Training a Border Collie Puppy Not to Bite: 5 Easy Steps

No matter what kind of dog breed you’re getting, you have to make sure that they’re properly trained while they’re young to avoid them from being stubborn in the long run. The same goes for Border Collies, and while they are adorable, they can’t train themselves, especially when it comes to biting. So how can you begin training a Border Collie puppy not to bite?

I did the research and began training my own puppies myself, so after learning from it all, read on! I’ll be showing you the steps and tips to follow to keep your puppy from biting.

training a border collie puppy not to bite
Amazing cute black and white border collie puppy bite finger.

Training a Border Collie Puppy Not to Bite

No one wants to get nipped by puppies and dogs, and this habit can end up with them biting ANYTHING. That’s why you need to avoid having your puppy grow with this biting habit. Here are tips and steps to follow to train them NOT to bite:

1. When He Bites While Playing

One of the main reasons why your puppy would bite is because you buys are playing and they can end up feeling aggressive. If they bite while you’re playing games, then stop playing with him once he bites you. Act like what he did hurt a lot by yelping or whining.

This will have him realize he did something wrong, which is why you stopped playing. If you’re playing using a toy, and he bites, take the toy away to help him understand. Your puppy will soon learn that biting results in no more playtime, and as time passes, he’ll lessen his biting habits or instincts.

2. Use Your Voice To Let Them Know

If he bites while you’re not playing (while walking or when resting), then use your voice. If he bites you again, yell loudly and make a noise or action that shows he’s badly hurting you. Puppies would actually use this method to have their siblings stop biting them, and while they’re unaware they do it, you can try it out to have them stop biting.

Doing this can discourage them from doing the act again since they wouldn’t want to hurt their family! Even if it doesn’t actually hurt or if you look dumb in public parks, continue doing this if your puppy bites.

3. Avoid Aggressive Games

Puppies tend to bite a lot when they’re playful, hyperactive, or very excited and in fighting mode. Because of this, you need to stop playing any aggressive games which lead to excitement and biting. With that being said, avoid playing tug of war or fighting games, and you should also walk and exercise him daily to prevent boredom and frustration, which can lead to nibbling.

Instead, opt to play other games he would enjoy, like fetch or hide-and-seek. I also recommend you play mind games and train them well, which can strengthen his mental capabilities. Through better choices of playtime, you’ll notice that he would lessen the biting.

4. Stay Consistent and Have Others Do The Same

If you’re training your Border Collie puppy to not bite with different training methods, stay consistent with it. Always focus on ONE training method rather than do all simultaneously, which just confuses them. If you keep switching methods, the more confused they get and the less likely they will learn it.

Also, if you live with other people or with the family, get help from them and have them train the same way. Teach them how to play with the puppy and what to do if he bites so he can learn that his biting behavior is bad.

5. Exercise and Socialize

Like mentioned, you need to make sure that your puppy has enough exercise and walks that lessens their frustration. This uses their energy so once they’re home, they won’t bet and will focus on resting.

Also, I recommend that you practice socialization skills with your puppy. If they have poor socialization skills, the more likely they will have problem behaviors, like nipping and biting. To do this, have them interact with well-behaved children and introduce your puppy to different people. Introduce them to other pets and dogs so they practice good dog behavior and social interaction.

If you want to learn more about training a Border Collie not to bite, check out this helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

Border Collie puppies are some of the cutest breeds out there, and while they can get pretty playful, they’re also easy to train. You just need to do it as early as possible to prevent them from becoming hard-headed as they grow up. This goes especially when they bite because you wouldn’t want them to nip at anyone!

I hope that this article on training a Border Collie puppy not to bite helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into following these steps now.

3 thoughts on “Training a Border Collie Puppy Not to Bite: 5 Easy Steps”

  1. Hi, I have a almost ten week old puppy who has learned very fast to sit, wait and lay down. Potty training is still an issue. My main concern though is that he gets into these phases several times a day where he will just come running at me and bite me or the kids for no reason. I have tried the method where I “yelp” out in pain right away and turn away so many times but it does not seem to resonate with him. It makes him want to bite even more. I always end up having to put him in his crate for a short time. Often times he does the same thing again right after I get him out of the crate.
    I know puppies can get the zoombies but he displays this sometimes 10 times a day, even early in the morning when I get him out of the crate. The kids and I have so many bite marks and bruises and nothing seems to work.
    Has anyone here had the same issue and been able to resolve it?

    • Hi, Angelika. The yelp method may not work for all dogs, as well as sending him to the crate as “punishment.” What I do recommend is to give him more exercise, as he may feel frustrated staying at home. 

      Also, make sure that you use a stern voice to say no, instead of yelping out in pain. You may want to lessen the playtime, especially when playing aggressive or triggering games. 


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