Why Do Huskies Throw Tantrums? 5 Surprising Reasons Why!

Siberian Huskies are adorable dogs no matter what they do, whether it’s messing up the house or following commands. But of course, we need to know our limitations and stop bad behavior, even if they look so cute doing it! One of these behaviors include tantrums, which happen for several reasons.

But exactly why do Huskies throw tantrums and how can you stop them from doing it? If you’re at your wit’s end figuring out what’s wrong, read on! I’ll show you the reasons why your dog may be throwing tantrums and quick tips on what to do about it.

why do huskies throw tantrums

Why Do Huskies Throw Tantrums?

Huskies are incredible dog breeds known for their power and leadership skills. But just like us humans, they’re quite vocal and show off what they feel. Their vocalization and ways of communication are what makes them some of the smartest breeds around!

Their vocalization is used as a way to communicate with their pack, and now with their humans. And sometimes, they use their voices to throw tantrums. But why do they do it?

There are several reasons why:

Emotional Needs

Your Husky may be lacking in emotional needs, especially when it comes to giving him enough love. They tend to be vocal when they don’t get enough attention, or if they get bored and frustrated. Some owners even say their Huskies ignore them when they’re jealous of other dogs, or if they feel ignored!

When this happens, it’s best to leave him be until he stops whining and throwing a tantrum. You can even say a stern “NO” to make him stop. After he becomes quiet, that’s the time to give him the attention, playtime, and/or toys he needs.

This is a better method than giving your Husky the attention right away. That way, your Husky will learn that in order to get your attention, they have to be quiet rather than whine.

There are also times your Husky throws tantrums or vocalize negative feelings for other reasons. He can be scared or nervous from different situations, such as going to the vet or separation anxiety.

If you notice a pattern in his tantrums, then it’s best to identify the reason why he does this. Once you’ve discovered the undesired activity, address it as soon as possible, associating it with a positive experience instead. This can lessen the tantrums and make it easier for your Husky to experience various activities, from grooming to vet visits.

Physical Needs

Other times, it may actually be your Husky trying to address a physical need. Just like toddlers unable to talk, Huskies would howl or whine when they feel physical discomforts such as hunger or thirst. If you catch your Husky whining, check their food and water bowl to see if it’s refilled.

Potty-trained Huskies would whine and throw tantrums to signify they need to go out and do their business. Try to take your Husky out in their potty area or go for a walk to see if they just needed to relieve themselves.

Huskies don’t only throw tantrums out of discomfort, but out of pain as well. If you notice that your Husky is whining and whimpering, it may be a sign of injury or illness.

Check if your Husky has other symptoms and check his body for any apparent wounds or injuries. For Huskies who act out oddly, it’s best to take them to a veterinarian to diagnose any illness.

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How Do I Know My Husky’s Throwing a Tantrum?

It’s not difficult identifying a tantrum within your Husky. Here are some of the signs they need attention:

  • Acting out, moving and thrashing when you try controlling him
  • He becomes extremely vocal, whining, howling or barking
  • Showing aggressive behavior, such as growling or nipping at you

These signs can vary in Huskies, depending on their individual temperament. Some can whine and move around, while some would be quiet and stay in place. In time, you’ll be able to learn their patterns and see what you can do to calm them down.

Check out this adorable video of a Husky throwing tantrums to identify when it’s happening and how to stop it:

Wrapping It Up

Taking care of dogs is similar to children, and you’ll need to make sure they are properly raised. Not only should they be eating and exercising well, but they should be shown love without too much spoiling to prevent tantrums. As long as you have balance and continue training, he’ll stop those hissy fits in time!

Hopefully, this answered your question, “why do Huskies throw tantrums?” Now that you identified the reasons, begin correcting your Husky’s behavior with proper training now!

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