When Do English Bulldogs Stop Growing? The Stages to Learn Now

English bulldogs are such adorable dog breeds that deserve some love, too! They don’t only have the cute and unique looks, but the sweet personality that’s lovable and easy to care for. Plus, they are an ideal size to care for and take without them being too big for families. But it makes you wonder, “when do English Bulldogs stop growing?”

There are a few factors that play into an English Bulldog’s growth, so it’s best to learn about it to know if they’re healthily developing. So read on as I show you the growth stages of an English Bulldog.

when do english bulldogs stop growing
Funny English bulldog playing on table.

When Do English Bulldogs Stop Growing?

As many of us know, an English Bulldog is stocky and quite short as a dog. So expect them to be heavier than the typical dogs of their size, but still a bit short, which isn’t expected in dogs since usually, height and weight would match. That’s where the English Bulldog is a special case!

English Bulldogs are built close to the ground with shorter legs, which was useful in bullfighting days, as it dodges bull horns. Thankfully, those days are over but their shape still stays!

So to answer your question, English Bulldogs stop growing once they reach about a year old, or up to 15 months. Again, they are smaller and reach the maximum height of up to 15 inches, and weigh between 40 to 50 pounds at their full growth stage.

But let’s look into the exact growth stages to learn more about how they develop and when English Bulldogs usually reach full height and weight:

As a Newborn

Newborn English Bulldogs are the absolute cutest, they are very small and come out with the flat and wrinkly face they are known for. Like all newborns, they can’t open their eyes just yet and focus on feeding, as they can’t move or hear.

In a few weeks, they will be able to open their eyes and react to noise, also squealing from time to time. Their appearance begins to change rapidly during these first few months and continue to do so as they become adults.

4-8 Weeks Old

While they are still considered as newborns during this stage, this is the second part of their development. They’ll look like the smaller version of their older English Bulldog parents, developing a body build with less baggy skin. At one month, they’ll weigh about five pounds.

It’s this time that they can begin feeding on dog food, weaning off breast milk. Their mom will also be teaching them how to become good dogs and socialize with people and fellow animals better. They may be irritable at this point since they’re learning a lot, so be patient and have the entire litter grow together.

English Bulldog puppy (six weeks old)
Photo collage of English Bulldog puppy (six weeks old).

9-12 Weeks Old

This is stage is the most crucial in puppy growth, not just physically but mentally, too! They’ll begin learning more new things and may be a bit fearful while doing so. Furthermore, they’re developing muscle strength and experiencing new things.

Because of this, expect a few accidents like peeing on the floor caused by anxiety. Again, more patience is needed and you might want to begin training, but do it slowly and gently! Also, continue to show love and care for your dog at this stage as they continue to grow and become the dog you want them to be.

3-6 Months Old

Your puppy is slowly becoming an adult, with their weight and height skyrocketing at this age! They have also matured and are learning to be independent, which means you need to begin training them to ensure that they know who their leader is.

You need to let them know who’s boss and create a routine for them to get used to. Playtime gets intense as they grow stronger, so stay firm and strict with them, but still loving. Once they reach four months, they weigh about 30 pounds. This increases slowly until they reach adulthood.

6-18 Months Old

This stage is the final growth stage, and by the time they reach 18 months, they are fully grown English Bulldogs. It’s their adulthood phase and they are now able to interact with humans and dogs more often without fear. Continue building up their training and socialization skills to lessen their anxiety over new things and grow love towards others.

If you want to learn more about how English Bulldogs grow, then this is an informative video to help you:

Wrapping It Up

Bulldogs have specific growth patterns and stages, and the English Bulldog is no exception. But it’s safe to say that they have similar sizes as most bulldogs and will continue to grow until they’re about 18 months. Just ensure that they maintain great health and give them the love they deserve to live long and with many memories.

I hope that this article answered your question, “when do English Bulldogs stop growing?” So start learning more about these cool dog breeds now!

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