When Do Border Collies Calm Down? All About Energetic Pets

One thing I love most about Border Collies is that they’re extremely energetic. One thing I hate most about Border Collies is that they’re extremely energetic, too! This is a love-hate relationship many dog owners experiences, because while we love playing with our Border Collies, they have SO much energy to the point we get tired of it, especially when busy.

It has us wondering, “When do Border Collies calm down?” Or do they even ever calm down at all? I’ll be sharing you the answer and some bonus tips to help with their high levels of energy in this article, so read on!

When Do Border Collies Calm Down?

We can all agree that Border Collies are extremely energetic dogs, it’s part of their genes! This is a breed trait that most, if not ALL, Border Collies have because of the way their ancestors were bred and raised. Originally, they are born to be herders, which requires a strong build and a lot of energy to run around, paying attention to detail and using their skills to herd successfully.

While this is an excellent trait to have in a dog, it can cause quite a stir in a normal household. Why? Because Border Collies are born with so much energy and when not used properly, they start to move around as much as they can at home!

So you probably noticed that they chew up furniture, run around the house, or beg you to go out just to use up all the pent up energy they have. This is known as hyperactivity, and while cute for some, cumbersome for other dog owners who have work to do!

Furthermore, there are other reasons as to why Border Collies can be hyperactive. Sometimes, it comes from lack of exercise or separation anxiety. Other times, it might be a sickness or condition which requires a visit to the vet.

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Regardless of the reasons, you’ll be glad to know that your Border Collie CAN calm down, though it all depends on how you help him.

Besides helping them calm down through using their energy, your Border Collie also begins to lessen their hyperactive-ness as they grow older. During the second half of their lifespan, expect them to feel more relaxed and content with just sitting down beside you.

Some Helpful Tips In Calming Border Collies

So to answer your question, a Border Collie calms down usually at the send half of their lifespan, or once they reach at least four years old. However, this can also depend on the way you care for them, too. Yes, it can be quite difficult calming them down, though it’s possible by following these helpful tips:

  • Once you’ve ruled out any health concerns that cause hyperactivity, it’s best to keep your dog on a goodie. Go for low-protein and low-fat dog food, as higher amounts of these two can result in a lot of excess energy.
  • Make sure that your Border Collie gets a lot of exercises daily. You can’t just take a very long and exhausting walk once a week and expect them to not have energy the next day! You need to give them the activities to expend their energy wisely, may it be through runs, walks, playtime, and training. Opt for about 20 minutes a day.
  • If you have to leave your home, then it’s best to place your Border Collie in a safe space where he can move freely. It should be dog-proof and with his favorite toys to keep him entertained, as boredom and frustration leads to a messy home!
  • Keep your Border Collie occupied with their toys, old clothes, and make sure that you give them all the attention they need. Never punish the dog if they’re hyperactive, as they require stimulation, not a beating!
  • Train them and teach your Border Collie obedience and respect to lessen the chances of a messy home. This also helps expend their energies daily, keeping them free from frustration and hyperactivity.
  • If push comes to shove, then you may want to consider herbal calming remedies or medication as prescribed by the veterinarian.

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For more information and tips on entertaining Border Collies to expend their energy, check this helpful video out:

Wrapping It Up

While Border Collies are such high-energy dogs, they do tend to calm down as they age. Just make sure that you continue giving them the activities they need to spend their energy wisely to prevent any messes or frustration. That way, your Border Collie will remain calmer and without the pent up energy with proper activity.

I hope this article answers your question, “When do Border Collies calm down?” Now that you know when they do and how to spend their energies wisely, start following these tips now!

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