has come inside due to the heat she is 6 years old and does not have a good appetite like before. She does like milk over her dog food which is wierd but always has. I cant wait to give her some peanut butter. I am in the process of potty training her and been leaving her food in the kennel so she can eat when sje is hungry while im at work for 8 hours after work she gets out and plays outside til time for bed but my question is she is breathing heavy s this normal


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