Best Brush for Husky: Make Grooming Easy and Fun

My Husky sheds a lot that I need to sweep and vacuum the house several times a day. Since my dog is living with me, I have to put in extra effort to keep the place clean. When I discovered the best brush for Husky, I found my liberator.

Loving a pet is a huge challenge. Grooming and keeping them healthy are parts of it. Taking care of them is a significant factor in how long they will live.

Brushing them daily is a good start.

The Five Best Brush for Husky Review

1. Editor’s Pick – The Best Product – Dakpets Deshedding Brush

DakPets Deshedding Brush

It was a long search before I found this hair-shedding tool for my Husky. If you are also looking for one, this may help you.

This non-irritation brush has a replaceable heavy-duty stainless steel trimming blade that is useful for grooming our fur babies.

It even has a cover to prolong the rust-resistant blade’s life.

You might wonder why I chose this as the editor’s pick, but of the products I listed , this item has plenty of positive reviews and with a price that is neither expensive nor cheap. Hence, this is the bestseller amongst the list.

With this tool, dogs with short to medium long coat lessen shedding by 95%.

This could be the solution to the never-ending mess of fur in the house and even in the car. Besides, using this brush will avoid fleas, ticks, and mites to thrive in your dog’s skin.

Dakpets Deshedding brush has a durable, ergonomic rubber handle for non-slip grip, hypoallergenic and robust enough not to break.

This type of tool is suitable for all types of hair, keeping it soft and shiny every after brushing. Lastly, I love the fact that Dakpets brush offers a 100% risk-free and money-back guarantee.  


  • It works well with all dog breeds.
  • Very simple to use
  • The blade has a separate packaging.
  • The item comes with a manual.
  • It can also remove fleas and ticks.


  • Not advisable for mat fur

Here is a video showing how it works.


2. Runner Up/Alternative Pick – HappyDogz Pet Grooming Brush

Professional Magic Pro Deshedding Tool

The amount of fur a Husky shed is overwhelming. If I do not use a tool like HappyDogz shedding brush, I would probably be still busy cleaning the mess. This brush is suitable for both long and short haired pets and for owners who find it fun in doing it.

Using the brush lessens the old coat quick. Within a few minutes, I find my Husky’s hair shiny and soft.

With the high quality, detachable stainless steel blades, the cleanup is a lot easier and faster.

Besides, I like the ergonomic handle that keeps hand cramps while grooming.

This product is an excellent alternative to our editor’s pick. It is equally of high quality and with just a slight difference in price. This grooming tool almost works the same and only differs on some added features. Lastly, it also offers a 10-year money-back guarantee!


  • Gentle on the pet’s coat
  • Easy to use, no need to apply pressure
  • Reasonable price


  • Not very effective on long haired dogs
  • The blade cover is difficult to get off

See this video to know how it works:


3. Budget Pick – The Best Product with Limited Budget – MIU COLOR Pet Deshedding Tool

MIU COLOR Pet Deshedding Brush

If you are tight on budget, there is no need to worry!

This MIU Color Pet brush has stainless steel safety blade that decreases shedding for large dogs.

With its low budget, I can now do my Husky’s daily grooming. If you just try to search and look around, you will find brushes that are low in price but still functions efficiently as you expected. Made out of high-quality material, this brush is perfect for long and short haired large pet.

You would love the lightweight and wide handle that gives you the comfort while brushing.

It works best in clearing fur mats and tangles. Now I can do my grooming routine with my Husky quick and easy. It does its job quite well for a price that I can afford. Just like other brands, it offers a free replacement in case it breaks.


  • Affordable
  • You don’t need to apply much pressure


  • No spare blades available for sale
  • No spare blades that come with it

Here is a video showing you how it works:


4. Upgrade Pick- The Highest Quality product with High Price – Furminator Deshedding Tool for Dogs

FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

The Furminator tool is best for any type of hair, double or single coat and short to long fur. It works best for dogs weighing up to 51-90 lbs. and with fur longer than two inches. I have been eyeing this brush for quite a while now, but I need to save up to afford it.

I have used this before, and I knew that it really works efficiently. Sometimes, when the urge to reward myself is so great, I tend to buy expensive products like this. I tell you, the price speaks for itself.

This brush has a 4” stainless steel deshedding edge that can reach the top coat safely and quickly eliminates loose hair and undercoat.

I like the FU Rejector button that easily releases the build-up hair.

With my stiff hands, it is convenient to use the brush with its ergonomic handle that gives comfort in my grip.


  • It is durable and will last for years.
  • The button feature makes brushing easier.


  • Is not advisable for knots, mats, and tangles
  • Expensive

Here is a short video showing you how it works.

5. Niche Pick- The Most Versatile Brush – RUBOLD Grooming Tool for Dogs

RUBOLD Dematting Tool for Dogs

This time, I picked a brush that is best not only in clearing dog shedding but also specializes in getting rid of tangles and takes care of mat hair. The other brands are superb in taking out old hairs but are not advisable for long, tangled hairs. RUBOLD brush for dogs is both a dematting tool and a comb as well.

The professional pet rake as they call it is suitable for dogs in all sizes and furs of all length. Its precision teeth are tender and accurate in dematting even for dogs that have skin problems. Unlike other pointed tools, this brush is round in the outside but sharp in the inside for faster and safer grooming.

Its ergonomic, robust, non-slip and unbreakable handle will be comfortable in your hand that it helps to finish the job quick and easy.

Being versatile, this tool functions as deshedding, detangling, and brushing all in one. What’s more, it comes with 100% unconditional lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


  • The rounded feature is safe and does not scratch the skin.
  • Very sturdy product
  • I like it that it has two sides to use.
  • Price is reasonable.


  • This is for dogs with undercoat and not best for those without.
  • Difficult to pull through long curly coats

Here is a short video showing you how it works.


Do You Want To Know More About Your Husky Coat?

Since I need to make it a habit of brushing my Husky’s hair, learning about their coat is essential for me. After all, taking care of it is one of my priorities. They shed their hair twice a year or depending on where you live. Since my area is tropical, sadly, my Husky sheds non-stop.

Two layered coat:

At first, I wondered why he has too thick hair. Now I know that he has a topcoat and an undercoat. The topcoat is the long, water-repellent fur that protects my dog from the heat and the cold.

The undercoat, on the other hand, is what makes my Husky looking fluffy and cuddly soft. Even in freezing weather, this undercoat keeps him warm and cozy.


Some call the shedding as “blowing coat” when it looks like all my dog’s fur are falling over. However, I realized that it is just the new topcoat pushing the undercoat out. When this happens, my house is full of furry snow.

Hence, it is important to brush our Husky regularly. It will keep him healthy and clean. We deserve to have a fur-free room too!

Factors I need to Consider When Buying Brush for Husky

Picking the right kind of brush is vital to save effort and money. Make sure that it will do the work and is suitable for your Husky.

Brush Type

I have noticed that there are several shapes and sizes when it comes to brush types. However, there are only three different brush types.

  • Bristle- although this applies to all types of hair, you need to choose the one with wide spacing in between for a Husky. The thicker and longer the hair, the wider space it should be.
  • Wire-pin- is best for medium to long hair and for curly and wooly fur. Some come with a rubber tip at the end some do not.
  • Slicker: has fine wire bristles that are useful in eliminating tangles and mats.

The Type of Dog Coat

Huskies have thick and wool coat, so I must choose the brush that can tackle such a challenge. However, some dogs have thin, curly, and long coats.

The Size of The Dog

The brush comes in different sizes. Since we also have different sizes according to dog breed, you might as well use the small size for the little dog, and so on.


Of course, on my top list, the products promise durability and efficiency. Pick the product that many users attest as reliable and have garnered plenty of positive reviews. Considering that Husky coat is thick and wooly, make sure to buy the robust one.


I am always sensitive to price. Some products are of greater value that you will find equally useful to famous brands. Pick one that has a reasonable cost.


Like the Furminator and the Rubold, they have buttons to release the furs. Some also have double blades and rubber handles. Pick the features that support your needs.

Taking Care of Your Husky

mother son walking siberian husky
Asian mother and son walking with a siberian husky don in the park.

Taking good care of my Husky is a way of showing that he has my attention. Actually, brushing makes him feel relaxed after a long walk.


I love strolling with my Husky. It is the best bonding I could have with him.  A short play at the park is part of the routine too.

When he is tired after the hike, he does not resist it when I brush him. In fact, he will sleep right through it. If you enjoy the same exercise with your dog, I suggest using a dog harness so you can fully control him.


A well-balanced diet, supplement and high-quality food for my Husky will help to keep him going healthy. Added with some supplement and favorite treats, I guess, my Husky is happy. This dog food is best supports diet for large dogs.

How to Brush My Husky’s Coat The Right Way?

Brushing my Husky’s coat is one way of taking care of him. After all, a husky’s hair is a significant factor of his survival. Here are tips on how to take care of a Husky’s fur:

  • Start brushing when Husky is still young. Because he got used to it, you will not find it hard to brush him until he gets old.
  • It is essential to brush their tummy, the legs and under the tail.
  • Use the right Brush for a Husky. A slicker brush is ideal for Husky grooming followed with a metal comb for a favorable result.
  • It is better to bathe your Husky using a deshedding shampoo before brushing. This shampoo is best for a Husky.


I am meticulous when picking the right tool that will help me in taking care of my dog. I am entirely aware that it would give a huge impact when in use. That is why; I carefully selected the best brush for a Husky knowing that their coat is vital in prolonging their life expectancy.

My best pick for this review is the Dakpets Deshedding Brush. I have placed this brand as my editor’s choice. Dakpets Brush has replaceable blades, which makes it convenient for me.

In fact, the blades have its own packaging for proper storing and safety. Other brands like MIU does not offer blade replacement nor extra edge with the package. Although they guaranteed 100% replacement, I find it tiring to make such a request.

The price is also affordable for me. Furminator is a reliable brand but excessively expensive for me. Overall, the brushes are made of high-quality material and are maintaining an excellent reputation. I know that you may have a different choice, but each of us has different factors to prioritize.

Dakpets Brush is the winner for me!

Do you find this review useful? On top of brushing, giving your Husky a regular visit to the vet will help prevent diseases that may cause harm. If you have questions about brushing your Husky, drop a message, and let’s talk about it.

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