Do French Bulldogs Have Health Problems? Crucial Things You Need to Know

One of the notable dog breeds I’ve always been interested in is the French Bulldog. They have such a distinct appearance and the loving demeanor, a popular dog to own today! BUT, did you know that there are some things to look into when owning a French Bulldog, namely, their health issues?

People always ask me, “do French Bulldogs have health problems?” Unfortunately, they do, similar to other dogs. However, with the French Bulldog, it can get quite intense especially if you don’t care for them properly. With that being said, what are these health problems

Read on to learn more about any health issues a French Bulldog has!

do french bulldogs have health problems
Beautiful cute little girl with her French bulldog at veterinary

Do French Bulldogs Have Health Problems?

Like mentioned earlier, the French Bulldog unfortunately has a host of health problems to watch out for. Here are the ten common issues to watch out for in your dog:

1. Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome

Brachycephalic is translated to a short head. All French Bulldogs suffer from this genetic disposition, which is the flat, pushed in the face we all know. Because of this, they’ll have difficulty in breathing, and you’ll notice that they breathe noisily, also snoring and snorting. Some French Bulldogs that are very affected by it might also suffer from coughs, vomiting, or gagging, also getting tired from exercise easily.

2. Respiratory Problems

Because of the Brachycephalic respiratory syndrome, it compromises the way French Bulldogs breathe. This affects various areas of their respiratory system. They have a soft palate, which has less air entering the lungs and causing them to breathe through the mouth than the nose.

Fortunately, many French Bulldogs can live without it affecting their breathing, though it’s best to be aware of any major respiratory problems in the future to have the bulldog a complete life.

3. Hemivertebrae

The Hemivertebrae is a defect present at birth. The vertebrae are deformed, having an abnormal wedge shape that causes the spin to twist. That’s why your French Bulldog has a screw tail, and though it looks cute, it causes compressions on their spinal cord. Too much pressure on this can cause difficulty in receiving messages from the brain, which may even cause paralysis, pain, or weakness.

4. Deafness

Deafness is a very common health problem for many French Bulldogs. Sometimes it’s present at birth, or it develops over time. It’s more common in French Bulldogs with a white coat, as well as merle French Bulldogs. The exact causes of deafness in French Bulldogs are unknown.

You can rule out deafness by having your dog take the BAER test when they are still puppies (around six weeks old).

5. Hip Dysplasia

This is a skeletal disorder when the ball and socket joint isn’t formed as it should. When left untreated, this can cause pain, hip arthritis, and inability to move as much as the usual French Bulldog.

The causes include genetic predisposition, as well as other environmental factors such as obesity or a poor diet. It’s best to treat it right away through physical therapy and a good diet, as all as the proper exercise to build muscles around the hips.

6. Cherry Eye

Dogs actually have a third eyelid, which protects their eyes from any debris, infection, and also produces tears. Cherry eye happens when the third eyelid’s tear gland is in a different position. This is common in younger pups and must be treated immediately to prevent further damage to their eyes. If not, it can cause chronic dry eyes, even impairing their vision.

7. Stenotic Nares

Stenotic nares are basically narrow or pinched nostrils, which causes difficulty in breathing through their noses, as well as snoring and snorting. Depending on the severity of their nostrils, it can make it harder for French Bulldogs to live properly. This is because it lessens their ability to exercise, breathe, and tolerate heat. The best way to treat it is through surgical procedures.

8. Heat Stress

This is actually a very common condition that affects French Bulldogs. Because they have the smushed face, this causes them to have a hard time breathing, which also makes it difficult to regulate their body temperatures. This is especially dangerous for those who live in hotter areas, as heat stress causes heat strokes!

For more information on the French Bulldog, check out this video on the important things you need to know about them:

Wrapping It Up

French Bulldogs are cute and unique breeds, which is what makes them a favorite for many today. Though you have to make sure that you’re ready to care for them and ensure the best to prevent such health problems from happening. As long as you continue to prevent, treat, and care for any conditions they have, your dog will live long and happily.

I hope that this article answered your question, “do French Bulldogs have health problems?” Now that you know about it, focus on caring for your dog today.

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