Top 10 Dog Breeds With Blue Eyes

Ever wanted to own a dog with blue eyes? If you yearn to be a proud owner of a cerulean-eyed pooch, then this list is something to help you get started. There are dogs who naturally sport those aquamarine peepers while others only get it as a recessive quality. And with some other pups, they get blue eyes because of piebald or merle coat colors.

Some may even be heterochromia, which means one eye may be blue while the other is brown. Do pay attention to your pup’s eyes if their eyes are starting to turn blue from brown or black, which may be symptoms of glaucoma or cataract.

Let’s cut to the chase and have a look at these blue-eyed cuties and what’s great about them:

1. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

When you think of dog breeds with blue eyes, the Siberian Husky easily comes to mind. These gorgeous canines possess those iconic clear blue peepers that are quite mesmerizing. But other Huskies have heterochromatic eyes, which are brown on one and blue on the other. 

They may not be the bulkiest pups but they are definitely strong. These dogs can easily pull loads by the dogsled, which is why they thrive on physical activities because of their training. Just be sure to keep them cool since their thick fur makes it hard for them to deal with the heat.

2. Weimaraner


Weimaraners are famous for their silver-gray short coats and their blue eyes. These active, icy-blue eyed doggos possess high levels of energy, which is why they do well outdoors. No matter what activity, as long as it involves being active, Weimaraners are always up for it. 

These pooches were originally bred for hunting. But today, they are amazing companion canines. They can also get along easily with anyone – even children and other pets in the household.

3. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

With their merle coat color, the adorable Australian Shepherd possesses light blue eyes. Others are heterochromatic, although it is more common to see them with aquamarine peepers. These are herding dogs with a medium build and average weight.

Most Aussies have thick coats, which is why they are not suitable for folks with allergies. But they are excellent companions if you like to lead an active lifestyle. They are also great in agility competitions and are quite easy to train.

4. Border Collie

Border Collie

Next up on our list of dog breeds with blue eyes is the Border Collie. They are intelligent creatures noted for their intense and keen gaze. These canines may also have other eye colors such as brown or gold, yet blue is the most common one.

Border Collies are highly active pups that require daily physical and mental stimulation. They can learn new tricks and skills easily, and they can excel in agility competitions. Just be sure to keep them well-groomed as their coats are long and will need regular grooming.

5. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

These cuties with round bottoms are remarkably adorable because of their sunny personalities. They have short and stubby legs and upright ears, giving them the appearance of being curious and inquisitive. And of course, some of them have dark or light blue eyes. Others may also have one brown and one blue.

Some Cardigan Welsh Corgis have blue eyes as a result of a merle coat color. However, others tend to have dark coats while still sporting blue eyes. Overall, these are affable pups that will bring a smile to your face because of their charms and silly antics.

6. Dachshund

Otherwise coined as weiner dogs or sausage dogs, Dachshunds are another one of the few dog breeds with blue eyes. Although blue peepers are not exactly note-worthy for show Doxies, it is still most definitely a gorgeous trait.

Because of their low and long bodies, these pups are able to hunt rabbits and rodents even from their holes. They are amazing watchdogs because of their keen eye and protective nature. If you want a loyal companion, then Doxies are perfect for you.

7. Great Dane

These gigantic darlings can easily turn heads because of their domineering size. However, there’s another reason to take a second look at this pooch – they have beautiful blue eyes. They may come in different coat colors including fawn, merle, brindle, blue, brown, or harlequin.

As young pups, merle and harlequin Great Danes retain their light blue peppers throughout their life. Other coat colors may have brown eyes later on in their lives, but still adorable, nonetheless.

8. Alaskan Klee Kai

Think of these pups as a smaller husky, with the same pointy ears and thick coat but just a more diminutive body. They also have stunning baby blues, although there are those with green or hazel eyes. As for their coats, these may be darker red or gray on the back while the top of their heads and the rest of their bodies are white.

Alaskan Klee Kais are mainly bred as companion dogs. They are not work dogs like their bigger cousins, although they do have strong and resilient bodies but just a smaller build.

9. Pit Bull

As a baby pup, Pit Bulls have baby blues. However, the eye color tends to change as they mature. But it is not uncommon to find Pitties with blue eyes throughout their lives, which is common among those with brindle or gray coat colors.

These terrier dogs are massive canines that can stand as tall as 21 inches. They come in various coat colors including brown, fawn, white, black, brindle, blue, and gray.

10. Catahoula Leopard Dog

Another blue-eyed cutie is the Catahoula Leopard Dog. They get their name from their spotted coats… Like leopards. But their spots come in different shades such as chocolate, cream, red, black, and gray.

These are working dogs that originate in the United States. They love to hunt and herd, which is why they thrive more in an environment that gives them plenty of space to run around and play. 

Blue eyes in dogs have sometimes been assumed to be related to deafness. For instance, about 5 to 10 percent of dog breeds with blue eyes may suffer from deafness. But it is not the eye color that is associated with this disorder – it is the color of their coats such as merle and piebald.

Moreover, there are some dogs born with blue eyes, yet their eyes turn brown later on in their lives. Blue eyes in dogs basically means that these pups have less pigment levels in their iris, which results in such a color – and the same holds true among humans with blue eyes.

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