Clean Dried Dog Urine Off Carpet Without Vinegar

There are numerous methods for eliminating dog urine odors. One of the most popular methods is vinegar, which masks the stench and kills the microorganisms responsible for it. But since vinegar also has a potent fragrance, some individuals might not want to use it. Additionally, you might not have any vinegar on hand, forcing you to consider other options. Luckily, we’ve discovered other methods how to get dried dog pee out of carpet without using vinegar.

Ways How to Remove Dog Pee from Carpet

Wet-Dry Vacuuming

The vacuum will absorb A lot of water and other liquids. While using a paper towel to blot the liquid is always an option, you should use a vacuum instead. With the powerful vacuum suction, you can remove as many bacteria and odor-producing fluids as possible.

A wet-dry vacuum isn’t something that everybody keeps around, though. You can always rent a vacuum, which typically doesn’t cost too much if the scent is terrible (or you have a lot of space to cover).

Utilizing one of these vacuums is your most excellent choice as a backup if you don’t want to use vinegar.

Using an Enzymatic Cleaner

Because they don’t combat the microorganisms that cause them, most cleaners don’t immediately address scents. They may get rid of a lot of the stain, but they don’t always get rid of the smell.

You must buy an enzymatic cleaner if you want a cleaner that directly combats the smell. This cleanser works best to eliminate odors since it has enzymes that consume microorganisms. These enzymes significantly reduce the offensive odor. 

These cleaners are available at most pet stores and online. Even though they add additional enzymes, they are typically very affordable, costing approximately the same as conventional cleaners. Since you’ll frequently need these specialized cleaners as soon as your dog has an accident, we advise all pet owners to keep these supplies on hand. Make sure the pet cleansers you buy are enzymatic when you’re buying. Make sure before using a cleaning because not all of them are for dogs.

Using Baking Soda

One of the easiest methods to get rid of the germs that make scents is baking soda. However, the stain should still be wet while using this procedure, as baking soda needs liquid to function. Baking soda stops odors by sucking up the liquid. However, it is ineffective in the absence of any beverage.

You can use baking soda after rehydrating the stains with warm water. The residue should be vacuumed as much as possible, rehydrated, and poured on top of the baking soda. Baking soda will kill the microorganisms while absorbing the nearby liquid. After the baking soda has had time to absorb the liquid, dry it. After that, clean up the baking soda and its associated stench.

Avoid using too much baking soda. Apply a little coating of it to the area. Although you can always add more, too much baking soda may prevent the pile from effectively absorbing the liquid. As a result, you should only use a little. You can add more later if it doesn’t seem to absorb everything. Since it can take many hours for the liquid to be completely absorbed, it is best to let the baking soda soak and absorb the liquid overnight.

Using a Blacklight

If you are unsure of the spot of the odor, using a blacklight is imperative. Even if you use the best cleaning products, the scent won’t disappear if you don’t clean the right area!

Fortunately, a blacklight may be very beneficial in this scenario and can clearly show you where the smell is. Dogs frequently “splatter” their urine, creating stains in various locations. Even after you remove the most considerable stain, the more minor colors may still smell if you don’t wash them.

If possible, use a blacklight to assist you in locating all of the pee and ensure you’ve cleaned it thoroughly.

What Natural Cure Removes Dog Odor From Carpets?

  • Keep your pet out of the spot you are cleaning.
  • Sprinkle baking soda liberally over the smelly or dirty carpet.
  • Allow the baking soda overnight to absorb as much smell as possible.
  • Vacuum your carpets in the morning.

The urine should be absorbed as much as possible.

Soaking up as many urines as possible is just as important as the precise cleaning method you choose. After all, even if you use other cleaners, it might make the space smell if it remains there. It is a cleaner’s responsibility to get rid of any lingering bacteria. You want to get rid of as much bacteria as possible to make the cleaner’s task as simple as possible.

Therefore, before addressing the urine with a cleaner, we strongly advise adding additional water to soak it up. When urine soaks up, the cleaner will have an easier time doing the job.

This procedure is not too complicated if you come across a recent accident. Use paper towels or a vacuum to absorb it. When you find the accident, rehydrate it with warm water and soak up as much pee as you can unless it has already dried out by the time you find it.

In Summary

There are quite a few ways how to get dried dog pee out of carpet without using vinegar. Cleaning up every drop of urine is one of the most critical steps in getting rid of urine odors. The area could therefore need to be blotted with a paper towel, rewetting it if necessary. A wet-dry vacuum can significantly assist this situation because it can take much more urine than a paper towel can. To ensure you’re finding all the pee, we advise using a blacklight. This will ensure you hit every location and make finding the stains much more accessible. You can use baking soda to assist in eliminating any odors that may have lingered after you’ve extracted as much pee as possible and used a blacklight. At this point, an enzymatic cleanser is also effective.

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