How Much Should a Beagle Eat a Day? Feeding Guide You Need to Know

Are you thinking of owning a Beagle?

Great choice! This dog breed is an absolute sweetheart because of its gentle and pleasant disposition. It’s a great dog for the family, and they do well with little kids, too.

But before you bring one home, it is important to know how much should a Beagle eat a day. Feeding varies depending on the dog’s age and needs, so you should pay close attention to the type and amount of food you give your canine friend.

Here, we discuss essential topics involved in a Beagle’s diet – caloric requirements, type of food, and some do’s and don’ts when it comes to feeding your pet. These are the things you need to know as a pet owner to make sure your dog thrives and stays healthy longer.

Use this post as a reference guide to help you make an informed decision on what to feed your Beagle. If you’re ready to get started, let’s go ahead and jump right in!

How Much Should a Beagle Eat a Day
Beagle dog eating tasty food from bowl.

What are the Caloric Needs of a Beagle?

An average adult Beagle weighs between 25 and 30 pounds.

A typical caloric requirement for this dog breed ranges from 674 to 922 calories per day. However, the daily calorie intake should match not just the age of your dog but also its activity level. For instance, the more active your dog is, the higher the caloric requirement.

Senior Beagles are much less active than younger ones. This is why once your dog reaches 7 years of age, its diet will be much different than when it was a puppy.

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How Much Should a Beagle Puppy Eat?

Beagle puppy dog that eating
Beagle puppy dog that eating.

Beagle puppies need a higher amount of food to support the developmental phase. But it is important to maintain the required amount of food per weight of your dog.

A 10 to 12-kg puppy needs between 140 and 160 grams of food daily during the first two months of its life.

At the third to the fourth month, it will need up to 180 grams. But it still depends on what your vet recommends since some puppies may need more calories than others.

During the puppy stage, feeding is usually three to four times a day. So if the daily calorie consumption is 140 grams, it will be 46.6 grams per feeding time.

Stick to the recommended calories for your Beagle to prevent it from becoming obese. Obesity predisposes your dog to a vast range of diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory ailments, kidney problems, osteoarthritis, and more.

Adult Beagle Diet

Dog food companies make feeding easy for pet owners by putting on the package the recommended serving per age of the dog. But you should exercise caution even with the feeding guidelines indicated since Beagles are prone to put on much weight easily.

I recommend that you stick to the 180 to 220 grams of food per day for an adult Beagle. This would mean giving it about 90 to 110 grams in the morning and the same amount in the evening.

Pregnant and nursing Beagles will need more food to support the healthy growth and development of puppies in their tummies. During week 4 to 5 of her pregnancy, you can give your pet the same amount of food for an adult dog.

But the amount goes up during the last half of the pregnancy. At this point, your mama Beagle needs to 30 to 50 percent more calories than usual. Her weight will also increase by 30 percent as the puppies also become more developed.

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Diet Recommendations for Senior Beagles

Older Beagles from age 8 onwards need to follow a different feeding plan.

While the amount of food is not significantly less than during the early adulthood phase, there are key nutrients that are highly recommended to senior dogs.

You need to make sure that your pet is getting more DHA and EPA from its food. These nutrients help keep the skin, hair, and brain healthy. Antioxidants are also important to ward off the damaging effects of free radicals. Calcium is another essential nutrient for healthy bones.

Senior Beagles need food that is easy to chew to support proper digestion. Quality sources of protein and fiber support gut health, nutrient absorption, and elimination. If your pet does not have a complete set of teeth anymore, you should moisten dry food or mix it with some water.

The kind and amount of food you give to your older Beagle also depend on any medical condition present. You need to consult your vet if it suffers from diabetes, kidney disease, or liver problems. A special diet is recommended for senior dogs with any of these ailments.


Beagles are non-fussy eaters. They can eat anything… And everything!

But to ensure your pet’s health, you need to be aware of the amount of food to feed it. There are certain requirements per age and activity level that you should follow. By doing so, you can promote longevity while giving your dog a good quality of life.

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