Top 9 Dumbest Dog Breeds

Dogs are considered smart when it comes to their obedience, working, and instinctive intelligence. But some dogs aren’t as easy to train, nor do they retain new skills for too long. Take hound dogs for instance. Since their noses pretty much govern their thinking, they can be hard to train because of their greater interest in tracking things with their noses.

They do love their owners but their desire to follow their noses more than your commands tend to consume them. And the same goes with sighthounds who get distracted a lot when they spot something interesting. So what happens during training sessions is that they miss out on what you’re teaching them and get lost in what they see or smell…

And so, we have created this list of the not-so-smart dog breeds. They are not exactly dumb but they are only leaning more towards being stubborn, aloof, and just a little tricky to train. Here they are:

1. Basenji


As a sighthound, Basenjis love to follow what their eyes can see. They are watchful dogs that are always curious and alert. This is why they can make good watchdogs. However, they can be challenging to train since they don’t easily follow commands and learn new tricks.

Moreover, it can sometimes feel to an owner that they are dealing with a curious toddler requiring great supervision at all times. But with early training and lots of patience, a Basenji can be a great pet to have.

2. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

These dogs exude an air of elegance with their gorgeous locks and slender bodies. But when it comes to training, they may test your patience a number of times. After all, they are sighthounds bred to hunt and long training sessions are simply not their cup of tea.

Afghans also appear to be a bit standoffish and aloof, especially towards strangers. They follow the beat of their own drums, which is why they tend to do what they want. And because of this early training and socialization are a must to help them integrate better into your household.

3. Chow Chow

Chow Chow

These adorable Teddy Bear-looking pups are the best ones to cuddle because of their fluffy coats, and it’s so easy to love them. But one thing may not come too easy for you when you have a Chow Chow – training sessions. These pups are not exactly very eager to be trained and would very much rather do something else.

They are strong-willed pups that let their minds rule them. So, unless you train them sooner than later, they can be very challenging to deal with. Firm and consistent training are a must for these cuties.

4. Bulldog

english bulldog back leg problems

In movies, Bulldogs have gotten a reputation for being lazy and stubborn. They have always been depicted as sluggish animals who want to do nothing except to sleep and lounge around. Although it is true that Bulldogs would rather take it easy than hustle at it during training, they can most definitely be trained… Just not easily.

There are some Bulldogs that love more active tasks such as playing in the yard and walking towards the dog park with you. Just be sure to take them out of the heat because they don’t do well with the humidity and hot weather.

5. Pekingese


Slow and steady seems to be the mantra of these fluffy pups. They like to take it easy and love to lounge about. After all, that’s what they were used to doing back in 8th-century China when they contentedly nestled in the voluminous sleeves of their royal masters.

It takes a lot for these doggos to get all fired up and learn a new skill. But as long as you train them early on and not give up, they can definitely be trained – slowly but surely.

6. Bloodhound


A master nose tracker, Bloodhounds are able to see the outside world clearly with their powerful sense of smell. This is why when it comes to tracking someone, these pups can easily ace the challenge. 

But then again, when it’s time for learning a new skill, Bloodhounds would rather do something else. They have a lot of energy but then their stubbornness gets in the way. Experienced owners are a better match to these dogs who can give them consistent training.

7. Borzoi


Another free spirited pooch, the Borzoi is one of the most stubborn pups out there. After all, these dogs are sighthounds that get distracted quickly when they see something interesting.

So, if you are thinking of owning a Borzoi, the best way to deal with this pooch is to do frequent training sessions in short bursts. They don’t do well with long classes, so it’s just going to be a frustrating experience for both of you. 

8. Beagle

when do beagles calm down

They are sweet and loving but would rather do what they want than sit still and learn something new with you. These happy-go-lucky and laid-back pups are hounds, after all. So they follow their noses before they follow you.

When out and about, be sure to keep your pooch on a leash. They find it so irresistible to explore and track things with their noses. Unless you want to always be chasing after your pup, a fenced area to play in and walking them on a leash will make things easier for you.

9. Basset Hound

Basset Hound

An image of calm and relaxation, just one look at a Basset Hound and it’s easy to tell that this pooch just wants to take things easy. It could be their appearance but it is also their personality – they don’t like a lot of complications in their lives.

For the most part, Bassets are stubborn pups who can’t stand long training sessions. But they do get easily motivated by food, which is why it is a good idea to have treats with you when training your pooch. 

10. Mastiff

These gentle giants want nothing more than to relax and stay chill. But don’t get them wrong – they are laid-back but they do respond well to training, only with a little more patience and determination on your end.

When trained early on, they can turn out as well-behaved pups. However, they will really test you with their stubbornness and lack of motivation to learn a new skill. But keep at it, and you will realize it is absolutely worth it. After all, these are some of the sweetest doggos out there!

There you have our list of the top 9 dumbest dog breeds. While they are most definitely not lacking intelligence, they are more consumed by their noses, eyes, and stubbornness. Thus, training can be tricky but once you get over the hump and discovered your pooch actually learned that skill, these canines are most definitely a keeper.

Finally, thank you for spending time with us.

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