How to Keep Beagle From Shedding: All the Advice You Need Now

I love my Beagle a lot and enjoy spending all my time with him, may it be during training or playtime! However, one thing I hate is how much he can shed, especially during the shedding season. Of course, I can’t blame him for the fur, since surprisingly, short-haired Beagles tend to shed a lot.

Fortunately, there are ways on how to keep Beagle from shedding too much. If you’re at your wit’s end and want to keep the shed fur at bay and without it causing allergies or serious issues, read on! I’ll be showing you the top effective tips to enjoy an (almost) furless home.

how to keep beagle from shedding

How to Keep Beagle From Shedding

Shedding refers to the process when old fur falls out naturally and is replaced by new fur. The new fur won’t push out old hair for us to cut, it ends up falling off after every few weeks. Unfortunately, this process never stops within the dog’s lifespan, with the process only either quickening or slowing down.

The reason why Beagles shed more is that they are a double coat breed, meaning they have two layers of fur. They do shed lightly throughout the year like Labs and Golden Retrievers, but it gets more intense during the fall and the beginning of springtime.

You CAN’T keep the Beagle from shedding, as this is a natural process and they need to shed for newer, better fur. But, you can control it and minimize the loose furs from going all around the house.

To control it better, here are tips to follow:

1. Brush Them Regularly

Control the shedding by brushing your Beagle regularly using the right grooming tools. It’s best to use a de-shedding mitt, which has you brush hard-to-reach areas while keeping your Beagle calmer. Furthermore, it also pulls trapped hair in the inner layers of their coat.

You can also use de-shedding tools to pull out the dead hairs deep within. After brushing them, use a leave-in spray that protects their fur under the harsh elements of winter or summer, which has them shed even more.

During the shedding season, brush them three days per week. During the low-shedding season, once a week is just right.

2. Keep Them On a Healthy Diet

Another thing that causes, even more, shedding is an unhealthy diet, as poor-quality dog food has fewer nutritional value for coat health. For main meals, snacks, and treats offer high-quality food with proper nutrition that helps both their overall health, as well as their skin and coat.

Find a dog food that has natural ingredients and protein, as well as healthy fatty acids which promote better coats. You should check with their veterinarian for more recommendations for your Beagle’s individual needs.

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3. Use Omega-3 Supplements

Sometimes, feeding them high-quality dog food isn’t enough. It’s also crucial that they have supplements that give them a healthy coat. Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, or fish oil supplements, have the benefits to offer more than better skin and coat.

These supplements can also help lessen itching and dry skin (scratching causes more shedding), as well as joint health, a common issue with Beagles. It can also promote brain health!

4. Shampoo and Bathe Your Dog Well

Beagle Dog is taking a shower at home

You don’t need to shampoo your Beagle every day or week. Once a month is enough, using only mild soaps or shampoos. For Beagles with dry skin or coat, use a moisturizing shampoo or give them oatmeal baths. You can use an oatmeal shampoo or make it your own with one cup of plain, uncooked oatmeal and add it to their bathwater, massaging it to their fur before rinsing.

5. Is This a Health Problem?

Has the shedding become too excessive that it seems worrying? If you notice the following symptoms beyond a lot of shedding:

  • Irritated skin like redness, rashes, scabs, or bumps
  • Open sores
  • Thinning coat or bald spots
  • Dull and dry hair you can pull out easily
  • Scratching or constantly licking their feet and face

Do take them to the veterinarian, as too much shedding cane caused by underlying issues. They will be able to address the issue and provide antibiotics or supplements made to stop excessive shedding.

For more information and tips on how to keep your Beagle shedding, check out more of these helpful tips:

Wrapping It Up

No one likes having to sweep up or vacuum all loose fur, which can cause allergies and a dirty room! Even with short-haired Beagles, they’re prone to shedding in the springtime, so you need to take good measures! With the right knowledge and grooming, you can live in a clean and fur-free home throughout the season.

I hope these tips on how to keep Beagle from shedding gave you an idea on how to lessen the loose fur! So begin following these tips today and enjoy more time with your Beagle.

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