Do Beagles Get Along With Other Dogs? Facts on Owning Multiple Dogs

Before you get a dog, you have to learn all about what they’re like and the common temperament they have within the breed. This helps give you a gist on what to expect when they come into your home. One of the most-loved dogs are Beagles, and I’m sure some of you really want one as well and are considering it as your next new pet.

But if you own other pets, particularly more dogs, it has you think, “do Beagles get along with other dogs?” That’s where learning more about their personality and social personalities are crucial. So read on as I help you understand more about the Beagle’s behavior and how to care for more than two dogs in the household.

Do Beagles Get Along With Other Dogs?

To answer the question if Beagles get along with other dogs, let’s take a look at their temperament and personality:


Beagles even-tempered breeds who aren’t timid, but not aggressive either. Beagles have medium energy with a smaller build, described as loyal and happy-go-lucky. Plus, they have the soulful expressions so many people know and love!

Fortunately for many of us multiple dog owners and families, Beagles are quite friendly and gentle. In fact, they’re known for their sociability and even-tempered attitude, as they’re meant to work as a pack. Because of this, they go along with other dog breeds, wanting companionship than being alone.

When you first bring your Beagle home, they will look at you and other family members as one of their pack. They will not only treat you as a friend but a loyal companion they love, which is why Beagles make great family dogs. All they want is love and attention, along with a lot of exercises!


The key personality traits of a Beagle are friendly, loving, and curious. They are rarely violent or aggressive but have the deepest howls which can be combated with love and physical activity.

Like mentioned, they are pack animals and love being around people and other dogs. While this is great, it can also cause separation anxiety while you or their other canine companions are gone! They really love their owners and see them as a parent, which is why I really love Beagles as a pet.

With that being said, there are some reports of this dog breed being possessive of their owners when other dogs are present. But as a Beagle gets used to the multi-dog household, they grow accustomed to sharing and will get along with fellow dogs just fine.

Take Note

While Beagles are friendly and loving as a natural instinct, there may be instances that this dog can act quite hostile. This comes from a lack of care and training. That’s why you need to make sure that you train them well and have them socialize with other people and dogs to prevent that from happening!

You can learn more about the Beagle and how they’re like with this adorable and informative video:

How to Properly Care For Multiple Dogs

Now that you know all about the Beagle’s temperament and how they go along with other dogs, what are tips on caring for multiple dogs in the household? To prepare for what’s to come, here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure that all your dogs get adequate exercise, as pent up energy will cause a lot of frustration, fights, and mess grooms! Have structured walks together and head on to the park or backyard, where you can all play games and let their energy out!
  • Control their feeding time to make sure no one fights over food. Each dog should have their own bowl and should NOT share. Feed the calmest dog first and work your way until all dogs are fed. Don’t leave the room so you know no one steals food from the other.
  • Dogs want to take their own territory, and this may lead to fights and some territorial problems. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re in charge of the house and watch out for any spatial warning behavior. The same goes with playtime, monitor it to ensure it doesn’t go too far!

Wrapping It Up

Caring for multiple dogs in the house is tough, which is why if you plan on getting another dog, you might want to consider a friendly Beagle. They are highly sociable and as long as you can care for all your pets well, then it will be a fun and cool household! Just make sure that you focus on their health and remember to focus on them during the first few weeks of living together.

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “Do Beagles get along with other dogs?” If you’re planning to get a Beagle soon, learn more about this cute dog breed today!

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