Pregnant Dog Licking Everything? 3 Reasons Why

My dog licks my face a LOT and I find it so endearing and adorable, though when’s it too much? Considering the fact she was pregnant, I was wondering why she was licking everything she sees, especially her genitals. After I did the research and let time run its course, I soon realize the causes and what it meant!

Many people have experienced the same, so if you notice your pregnant dog licking everything, you aren’t alone. With that being said, why does it happen and when does it become unsafe? Read on as I show you why your pregnant dog’s licking everything and what you should do about it.

Pregnant Dog Licking Everything
Pregnant pug dog laying on wooden floor.

Is Your Pregnant Dog Licking Everything?

It’s totally normal to feel worried about any changes in your pregnant dog. So if you notice that she starts licking everything and anything, these are some reasons why:


Just like women when they become pregnant, dogs feel just as stressed, especially with the many uncomfortable symptoms. Some pregnant dogs tend to lick things as a way to cope up with any stress felt, whether physical or emotional. After all, there’s a lot of stress going on in their chest and abdomen section from the growing puppies.

Furthermore, she might start licking everything she sees to indicate any pain felt. If you notice a major change in her besides the licking and any signs of pain, then it’s best to take her to the veterinarian. They’ll be able to identify if she’s feeling any discomfort and to advise you on what medicine or remedies to do.

Sometimes, it can be a totally normal thing, since dogs do like to lick things. If ever she licks a certain spot a lot, you can inspect it and check if there’s a stain from food or drinks. Be sure to clean it up immediately, which can hopefully solve the issue.

If ever your dog’s close to labor, check the next section!

Signs of Labor

For dogs who are nearing their delivery date, then their licking might be a sign of them giving birth. When it’s time for her to begin delivering her litter, there are signs to watch out for:

  • Doesn’t eat for up to an entire day before labor
  • Restless and pawing at bedding
  • She licks her vulva and body excessively
  • She might have discharge or vomit

Sometimes, she would also lick beddings and other areas of the home. This just means that she’s preparing a cleaner space where she can either give birth or keep her puppies in after delivery.

With that being said, you need to do two things:

1. Prepare For the Labor

You can either take her to the veterinarian for delivery or prepare her own whelping box to make the process as comfortable as possible.

2. Prepare Where to Keep Her and the Litter

Because she licks areas to prepare for her litter, it’s time to clean and prepare their home. Have space where she can nurse her puppies safely, cleaning it well to ensure sanitary health.

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Other Reasons Why

If your dog isn’t due to deliver yet, and without any uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, there are other reasons why.


This is the most common reason why your dog’s licking a lot of things. Nausea triggers them to lick more, and because nausea’s a common pregnancy symptom, watch out for it. You might want to head to the vet to ask what you can do to lessen nausea.

Compulsive Disorder

Your dog might either LOVE to clean up after herself as a way to prepare for her puppies or has a need to lick everywhere. This might be caused by fear or stress from the pregnancy.

Attention-Seeking Disorder

Sometimes your pregnant dog just wants more love and attention. In fact, if you notice she licks a lot more and you give her attention, she might have gotten used to licking as a way to ask for love.

Cleaning Syndrome

This is an appetitive behavior, which has your dog want to clean up after you. If you leave a few crumbs or dirt while cleaning or eating, she’ll most likely lick the area.

If you want more information about pregnant dogs, this helpful video shows you all about how they’re like:

Wrapping It Up

Dogs tend to lick everyone and everything, though there are signs to watch out for if it gets bad. Fortunately, it isn’t a huge deal for pregnant dogs, though make sure that they aren’t licking anything toxic! Also, it may also be time to prepare for her labor, hence her licking her own body and the like.

Hopefully, this article on a pregnant dog licking everything gave you the answers you needed. So watch out for more signs and symptoms in your pregnant dog to better care for her now.

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