When to Start Training German Shepherd Puppy: The Basics

When I got my first German Shepherd, I was thrilled because of all the fun and exercise that’ll happen! But with fun and exercise, it also means a lot of care and training to prevent aggression and misbehavior. That’s why I also had to learn how to train my German Shepherd properly.

But have you wondered about when to start training German Shepherd exactly? Sure, you don’t have to train them once they’re born, but it should still be early enough for them to still follow and be conditioned.

So read on to learn more about training your German Shepherd puppy now.

when to start training german shepherd puppy
Adorable German Shepherd puppy posing in summer.

When to Start Training German Shepherd Puppy

There has been debate over exactly when you should be training your dog, may it be German Shepherd of other breeds. A lot of people say that it’s best to train them as soon as they begin walking, while others claim that they should learn after a few months when they’ve developed their senses completely.

Well, there isn’t one definite answer, but as much as possible, it’s best to begin training your German Shepherd puppy once they reach two months old. These first two to six months are crucial for them to learn the foundation of good behavior and basic commands.

So this means at this time, they should learn the basics and starters, don’t expect them to learn complex things and get started with knowing what’s right and wrong immediately.

Why is it important to begin at two months?

This is because it’s when your puppy is learning about his senses and is exploring. They should learn as early as possible to understand what’s right and wrong, rather than to wait until they are adults. If you begin too late, they’ll end up being too stubborn, not following you and your commands!

But also be aware that there are different training methods for puppies compared to adults! I’ll be giving you quick tips and more things to know about German Shepherd puppies in the next section so read on!

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Quick Training Tips and Why to Train Them

german shepherd two months old puppy
German Shepherd two months old puppy playing in the grass.

Now that you know when to begin training your German Shepherd puppy, is there anything else to learn about teaching them the basics? Here are some quick tips to follow to get you started in their behavior and commands:

Imprint and Socialization

Before you even begin training them, it all starts with socialization and affection. The best way to start training them at a young age is to socialize and show your leadership. Teach them to be obedient towards YOU, and note that this won’t be an easy task!

That is why imprinting and socialization are crucial. Imprint only positive memories and let them know that while you are an alpha, you are also their loving companion they can trust. Also, have them learn to socialize not only with you but wit other people and animals for them to feel comfortable.

Coaching Your German Shepherd Puppy

Try these tips to coach your puppy and forming his behavior at an early age:

  • Even during walks, start leash training your dog already, ensuring that they stay at your pace and don’t pull you
  • Offer treats when you know your dog is doing a good job during walks or when staying quiet. You can also pet and praise them as an alternative, which helps prevent them from being dependent on treats
  • Teach them good behavior when doing the usual grooming tasks such as brushing hair, bathing, nail cutting, or ear cleaning. They need to learn how to keep still and stay in one area even during uncomfortable situations
  • Start training them to sleep in their kennel and also begin crate training for them to get used to being apart from you when at work or busy. Also train your dog to stay in a vehicle without feeling anxiety, which helps promote better behavior on and off the car!

If you want to learn more about training your German Shepherd puppy, check out this informative video for more tips:

Wrapping It Up

There’s no need to train your German Shepherd right away, but of course, the earlier, the better. While it isn’t easy training them at first, just make sure that you have patience and follow the right tips. Next thing you know, your German Shepherd will grow up to be obedient, follow your orders, and still, love you unconditionally!

I hope this article on when to start training German Shepherd puppy gave you an idea of planning out your dog’s developmental stages. So start following the proper tips to train your German Shepherd better now!

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