7 House Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

Having a pet is great fun, but it may be challenging at times. Taking care of your pet’s waste might seem like a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be.

This article will provide you with some genuinely brilliant cleaning tips that will allow you to stay effortlessly on top of chores.

Are you prepared to have a fur-free floor and a couch that doesn’t smell? Okay, then let’s get going.

How to get rid of pet hair

It can be very annoying to sit on the couch covered in pet hair To get rid of pet hair from upholstery, use a lint roller. A cordless electric broom is also helpful in handling pet hair, which can be especially tough to remove from carpets and floor mats. Brushing the pets on a regular basis might help minimize the quantity of hair that is shed in the house.

If you’re having trouble getting the hair off of your clothes, you should put them in the dryer for a quick refreshment. Plus, if you don’t have a lint roller handy, you can use a piece of tape! is a quick and efficient technique to “de-hair” clothing, blankets, and other textiles. 

Use baking soda to remove smells

You may use baking soda to remove smells from upholstery. The effectiveness of baking soda in eliminating pet odors is remarkable. Spread a thick layer of baking soda over the fabric and let it sit for up to half an hour. Simply vacuum up the baking soda to get rid of the odor.

Act quickly when accidents happen

Having pets in the home means always being prepared for the unexpected. Clean up the mess right away to help lessen the odor of feces and urine, and always act quickly following accidents. As a bonus, this method might stop your pet from going to the bathroom in places you don’t want it to. When you clean up right away, there will be no need to remove odors later on, especially when they get too stubborn.

Wash your pet regularly

You should always give your dog a little scrub after a lengthy walk if they become dirty. Make sure to get them as dry and clean as possible, so they don’t track in dirt and mud. Use a towel to dry them and a wet wipe for their paws. Washing them with a harsh shampoo might hurt your dog’s fur and skin, so it’s best just to give them a warm rinse if they get dirty after a walk.

Brush your pet

Brushing your dog on a regular basis is important for maintaining his or her coat’s health, making him or her more comfortable with human contact, and allowing you to detect any abnormalities in his or her skin. As a bonus, if you brush your dog regularly, you’ll collect all that extra hair before it has a chance to settle on your floors.

Cover your furniture

Despite dogs’ penchant for napping on the couch, their muddy paws, unpleasant pet odors, and excessive hair may quickly ruin the fabric. We suggest purchasing blankets and cushions to drape over the couch for your pooch to utilize in order to preserve your comfy seats. Giving them a clean, comfortable place to rest is a bonus!

Give all pet collars and toys a thorough cleaning

Cleaning your pet’s collar and toys is an important step that is often overlooked. For instance, collars quickly develop a musty odor. Most pet supplies, including collars and toys, may be cleaned quickly and easily in a dishwasher.

For a more thorough cleaning, we advise soaking them in a bowl of hot water with some dog shampoo for at least 30 minutes. You should then rinse everything with cold water and allow it to dry. Maintaining a clean and pleasant environment for your pet and house may be as simple as giving their accessories a thorough cleaning once a month.

Bear in mind that not all pet supplies are created equal. You may own some that are made from high-end materials or are tailored to your pet’s needs. Clean these items more carefully and check the manufacturer’s website for maintenance guidelines.

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