How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live? Facts You Need to Know

The mere thought that your dog can’t be with you longer than you need it to be hurts. Yet, it’s a fact that you need to embrace, even if your fur baby is a Golden Retriever. How long do Golden Retrievers live?

I feel you when you fear that one day, you may need to say goodbye to your pooch. However, be thankful that your best friend is still with you now. Therefore, do as much as you can to let your dog live longer than its life expectancy.

I’ve got some tips to help you.

Golden Retriever Lifespan

If you own a Golden Retriever or are planning to adopt one, it’s essential that you know how long they live. This breed is exceptionally famous as suitable family pets.

Their character strength is sociable, smart and loyal to their humans. These dogs are so versatile that they can be a perfect family dog and be excellent for hunting and dog shows at the same time. With the latest findings, the lifespan of a Golden Retriever is an average of 11 years. Comparing with other dog breeds like Huskies and Labradors, they significantly live shorter.

Of course, depending on how you take care of your dog, it may live longer or not. Do you know that Golden Retriever’s lifespan has gotten shorter than before? Research is being conducted to dig more about its causes.

puppy golden retriever pup posing outdoors
Puppy Golden Retriever pup posing outdoors.

The Cycle of Life: Golden Retrievers

Compared to other breeds, Golden Retriever’s growth phases are irregular that it would make you worry if they are actually okay. Nevertheless, this is nothing to fuss about since it comes naturally for them. Hence, it is vital that you keep constant observation as your Golden Retrievers grow.

After Birth to 5 Months Old

Take note that at this stage, it’s best to train your puppies for the characters that you want them to have . Take note that some zoological studies claim that female Golden Retrievers are less loyal to their humans than the male ones.  

Within the first 2 months, your puppies will try to learn how to walk. You can start socializing with them so they’ll get used to people around them.

Let them stick with their mother at this young age. She will help in teaching them how to behave. Expect that at this phase, their teeth will grow and they are the most active.

By 3 months old, they’re ready for their new families. With this situation, they are sensitive and vulnerable to what’s happening around them. Experience of fear, pain, or shock will affect their personality when they reach adulthood.

dog mom labrador mother golden retriever
Dog mom labrador mother golden retriever.

5 Months Old to 1-year-old

In this stage, the physical development of a Golden Retriever is the fastest. By the first year, its body will already be well-formed. During the growing phase, their joints and bones are susceptible. Extend to them all the assistance they’ll need.

Common Health Issues:

As I have mentioned earlier, the cause of why Golden Retriever lifespan is getting shorter is not yet known. According to records, they suffer from common illnesses.


Looking back to their health history, Golden Retrievers are vulnerable to cancer. Cancer is the cause of 60% of their death rate, and it’s getting higher each year. This condition is a contributor to why their lifespan decreased from the usual 17 years to an average of 11 years.


Hip and Elbow dysplasia is common to medium to large dog breeds. Golden Retrievers are no exemption to this disease. Difficulty in standing up or having rigid movements are signs that your dog is in pain.

Don’t let them carry heavy loads or don’t give them too much pressure physically.

child golden retriever puppy girl holding
Child and golden retriever puppy.


Epilepsy attacks in the form of seizure. If this happens, help them stay calm and make sure to put away all hazards that may cause harm.

Separation Anxiety

Golden Retrievers love your company. They like to play and stay around you. So, when you’re planning to travel and leave them behind, find ways not give much impact. They are terrible at handling separation.

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Tips That Can Help Your Golden Retriever Live Longer

The lifespan of your Golden Retriever will depend on how you take care of him. Learning ways to keep them healthy will be your priority. Here are some tips that can help extend their life expectancy.

Spay and Neuter

Testicular and uterine cancer are common illnesses that affect Golden Retrievers. Spaying and Neutering them may extend a few years of their lives.

owner giving golden retriever meal dog
Owner giving Golden Retriever meal of dog biscuits in bowl.

High-Quality Food and Hygiene

Provide better nutrition to your Golden Retriever by choosing a high-quality of food. I recommend this dog food as a suitable supply for Golden Retrievers. I suggest picking the dog food ideal for your dog’s age and need.

Keeping your dog clean affects his health. Golden Retriever shedding is the primary issue at home. Make sure to brush him daily to get rid of the unwanted fur.


If you need exercise to keep yourself healthy, so does your dog. Golden Retrievers need daily exercise for their physical development. Besides, you need to find a way for your dog to spend their stored energy.

I suggest playing in the park and hiking for a useful exercise. It’s a good bonding also for you and your dog. Remember, a happy dog is a healthy dog.

Don’t forget to use the best leash though during the hike. It gives you adequate control of your dog.

veterinarian smiling vet golden retriever looks
Smiling Vet With Golden Retriever.

Regular Laboratory and Check-up

Being proactive helps in detecting any illness that your dog has. A regular visit to the vet is an assurance that your dog is well cared of.


Now that you know how long Golden Retrievers live, you are fully aware that they don’t have much time to spend with compared to other dogs. I suggest spending those years lovingly with your fur baby. Golden Retrievers are sensitive and reciprocates to your kindness.

Give them the care that they deserve. Food, shelter, fun, and love. It doesn’t matter that they say goodbye ahead, what’s of value is how you spend the days together. Do you have a Golden Retriever? I bet you can relate!

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