How Long do English Bulldogs Live? The Lifespan of a Loyal Friend

I get it, you don’t want your fur baby to die. Of course, it’s hard to find a loyal friend that loves you in any way. So How long do English Bulldogs live?

I will not be shocked if you say you’ve been desperately searching on how to prolong your dog’s life. You’re right. As an owner, you can help your dog to stay healthy and live longer than expected.

I’ll tell you how.

How Long Do English Bulldogs Live?

I feel you! English Bulldogs lifespan is just an average of 8 years. Some live shorter or longer. True, bulldogs life expectancy is 30% shorter compared to other breeds like German Shepherds, Huskies or Labradors.

However, there’s an ongoing study finding out how to prolong their lives. The sad news is; English Bulldogs are currently being unethically bred resulting in an increase of their health problems. This is one of the reasons why Bulldogs’ lifespan has declined.

Is your bulldog almost there? No wonder you’re in a panic. The least you can do is to try making your dog healthy.

english bulldog puppies playing outdoors
English bulldog puppies playing outdoors.

Characteristics of an English Bulldogs

If you want your dog to live longer, learn to know about its characteristics. English bulldogs are naturally laid back making them ideal as a pet for people who live in limited spaces. It does not bark and dig as much as other breeds.

In other words, this short-faced, thick neck, and wrinkled fur baby is excellent for those who do not have an active life. Because of its gentle and sweet personality, bulldogs are a favorite pet for the family.

Life Cycle

From birth to 1 month

This is the stage that the puppies are starting to be aware of their surroundings. They will start to open their eyes and try to learn how to walk. It is not advisable to separate them from their mother at this stage.

1-2 Months

At this stage, the mother will start to wean them. It’s about time for her to discipline them to be independent and be sociable. It’s your chance to learn to feed them yourself.

dog family english bulldog father sitting
English bulldog father sitting beside litter of four puppies sitting on couch.

2-3 Months

This is the best time for housebreaking. Take note that every dog has a different personality. Some may be slow; some may be smart. Remember not to over discipline them.

3-6 Months

In this stage, your puppy will try their luck in being independent. This is their chance to show you that they want to be the leader. Be patient in training them. Besides, you are their leader, aren’t you?

6-18 Months

Your dog will look like a full-grown adult and will be full of energy. Expose them to other people and let them socialize with other dogs. Keep in mind that they may look like adults physically, but they’re still puppies in character.

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Health Issues

How long do Bulldogs live? Their lifespan is affected by the common illnesses that they have. Knowing what diseases that your dog is vulnerable at can help you take care of your dog. Sad to say, most of their health problems developed during the inbreeding.

English Bulldogs may be one of the popular dogs, but they’re also leading to being the unhealthiest.

three english bulldog on leash
Three English bulldog on a leash.

Respiratory Problem

Because of its flat face, it causes the dog’s breathing problems. The transformed nose, windpipe, and throat make it hard for the dog to breathe.


Because of its shortened head, it complicated to Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome. The dog can’t handle extreme exercise and is prone to heatstroke.

Skin Allergy

Blame it on poor breeding and some poor-quality food that bulldogs are vulnerable to skin infections and allergies. It makes their skin itchy, patchy and dry.

Hip Dysplasia

Like some dogs, bulldogs are no exemption to hip dysplasia. You will know that your dog is suffering from this disease when it’s painful for him to get up and his movement looks stiff. Hip Dysplasia is a disorder affecting the joints of the hips.

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How Can You Help your English Bulldog to be Healthy?

It would help to let you know that if you are planning to adopt an English bulldog, get it from a trustworthy breeder. Find a fur baby that does not have a history of any genetic illnesses. Have a veterinarian that will take care of his health issues too.

There are many options that you can do to keep your Bulldog strong and healthy. Being serious about your responsibility as an owner will be a significant impact on your dog’s health. Here are some tips on how to take good care of your Bulldog.

two english bulldogs bed owner
Two english bulldogs in bed with owner.


Provide high-quality dog food for your English Bulldog. I can suggest the best English Bulldog food that will give him a well-balanced diet. Prevent your dog from being obese. Choose organic and healthy food even for treats.


Any dog needs exercise every day to be healthy. As an owner, it’s best for your health too. I recommend playing with your dogs a few hours daily to establish bonding and friendship. Playing at the park and hiking with your Bulldog is a perfect exercise.

Remember your dog’s limits. Don’t stress and don’t bring your dog out when it’s hot. Use a reliable dog leash/harness in each hike for you to gain control of your dog.

Regular Visit to the Vet

How to make sure that your dog is healthy? A regular visit to the vet can prevent your dog from being  seriously sick. The vet can detect the illness early and can help for the cure.


Do you already know how long do English Bulldogs live? It’s just an average of 8 years. However, if you spend those years with tender and loving care with your dog, I am sure those few years will be spent without regret.

Remember, Bulldogs are just like any other dogs that deserve your patience and love.  Provide them with what they need. Food, shelter, protection, and friendship. How’s your English Bulldog doing?

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  1. We have an English bulldog who is going on 13 years old. She is the sassiest thing ever. She has gotten slower in her old age.


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