Can French Bulldogs Breed Naturally? The Answer Will Surprise You!

French Bulldogs are such adorable creatures, though they have a harsh history and some medical conditions to watch out for. Because of all of what this unique dog breed goes through, it must make you wonder, “Can French Bulldogs breed naturally?” Many people are actually confused by this and wonder if French Bulldogs can mate on their own!

So if you’re interested in mating your adorable French Bulldog, there are some things to take note of. So read on as I show you if you’re able to mate these dog breeds and why it may not be the best for you and your dog.

can french bulldogs breed naturally
3 months old blue French Bulldog.

Can French Bulldogs Breed Naturally?

If you’re not familiar with French Bulldogs, these are dogs who have distinct physical characteristics, having bat ears and a squished face. While they are special dogs, they are also known for their poor health because of their physique. It’s the reason why they are known as dogs who are unable to breed properly (and also the reason why they are so expensive).

However, answering the question if French Bulldogs can breed naturally isn’t that easy. After all, just like all humans and animals, French Bulldogs can breed naturally. It’s part of nature!

But for certain breeds, it’s quite risky and extremely difficult to do so, particularly with the French Bulldog. Just like their poor health, their incapacity to breed properly comes from their physique. So as much as possible, unless you’re an expert and willing to tackle the costs and efforts into caring for your French Bulldogs, it’s best to not breed them.

Let’s delve deeper into this topic and talk about exactly WHY it’s not recommended to have this dog breed mate!

The French Bulldog’s Physique

The French Bulldog has the compact and muscular physique, with their upper body being bigger than the lower area. And because they are brachycephalic, French Bulldogs have a short nose and flat face, with their facial tissue and bones compressed.

Besides their shortened head and/or noses, they have a short coat, which makes them prone to heat stroke and other health issues. So when combining all these, it’s best not to breed them in the first place.

Difficulty in Copulation

Their body shape, specifically their hips, makes it hard to copulate in the first place. Because a French Bulldog’s hips are slimmer than the upper body, males will find it difficult to mount on female dogs. Copulation also leads to overheating, which can be quite dangerous.

That’s why copulation rarely happens and female French Bulldogs are impregnated through the process of Artificial Insemination, which is costly!

Difficulty in Pregnancy

Besides copulating, French Bulldogs will find it hard during pregnancy and upon giving birth. The reason behind this is due to the breed’s big heads, which won’t be able to come out from the mother’s birth canal. If your dog goes through natural birth, then it can harm the mother or their puppies.

That’s why many French Bulldogs, if pregnant, go through cesarean sections to lessen the health risks involved. They will also give birth to a small litter of two to four puppies.

The baby French Bulldog are sleeping on the bed
The baby French Bulldog are sleeping on the bed.

Possibility of Copulation and Birth Naturally

With all this being said, there still is a possibility of copulation and natural birth, as all French Bulldogs have different features.

Some French Bulldogs have wider hips or smaller heads, which enable them to mate and deliver puppies on their own. However, this is rare and selective breeding for French Bulldogs to have wider hips and moderate-sized heads while staying within the breed’s standards is still a process currently ongoing.

Plan on Breeding French Bulldogs?

There are many warnings and risks that come with breeding your French Bulldog. There are so many factors to consider, such as:

  • The cost of Artificial Insemination
  • Costs of veterinary fees and the cesarean section
  • Effort in caring for your French Bulldog before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Pet health insurance
  • Costs of caring for the new puppies

While breeding them is discouraged, you should still ensure that your French Bulldog is well taken cared for with the right amount of love and attention. With their many health problems, the French Bulldog requires a lot of care for prevention or treatment for it.

You can also check out this helpful video showing you how to mate French Bulldogs:

Wrapping It Up

Your French Bulldog CAN mate and breed, though there are some things to look into when doing so. It will be difficult to mate on their own and much attention is required during and after the breeding process. Keep all this in mind, as well as the costs and effort, before you choose to go through it!

Hopefully, this article answered your question, “Can French Bulldogs breed naturally?” Learn more about this interesting dog breed now!

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