What are the Most Loyal Dog Breeds?

Everybody knows that dogs are a man’s best friend. But at the same time, friendship is something that takes different forms. You may find a dog to be affectionate to you, or he may be very eager to spend time with you. Yet the ultimate sign of being a good friend – whether with humans or canines – is loyalty.

This is why those who wish to own a four-legged best friend look for a pup that is loyal – one that sticks around until the end. 

With all these things being said, let’s round up the top 15 most loyal dog breeds on the planet and why they made it to our list. Let’s get started!

1. Collie

border collie

Folks who are familiar with the TV show Lassie will agree that Collies are one of the most loyal dog breeds out there. They consider their owners and the entire household as their pack – and are always there for them until the end. Whether you need a pooch whom you can go hiking with, or perhaps a running buddy, or just someone to cuddle up with, the Collie is always game. 

These pups will love you no matter what.

2. German Shepherd

german shepherd

They may appear intimidating to strangers and folks who don’t know them well, yet German Shepherds are the sweetest fellows to their owners. This breed is known for its protective nature, and once you have won this pup’s heart, he will never leave you. Just be sure to give your GSD proper training at an early age, so he grows up to be obedient and well-mannered. Plenty of mental and physical stimulation are also needed by these big fluffy dogs.

3. Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees

Speaking of fluffy dogs, the Great Pyrenees join our list of the most loyal dog breeds for the right reasons. These are protective pups that have a whole lot of love to give – and they are such adorable cuddly giants, too! One thing to note about these fellows is that they are massive. They need a big space to play and roam around, in addition to daily exercise to beat the boredom away. When young, these pups can be quite goofy and naughty. So, proper training and socialization are important to keep them in line.

4. Beagle


Everybody who knows Snoopy is aware of how loyal he is – and the same can be said about the Beagle, which is what Snoopy is, by the way! These pups are ever-loyal to their owners and will do anything to keep them safe and happy. But one thing is that Beagles can be possessive pooches. They can get jealous when there are other pups in the house, so that’s something to keep in mind if you are thinking of welcoming one into your home.

5. Rottweiler


These sweet giants have a bad rap for being aggressive dogs. However, this can be farther from the truth when you are the proud owner of a Rottie. Sure, they can be quite reserved and aloof towards strangers. But the same cannot be said when it comes to their owners. They adore their families, which is why they are some of the most loyal dog breeds around.

6. Labrador Retriever

labrador retrievers

If you want a pooch that’s not only loyal but also up for adventures, fun, and play, then the Labrador Retriever is a fine choice for you. Remember the movie Marley and Me? The adorable Lab in that film is exactly a true depiction of how loyal this dog breed is. They may be sociable and can be a bit of a social butterfly. But when it comes to having one BFF, it would be no other than their owner, that’s for sure!

7. Akita


The famous Akita, which is Hachiko’s breed, is the epitome of a man’s best friend. In the story, this pooch refused to leave the exact same place where he last saw his owner before the latter met his demise. Since then, the poor pup kept vigil and awaited for the return of his owner – now isn’t that a solid proof of loyalty?

8. Dachshund


These stubby-legged pooches may not be the tallest and most intimidating dogs around, but when it comes to loyalty, they are one of the most solid four-legged pals you can ever have. These weiner pups are there for you until the end. Even if they need to sacrifice their own lives just to make sure you stay safe, they would do that! So, not only are they loyal creatures but they are also fearless. In fact, they will not think twice to save you from bear attacks even!

9. Brittany


Nimble and quick, the delicate-figured Brittany is another loyal dog breed you would want as a pet. These are fun-loving and enthusiastic creatures who are always game for any task you assign to them. And most importantly, they will never hesitate to protect you no matter what the cost.

10. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers

When it comes to fun-loving, nothing beats the sunny Golden Retriever. These pooches are the life of the party – always gentle-mannered and sweet, they can easily please anyone without even trying. They also have that adorable smile plastered on their faces, which is why it is impossible not to fall in love with them. With their firm loyalty to their owners, they are great as pets, therapy dogs, and service canines. These are team players who will stand by you through thick or thin.

11. Boxer


If what you look for in a loyal pooch is one that’s active and alert, the Boxer ticks all the boxes! These are keen pups with a watchful eye, and they make sure that their fur mom or fur dad is always safe. But as for strangers, they do not easily get along with them. As long as the person is not part of the household, then they most certainly do not hold any loyalty towards him or her.

12. Saint Bernard

saint bernard

A big fellow with a huge heart, the mighty Saint Bernard is some of the sweetest and most loyal dog breeds you can ever have. These dogs are widely regarded as family dogs and they are not just close to one person in the household but the entire gang! So, if you don’t mind having a floofy pooch at home, then the Saint Bernard is a fine choice for you.

13. Bulldog


Folks who prefer a pooch that are more on the sedentary side would love a Bulldog. These loyal pups may be a bit stubborn, too, but if there’s anything they are headstrong about, it is their ardent love for you. They are super protective of their families and very brave. Plus, if you treat them with the same level of kindness and respect, they will love you even more.

14. Chihuahua


A pocket-friendly pup, the Chihuahua has a reputation for being quite vocal. But the truth is that they are only yappy when they sense any threat to their favorite human. This is why if you like a loyal pup as a pet, in addition to being easy to care for, the delicate Chi is a good fit for you.

15. Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

Last but not least, this tiny cutie deserves a spot on this list of the most loyal dog breeds. They may be small but they are definitely fearless. These pups get attached easily to their owners, which explains why they can be very protective when some stranger gets near them. 

To most canines, loyalty comes naturally. After all, they bond quickly to their owners, and with love comes loyalty. In particular, these 15 of the most loyal dog breeds are hard-wired to be protective and loving to their owners. So, whether you want a pooch to be your kids’ four-legged guardian, your own companion, or one to chase the predators and nasties away, then these are perfect for you. They are a great mix of sweet, affectionate, and loyal dogs that will surely warm your heart every single day.

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