Can Border Collies Swim? The Answers You Need to Know!

If there’s one thing I know about Border Collies, it’s that they love to move around a LOT. Not only do they love moving around, but they love engaging in work and different meaningful activities. After all, most dogs have the energy to keep moving around and playing with their owners!

But one thing I worry about is Border Collies and waters. Can Border Collies swim and do they enjoy the activity? Many people have asked me the same thing, so I decided to research and see if they can handle the waters well.

So read on as I let you know if Border Collies can swim and answer the question, “Do Border Collies like to swim?”

Can Border Collies Swim
Border Collie is swimming in a blue sea.

Do Border Collies Like to Swim?

The Border Collie is an intelligent dog breed that many love because of their strong demeanor. They’re well known as herders, working in farms and fields with their robust build and eyes or detail.

Because of this, they’re extreme workaholics and have the energy to prove it, always moving around to expend it. They love to have something to do, regardless of what activity it is. May it be herding, training, classes, playtime, runs and walks, they’ll do whatever with their endurance, high-energy, and need to be busy!

With all that said, you can expect a Border Collie to run a few miles a day no matter where and when. They hunt, go out a lot, and love to play. And yes, they like to swim, as it allows them to use up all the energy they have, especially in the cold waters during a hot day.

Border collie is swimming in the lake
Border Collie is swimming in the lake.

Border Collies love swimming as long as they’re encouraged to do so while they’re young. However, don’t be worried if they don’t want to swim or feel hesitant. Some dogs are scared of the waters and it’s totally normal, you can slowly introduce swimming to them until they’re used to it. Either way, most Border Collies absolutely love to swim or perform any activity that allows them to move around. It’s in their genes and not something they plan on changing in the future.

If your Border Collie loves to swim, then I recommend that you try to let them once or twice a week. It gives them a different environment from their runs while offering many health benefits, which I’ll explain below.

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Should I Let My Border Collie Swim?

Now that you know Border Collies can and like to swim, the next question is: Should you let them swim?

Sure, it’s good to have them swim in the pool or let them enjoy the shallow waters, but what about beaches and larger bodies of water?

Border collie is swimming at the pool
Border collie is swimming at the pool, playing with a toy ball.

This depends on your trust and dog’s skill, as well as the weather for the day. If your dog is extremely skilled in swimming and already has experience in diving and swimming in deep waters, there’s no need to worry when they decide to hit the sea. Just make sure that they don’t go too far and that you supervise them at all times.

However, if your dog isn’t familiar with swimming in vast waters and/or you’re experiencing inclement water, it’s best to skip the swimming session. Introduce your dog to swimming during clear days and have fun together.

If your dog likes to swim, I highly recommend that you encourage them to do so. This is because it holds a ton of benefits, such as:

  • It’s a great form of exercise that keeps your Border Collie fit and healthier
  • Swimming is a low-impact exercise that builds muscles but is easy on your dog’s joints compared to running when their entire weight hit the ground, affecting their lower body
  • The activity tires them out a lot, which is a must for energetic collies who can’t calm down yet!
  • Another bonus is that swimming in waters can have your Collie get rid of most loose hairs as they shed, lessening the fur at home and the need to constantly groom them

Now that you know how much Border Collies love activities like swimming, check out this entertaining video on a Border Collie diving underwater:

Wrapping It Up

Border Collies are such energetic dogs, which is what I love most about them! Fortunately, they enjoy the waters just as much as land, and with the benefits it offers, it’s best to have them swim when they can! Just make sure the waters are clean and that you clean them up nicely after.

I hope this article answered your question, “Do Border Collies like to swim?” Now that you know the answer, introduce your pet to different sports and activities now!

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